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  1. Mista T

    Company slogans

    Companies have coined phrases that have stuck, some good and some bad. Here are 3 that come to mind: - Uber: Tips are included. - Uber: Lower prices means more money. - Lyft: Safety is our top priority. I think that WE should be the ones to come up with their slogans! Here are some off the...
  2. MHR

    They can’t even get this right

    First Uber sends me birthday wishes 3 months late. Feel free to reference back to my dismay here https://uberpeople.net/threads/day-late-and-a-dollar-short.321953/ Now I get this in my email. Yes, I do speak Spanish but it’s not my native tongue. You’re a technologically company Uber, it...
  3. Lando74

    Deactivated - Someone used my identity to create fake account

    So... I've never seen one like this on the forum before. Tried to go online yesterday and got the "Account needs attention" message. Contacted Uber via phone and messages, got this response: It took another phone call and an hour on hold to be told that another account using my name and...
  4. Mista T

    Strange pax phone call

    Hello? "Hi, oh sorry, I thought this was my Uber driver." Yes, that's me. "What?" I'm the Uber driver. "Oh okay." <pause> <pax hung up> . . . . What the heck?
  5. Mista T

    UP.net saved my butt - TWICE!!!

    I think of UP.net as a breakroom, where drivers come to share interesting or funny stories and complain about the rotten stuff with the jobs - just like at a breakroom at any job. Most of the time there is a lot of whining and complaining. (And most of the time, it is justified.) But I have...
  6. Mista T

    DF is worthless

    I really hate having to use the DF. As soon as I turn them on, I know my chances of getting a ride drop dramatically, and half the time the ride is either a mini ride (waste of time) or in the wrong direction. Often times I will turn them on when I want to go home, after 8+ hours of driving. I...
  7. Lissetti

    Uber Driver Shot By Pax On 4th And Mercer

    Seattle Police investigating a shooting involving an apparent Uber driver POSTED 4:07 AM, MAY 14, 2019, BY ROBIN DICH, UPDATED AT 04:46AM, MAY 14, 2019 SEATTLE — Police are investigating after a man was found shot in Seattle early Tuesday morning. This happened around 3:30 a.m. at 4th...
  8. WheresURhead

    Please HELP FAIR.com Fair Insurance

    I need some advice because i am in the hole right now with fair. My fair Vehicle has been at the body shop for a month now after a hit and run (my car was hit over night while parked) my insurance provider is fair insurance - Assurant is the company's name. I have full coverage, More like full...
  9. Mista T

    Another sad pax story

    Picked up a woman in her 20's, disheveled, smelled really bad. Taking her to her car, left at a bar earlier that evening, about a mile away. She met some co-workers at the bar and had a couple drinks with them. Two simple drinks, nothing out of the ordinary she says. All of a sudden she wakes...
  10. Mista T

    Driver safety at its finest

    Pickup in the hood. A man, maybe 30, and a kid, maybe 10. Neither one looked like a "Natalie". Kid sat in back with his arms crossed the whole time. Had an angry frown so mean it could turn an angel to dust. Man sat in front checking out the buildings as we drove. Amazed at all the growth and...
  11. PioneerXi

    Fake Surges

    Fake surges: the type of surge that appears on the map, but you don’t know you won’t get paid for them cause Uber claims it’s a “glitch”. The glitch is there not paying for what is represented to bring you to the area. There are two this morning: Downtown 2. UCSD and Bay Ho...
  12. N

    Lyft stock drops to 52.91 per share losing 6.43 per share

    People ask if the strike is doing any good and by the looks of the share price dropping exponentially I would say yes. Of course there are many mitigating factors that are making the share price drop but the strike may have been one contributing factor. I also read today about the take-rate...
  13. P

    CNN seeking DC interviews

    Hi all, I’m a producer with CNN looking to interview Uber drivers participating in tomorrow’s strike. We’re specifically looking to interview drivers in the DC area. If you’re willing to speak with us on camera, send me an email with your name, contact info and when you can meet with us...
  14. ZenUber

    Part time is a waste of time.

    If you do Uber part time, you are just subsidizing Uber with your day job. The startup time at the begging of the shift, getting to the good location, getting fueled up, checking the oil and tire pressure, and the long haul home with less or no pay, is bringing down your average hourly wage...
  15. Mista T

    Pickup driving limit?

    In treating this as a business, I limit myself usually to a pickup distance of 1.5 miles. I assume that every ride will pay the minimum, and that is how far I am willing to travel (for free) to pick someone up. I could "take a chance" and go further, because you never know which rides are good...
  16. Mista T

    Time value of waiting

    It annoys me when I get to a pickup and the pax texts or calls that there will be a delay. Sometimes they are trying to be cool about it, and they say something like "Go ahead and start the meter." I appreciate their consideration! What they don't realize is that we get paid jack for time, AND...
  17. Pax Collector

    When fUber starts to sound like grYFT

    $3.50!? Really? Lol
  18. DollarFree

    Paying it backward.

    Earlier today I accepted an X ping then realized I hadn’t checked the rating, saw it was 4.51 and Cancelled of course. As I was pondering the immense satisfaction this gave me I thought of the other drivers who’d suffered this guys shit enough to downrate him that far. And I thought, this is...
  19. Mista T

    Doesn't know her Uber name

    Pull up to a house. Woman standing in the driveway with phone in hand. Walks up to car and asks "Ride for Chelsea?" My app has a different name. I say "No, I have a different name listed." She goes back to the driveway. She stands there, waiting. I sit there, waiting. No other cars, no other...
  20. Mista T

    Star ratings translated

    I have multiple 2 star ratings, which made me think... what is going through the pax mind when they rate? Here are my thoughts on what they might be thinking... 5 stars: ride was okay or good or great, I would do it again (or) I heard that if I rate below 5 that they could get fired, so...