1. Mista T

    Delivery vs Passengers

    Been thinking about doing delivery instead of X driving? Try and picture this: No more unaccompanied minors. No more car seats. No more false accusations. No more drunks. No more aux cord requests. No more Taco Bell requests. No more service animals. Just food, or packages. Sounds amazing...
  2. Mista T

    Eats pay cut

    Another pay cut in my market.
  3. MHR

    Uber Adds More Services in Quest for Profit By MICHAEL LIEDTKE The Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Uber is cramming more services into its ride-hailing app as it explores ways to generate more revenue and finally turn a profit. The...
  4. T

    I Miss Boosted Trips

    I tried Uber Eats 4 times back in April and it went really well. Was getting about $8 per trip, 2 Trips an hour, and after the price of gas I was still making about $11 per hour. So I took some time away to figure out my exit plan for my previous job, and started back on Uber Eats within the...
  5. tsmit44

    How well are you doing?

    The past couple months I've tried out all the different food delivery companies in my city. (Baton Rouge) I just thought I'd share the results so far. What's yours looking like? Per delivery including tips DoorDash - $8.90 GrubHub - $9.50 Postmates - $9.44 UberEats - $7.71 Waitr (local) -...
  6. donnyd512

    Punks reporting tampered items or did not deliver.

    Be careful in the big cities especially. I am a professional and do the very best to satisfy our clients. How dare the specific cheap skate clients say I failed to deliver items or tampered with their food. I'm going to not do UE anymore. They let me defend myself to the tampered report but the...
  7. PioneerXi

    Temporarily in LA

    With a parent having a medical condition, they will be spending 3 days at Cedar Sinai hospital next week. And I’ll be driving in LA for three days after admitting them. At $0.52 a mile , I am gonna die. Recommended eats near Inglewood/LAX?
  8. R

    Uber Eats invitation code

    Hi guys, I’m planning to take part time Uber Eats since I’m still studying. Could someone please provide me with a referral code for joining
  9. C

    (DFW-Eats) Comparing Boost/Quest

    So I've been driving for Eats only since about September (2018). Through December, I was getting pretty good Boosts and Quests, but now it's horrible. I've heard that maybe new drivers get better stuff, so I'm curious if January is just a dead time and it will pick back up again, or if I...
  10. pfox72

    EATS - My Ideas after my first week

    Just started delivering Uber Eats a week ago... ish. First trip was interesting because I didn't realise that there was a checkbox to mark the item as collected before being able to start the delivery process. On my third trip, it presented me with a tutorial, which might have been helpful on...
  11. U

    Uber Eats tips and advice - northern suburbs

    Hey there, I’ve just started out a few days ago, and my first night just to test it out I wasn’t on long but nothing. Second night I drove through a busy area but didn’t get any trips. Third night decided to give it a proper go (last night, Friday) and it was great. Got pretty much trip after...
  12. New2This

    UberEats Driver Gives Something Extra

    I cringed while laughing out loud. There's a "shitty rates" meme waiting to be made yankdog . Keep cutting rates Dara.
  13. S

    UberDriver sign up problem.

    Hey, I've signed up to Uber EATS as a driver everything is clear my police check is getting done but it says it requires a VEVO Check. Problem is I'm an Australian born citizen so I don't need one it even states in brackets, but its preventing me from moving forward? any tips?
  14. U

    Uber Eats cut fares in half 11/14/2018

    I just did a delivery tonight for mcdonalds and the fare was 3 dollars on a 1.5x boost! did uber just cut the pick up and drop off fees? I have not seen any notice. here is a break down of the fare Duration 13 mins Distance .73 miles Distance $0.30 Pickup Fee $1.02 Dropoff Fee $0.68 Boost...
  15. Working4peanuts

    I'm sorry Carlos (Uber eats driver)

    I ordered eats last night. I rated Carlos but no tip screen appeared. I scrambled to find a link to tip him but there was none to be found. I emailed support and so far have only received a response that they'll get back to me. Wanna know why eats customers don't tip? Look no further than Uber...
  16. LoveTheBlues

    Uber Eats Drones

    Uber Technologies Inc. envisions taking to the skies with a fleet of food-delivery drones in as little as three years, an ambitious timeline for a ride-hailing company that would face numerous technical challenges and regulatory hurdles...
  17. I

    "Driving Preferences" notification

    Last month I was approved to do Eats. I tried it out for a week or so and realized's a waste of time and takes away from rides. There's only a few places in my area that even do it (McD's being one) and the $2.75 i get for a 20 min delivery is a waste. So I turned Eats off on the...
  18. M

    Eats sucks! No boost anymore!

    Have been doing Eats for 1 year and finished 1200+ trips for Eats. Talking about boost, It is getting less and less over time. I started doing eats in October 2017. I got 1.2x from Mon to Thu, 1.4x in Friday from 5:30-8:30 and 1.3x for whole weekend until Feb 2018. After that, uber cut my...
  19. Zunkman

    Uber Eats Tips

    I know that many of you have very strong opinions about doing Uber Eats. Let's put those aside for just a minute. I drive almost completely Uber Eats and I love it. Some days, I get a ton of tips. Some days, I get nothing. On Uber Eats, it's hard to make a connection with the customer since...
  20. E


    Sad to say, but many of the Renown employees place huge orders, don't tip, and expect their orders to be delivered to their workstations. In a recent incident, a huge order was placed by a Renown employee. When I called the customer before arriving, I asked the customer to meet me at the east...