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  1. Mista T

    Eats pay cut

    Another pay cut in my market.
  2. johnnyspack

    Has anyone had this App problem?

    Running both Ola & Uber on the one phone with Uber NOT on auto accept. Have been in the Ola app when I get an uber notification about a fare, but I don't touch nothing. Then will be riding with Ola pax and find on Uber that a pax is waiting for me. Again do not have auto accept on. Am forced to...
  3. T

    Breaking: Uber hit with $650 million employment tax bill in NJ

    Gov. Murphy definitely doing the right thing here, It's time NJ gets Uber to pay up. You can't stay unregulated forever! Sadly minimum wage is only $10, which means hourly benefits would only make sense during those slow summer mornings. :frown: I'll take $10 over $4! What will it mean for...
  4. R

    Uber tax bill

    Uber Hit With $650 Million Employment Tax Bill in New Jersey (2)
  5. Noexcuse19

    What's the consequence of 1 star?

    I'm rather new to the rideshare business. Just got a pax gave me 1 star yesterday. I'm wondering how's that going to affect me(I know my rating would drop)? Hope it's nothing serious.
  6. PioneerXi

    Going To...The Darkside

    We each have our own reasons why we drive. Mine is to care for an elderly parent and get them to their medicals as they approach End of Life. After 18 months their health has now deteriorated to the point where they require 24/7...”supervision”. As they revert to being a toddler that will pick...
  7. Lissetti

    Will Predicted WA State Recession Affect Rideshare?

    Is Washington state barreling toward a recession? A new report says there’s a chance Washington is headed for a recession sometime in the next year. Economic experts warn of 2020 recession The report comes from the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, calling for a 34.8...
  8. Kurt Halfyard

    Uber in Mexico City [REPORT]

    Hey all. I was just in CDMX for a week of movies, dias de los muertos, expensive whiskey and swank parties. (MorbidoFest 2019). Took a lot of Ubers (and their competitors, Cabify). You think we have it bad up here? Think again, it can be so much worse. I guess Uber drivers down there are...
  9. Mista T

    A lovely Saturday night; TLDR

    Early evening, 10 minutes from downtown. No pings for over 20 minutes. Finally get one from a seedy motel. Man and woman want a ride to liquor store, then back. 1.4 miles round trip. Sigh. I squeeze an extra $5 cash out of em, and do the full round trip. They invite me in to drink with them...
  10. Sparkz786


    These bast#rds are taking the piss. Blocked my account because I’ve been declining jobs that are out of my set radius or a non surge job while im in the centre of RED surge. Spoke to a chap called andrew who said its a permanent block! How is this company even trading against self employment...
  11. Mista T

    Report app issues?

    How are we supposed to report app issues? What a stupid tech company.
  12. Mista T

    A new message from Lyft

    If my low AR is a problem for you, there are two very easy ways to fix it...... Fire me or pay me more. Oh, wait, the courts ruled that you can't terminate drivers for low AR. Too bad for you.
  13. ULJ2017

    Uber & lyft lose lawsuit for cap on cars

    https://nypost.com/2019/11/01/judge-throws-out-ubers-suit-against-citys-for-hire-vehicle-cap/amp/ On one hand uber and lyft argue due to TLC rules they have no choice but to lock out drivers. While they still were suing TLC for cap on cars. Which means they don’t want city to stop issuing new...
  14. Lissetti

    Drivers last names given to Pax?

    There's a lot of talk about this on some of the other boards. "Uber has been revealing drivers full last names to riders since September" "Uber driver last names revealed to passengers!?" Has anyone here ever taken an Uber and received the driver's full name or at least their last name...
  15. DollarFree

    Pivot on This Dara

    Uber announces deeper push into financial services with Uber Money The ride company announces a new division called Uber Money, which includes a digital wallet and upgraded debit and credit cards. The emphasis, at first, will be expanding Uber's efforts to give its 4 million-plus drivers and...
  16. Mista T

    Amazingly slow Fri night

    Anyone else having one of the slowest nights in months?
  17. Ld1234

    Failed to display CPV sign

    Hi everyone, Long story short, on Saturday I forgot to have my CPV sign on my car and the cops pulled me over (I have no idea how they figured out I was an Uber driver). And so I kept it relaxed and accepted what I did and the policeman was really chill as well and told me the fine shouldn't be...
  18. PioneerXi

    Halloween Quest

    15 for $18, Friday and Monday. Such generosity. I could probably do that just on Friday. My last quest offer was the Memorial Day 10 for $100.
  19. thai-chi-master

    TFL is so outdated

    WoW Boyz/Sisters just came back from TFL inspection , and guess my inspection failed .....why ? cuz I have latest model dash camera fitted in my car a Blackvue DR900s. Was told that the camera is not on the TLF approved dash camera list. But some of the links I found on the TFL's pdf approved...
  20. Mista T

    Store in the country

    So I'm taking these two rednecks home, way out in the country. As we are winding through the back roads we come to a store. There's a sign in the window that says "FREE SEX - Ask inside for details". These guys want to stop, and I'm kind of curious myself, so we pull in real quick. There's a...