1. T

    Anyone else getting trolled by belligerent paxs

    About two weeks ago my rating dropped about 0.05 with 2 1-star ratings and 1 2-star rating. I put in about 70 rides a week, my 5 star ratings are stuck at 481 since last month. The few occasions I knew pax was giving 1 star for sure, it popped right after the ride. Is your rating count frozen or...
  2. Charbenji

    Low rating rider retaliations

    So I'm fairly new, 2 months in with uber/lyft. I see I lot of people 1-staring passengers left and right on this forum. My question is do you guys face any retaliation from riders after 1 staring them? You as a driver have to rate them immediately after dropping a passenger off before accepting...
  3. Nina2

    How does Uber.com have a 5 star rating

    I saw a advertisement when I was searching for the Uber website and it say 5.0 rating for 771 ratings for Uber.com I am not sure how Uber got this rating
  4. Attockpak1

    New uber feature

    Rate and tip yourself https://news.google.com/articles/CBMiQWh0dHBzOi8vd3d3LmZveG5ld3MuY29tL3VzL3ViZXItYmFucy1kcml2ZXItYWZ0ZXItdGlwLXJlcG9ydC1zYXlz0gFFaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZm94bmV3cy5jb20vdXMvdWJlci1iYW5zLWRyaXZlci1hZnRlci10aXAtcmVwb3J0LXNheXMuYW1w?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
  5. Initial D

    How come my ratings for my Uber rider app is stuck?

    I'm an Uber driver as well and I've noticed that my rider rating is stuck at 4.78 the entire day. I've treated my relatives from Australia with plenty of trips and was exploring different places in San Francisco today and did tourist stuff.
  6. Initial D

    Rise above the player haters (pax who rate drivers poorly for poor reasons)

    I feel like this relates to some us drivers when we unfairly received bad ratings for things out of our control, but we just brush the dust off our shoulders and life goes on.
  7. New-Member

    Coming to an Uber app near you...

    Now that Lyft just added Mandatory feedback on low ratings All passengers will be required to give a reason when they rate a ride less than 5 stars. I guess Uber won't be far behind, and about time too. But yet, until they limit how long after a ride pax can rate you, anytime you 1*...
  8. DollarFree

    Paying it backward.

    Earlier today I accepted an X ping then realized I hadn’t checked the rating, saw it was 4.51 and Cancelled of course. As I was pondering the immense satisfaction this gave me I thought of the other drivers who’d suffered this guys shit enough to downrate him that far. And I thought, this is...
  9. LondonDrivr

    Account needs Attention - Uber deactivate - blocked for days or weeks - happening a lot

    HI Guys, Just to let you know. Ive been with Uber for over 2 years. Profile rating is 4.97, (7000+ rides). Always drives safely and behaves positive and professional. I was Temporarily suspended 7 weeks ago. No reason, No one was able to tell me what happened. Just suspended while im being...
  10. mom2faith

    To get tipped or not to get tipped that is the question

    I saw a post about a Uber driving wanting to give a bad rating to a pax for not tipping him. I'm a baby boomer and was raised that you tip based on service rendered. Getting a tip is a privilege not a right. There are a lot of reasons that you might not get a tip. Maybe they are new to the app...
  11. rubbermeetstheroad

    Star ratings

    How much time do riders have to rate a driver in Las Vegas, is it the same amount of time all over? Thanks in advance.
  12. ZenUber

    How to view Lyft pax rating.

    After I accept a ride request for Lyft, how do I view the passenger rating? Is it possible?
  13. G

    I refuse aux cord to pax, rating goes down

    Every time I refuse aux cord or phone charger to riders, my rating goes down. Just like riders slam my car doors, similarly they misuse my USB cable and I end up buying a new one, given that driving with Uber is minimum wage. Last night I picked up a couple. They wanted aux cord to play their...
  14. Mista T

    2 star rating

    Wow, I did it! I got a coveted 2 star rating!!!
  15. ZenUber

    When does the pax get to see our rating?

    Can the pax see our rating before they leave theirs? Or are they left in the dark like we are?
  16. B

    5 Star count dont go up

    Hi Guys, Currently I have 457 - 5 Stars 24 - 4 Stars 10 - 3 Stars 3 - 2 Stars 6 - 1 Stars And my current rating is shown to be "4.85" by both the app and the website. Today I received 2 badges with 5 stars. But my 5 Star count hasn't gone up yet. This has happened for a long time...
  17. SMH Uber

    Pax: "That's why I have a 5 star rating!"

    Picked up a pax from the Zachary hotel, the new hotel across from Wrigley. He was outside waiting when I arrived, which is great, a golden pax, that understands the rules. Now, because uber does not show pax pic, if they add one, I didnt know it was him, because when he approached my car, he...
  18. uber79nyc

    Rating lovers are going to hate this driver!!!!!

    5 stars driver of the year in South America! Second place driver had 4.97. Time to chase that trophy?
  19. DrivingForYou

    What Passengers Aren't Told About Lyft and Uber

    A DRIVER TELLS ALL A Driver's Perspective of Getting the Most From Rideshare Services I drive Lyft and Uber. Professional service is my goal — I am a 4.95+ rated driver (Clean roomy Camry Hybrid with leather seats, equipped with multiple phone chargers for passengers, XMRadio, and mints). In...
  20. G

    How do you destory a competitor or a company like Uber ?

    By using its own system and processes against them. One of Uber's weaknesses is its rating system. Because of the sheer number of transactions, Uber can't possibly investigate all complaints in a timely manner or in any detail. They rely on feedback and make assumptions. Uber's competitors have...