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  1. tsmit44

    How well are you doing?

    The past couple months I've tried out all the different food delivery companies in my city. (Baton Rouge) I just thought I'd share the results so far. What's yours looking like? Per delivery including tips DoorDash - $8.90 GrubHub - $9.50 Postmates - $9.44 UberEats - $7.71 Waitr (local) -...
  2. MontcoUberDriver

    Interesting story about delivery

  3. LAboy

    so Girls don't deliver food ?

    all the time i have been doing ubereats... i never seen a girl who does food delivery, maybe its just here in LA. or maybe girls are too lazy to move around like us guys. must of the cute,hot girls in LA are gold diggers aka models so maybe it makes sense haha the thing is that many girls ask...
  4. bonum exactoris

    Lyft, Uber and Silicon Valley IPOs help the rich get richer — the losers are public investors

    Lyft, Uber and Silicon Valley IPOs help the rich get richer — the losers are public investors Henry Ward, CEO of Carta Published Tue, Mar 19 2019 • 9:00 AM EDT https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/19/lyft-uber-and-next-silicon-valley-ipos-will-help-the-rich-get-richer.html
  5. LAboy

    Uber Motorcycle, people hate it 🤣

    so i have been doing ubereats on my motorcycle for the past few month, i never had an issue with uber but the customer they hate it, i dont get it. in Asia people do that all the time. i have messed up so many pizzas tho then i stopped delivering pizzas haha also drink no. i dont make a lot of...
  6. LAboy

    The poor wants a rich lifestyle in LA

    i am a veteran when it comes to delivery. i was the first person to ever do UberEats and postmates on a bicycle in LA. Uber told me that when i started. also i went to the first postmates convention when i was like 15 so. so if you wanna get tips avoid accepting offers from the hood, koreatown...
  7. Ubercruxer

    Postmates terminated my account

    So last night two of the ten deliveries I made (I was doing the guaranteed payout) did not have gate codes or the apartment or building number so I tried to reach out to them and it said the call can not be completed and that was to everyone that I called through Postmates then I texted them and...
  8. R

    Car Insurance for Postmates in Long Island

    Which car insurnace companies in allow Postmates and Doordash drivers to deliver Postmates and Grubhub on their personal policies without terminating them such as Gieco, Progressive and Esurance. I know Allstate, Geico and Libery Mutual doesnt cover drivers while delivering for Postmates but...
  9. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior


    I have been driving here in Tuscaloosa Alabama since march 2017 in the UA area, I feel that work is steady here but not during the students summer break which is about 3 months long last year at the Int airport there seemed to be about 29 avg in que this year 2018 there is like 50 wow uber...
  10. Daniel Harbin

    Postmates in Charleston SC?

    I am new to Charleston and did my first delivery. The roads around here made the pickup and delivery long. Total about 20 miles and 1 hour for a bit less than 9 bucks. I admit I was in Sommerville and the pickup was across the freeway and the delivery was longer down south. Vegas roads are...
  11. JKBlade

    Good Uber Eats Spots

    Hey guys. I've been doing Uber eats in the northern Virginia/DC area for about 2 months. I live in Centreville. I'm going through the background check to become a Uber x driver. I drive a 2013 Hyundai sonata hybrid. You guys know of any great Uber eats spots in this area for the time being...
  12. Uber37

    850 Guaranteed...

    Has anyone hit the $850 guarantee for postmates?...I really wanna try to do it, i have a strategy im gonna try to get it.
  13. LAboy

    Seasalt Fish Grill, Culver city. Be aware !!

    This place treat delivery drivers like shit, i went there to pick up food twice, there is one hispnic lady that works there, she has the worst attitude ever really rude, she doesnt like her job, she called the cops on me, i went there once,i said its fine she is just having a bad, twice i let it...
  14. Angelena Nunez

    Postmates payout breakdown and shorted wait time pay

    I can’t understand the way Postmates pay and deposits breakdown. Under deliveries in my dashboard it shows the delivery fee+tips but the deposits are random and don’t match up. Does anyone have an understanding if this that they can share? My first 3 days pay was deposited as a lump sum...
  15. OptimusPrime57

    Postmates Driver App changes

    Did anyone notice Postmates app not showing what the trip pay will be and the distance before you accept the order? Seems shady to me unless my app isn't updated. Any thoughts?
  16. Uber37

    How do Postmates payouts work?...

    I'm trying to figure out how do the payouts work for Postmates.Is for each day completed? Will the days fall back to back? (Drake) Anyone that has info on this please let me know cause I'm confused lol.
  17. LAboy

    WEED DELIVERY, better than UberEATS...

    one guy last night told me about this place on melrose they created an app to deliver weed 24hr. he said they pay 15hr plus tips, is it really legit? what happen if the cops stop you? does anyone of you do this? if it's better paying than UberEATS then i am down what do you all think ? LA is...
  18. J

    If you are doing food delivery, doordash is # 1 pick

    Doordash is easy and transparrent with the length of miles to travel and earnings. Unlike postmates, ubereats, they hide the destinations and many customers do not tip. With doordash, you can view how much earnings you'll get. Founders and developers of doordash thought about their contractors...
  19. lylisdad

    Postmates Forum

    Hi, is it possible to add a forum for delivery service Postmates? I just started delivering for them and would love to chat with other "Mates".
  20. LAboy

    Cute Girls get Tips,UberEats

    I met a couple girls who do UberEats and postmates they told me they get tips most of the time especially from guys. They wear tight jeans and stuff boom haha. One girl told me she makes more with UberEats than any other app. I am not surprised though with all the pervs out here in LA haha. One...