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miles on car

  1. Solo1

    WTF ... 100+ Mile Block

    So this morning I had an 8am, 4hr Block that had about 40 Pax ... It took me 2.5hrs to deliver, 11 total miles from WH/Deliver/Home ... I was in heaven ... Then I picked up another 4hr block beginning at noon ... I get to the facility which is 10 mins from my house and see my block ... 7 PAX ...
  2. Reversoul

    Paid miles

    On average, how many miles do you drive each day? How many miles do you get paid for in fares?
  3. Stygge

    UberX ants

    By watching the rider app for some time I have noticed a pattern. The uberX cars are moving all the time! When I have them up on the big screen it looks like ants moving around apparently random. Uber black and SUV always sit still. XL is in between. Why is this? What is the rationale for uberX...
  4. G


    Drivers in the Los Angeles area of you need help with MILAGE/ maintenance please contact me.
  5. Lord Summerisle

    I've got 200,000 miles on my car.

    Anyone Ubering with more than that?