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  1. mwilsoncpd

    PAX said I said a comment that was derogatory....

    I got a message 2 days ago from Uber that states a pax said I made them feel uncomfortable etc... I’m not perfect but I have never ever crossed the line as far as comments especially with me being a single male. If anything I am hyper vigilant about my comments. Another thing is that my score...
  2. M

    Not receiving pings on both Uber and Lyft.

    So I have been doing great on Uber for last few months. Getting requests at the same frequency most of the drivers do. Every once and a while I’d open the Lyft app and I’d get a request almost instantaneously. Today, all of the sudden, I stopped getting requests on both apps (x, xl, black, suv)...
  3. FarmerNeilthedeal

    Hi there! I'm new and asking for advise & wisdom from y'all

    Hi guys I'm planning on driving for the next month or so as I really.. need to add some extra income coming in, I'm not asking for anyone to giveaway free goldmine spots as you earn them, but with starting out here are a few things I would like to ask you on. For catching a ride to the airport...
  4. B

    I need tips for the Topographical Test

    The test is more different then how it was years ago, so people who have recently done it, can you tell me what comes up on the test and what you did etc? Also can someone please give me some tips on this. Is there any useful links i can use or can you tell me what was helpful for you to learn...
  5. B

    Tips for Topographical Test

    The test is more different then how it was years ago, so people who have recently done it, can you tell me what comes up on the test and what you did etc? Also can someone please give me some tips on this. Is there any useful links i can use or can you tell me what was helpful for you to learn...
  6. A

    Need Advice (Serious)

    Hey guys, so i have always been lurking this website for sometime now and always appreciated when members gave good advice to others. My father who was employed by a company in Mahwah, NJ was recently let go a couple weeks ago. Since then it has been hard to find a new employer to work for...
  7. U

    Uber Eats tips and advice - northern suburbs

    Hey there, I’ve just started out a few days ago, and my first night just to test it out I wasn’t on long but nothing. Second night I drove through a busy area but didn’t get any trips. Third night decided to give it a proper go (last night, Friday) and it was great. Got pretty much trip after...
  8. Jake B

    Account on hold investigation a complaint... 8th day on hold

    Hi everyone, SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED. My account has been on hold for over a week and I can't get an answer from Uber Support to save my life. An incident occurred where the lady was drunk and starting to get sick. I pulled over into a parking lot of an adult video store (closest place to...
  9. Y

    Uber Driver Account Suspended HELP!

    How do I get my account reactivated? It was suspended because I was charged with a misdemeanor. The charge was dismissed. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for Uber to review my background check again and reactivate my account. What can I do to get my account reactivated?
  10. Pax Collector

    How to be a highly rated rider

    Since I've seen a couple of posts recently advising riders how to become five star riders, I decided to come up with my own "Expert" advice. Dear riders, It's much, much easier for you to keep a perfect rating than it is for your drivers. Simply be on time at the right place, be courteous...
  11. S

    how to resgister to become uber driver ?

    hello friends . I need an advise how to register to drive uber . I tried but failed . kindly suggest .
  12. Hank22077


    Hello. I have checked on both Uber and Lyft websites and apps and tried Googling for info and can't get any where. I'm not asking for any names or anything like that. I just want someone to tell me if they know of ANY drivers in the Salem, IN (47167) area. I've tried at different times on...
  13. Alex @ Airtax


    Designed by PwC Tax Specialists, Airtax does simple tax for individuals from $49. Our integration with Uber allows you to pull earnings and expense data straight from your Uber profile into the BAS, making it super straightforward to stay compliant. Best of all it only takes a couple of minutes...
  14. K

    Just bought my first car and need help with some questions.

    Hello! I just bought my first car, Civic 07, I plan on using it for ride sharing but I need some help with some first time owner / Uber driver questions. Location: New Jersey I bought the car from a used car dealer, (a first for me as well), and is currently being financed by the dealer...
  15. W

    New to OC/LA, best way to make money here?!?!

    Hey everyone, I just moved to the OC from Boston. Back home, I was making 200-300 bucks profit every day driving UberX working 6-10 hours a day, m-f, starting usually at 3- 4pm. I figured out a system that worked well for me there. I have since moved to the OC 5 months ago and, no matter WHAT...
  16. UberPug

    In-App messaging HELP

    Ok, this is a little humorous but can turn in2 n trying to avoid a black satire situation! So, b4 I pick up some1 (only) from a busy place - I usually text my eta n describe my car. W/ a recent pickup, I had my voice to text on (always hands-free lol) n unfortunately my satellite radio was...
  17. Agentdi

    I just signed with Uber. Newbie!

    Hi all, I was reading this forum for quite a while and decided to sign up to try Uber part time. I do have a full time job and pay is ok 70+k But recently started having financial difficulties. Also, want to save some extra money. So I need something on the side to support the family. I live in...
  18. M

    Airport questions

    After you pick up a passenger from the airport and drop them off at their destination, do you drive back to the airport and pick up the next ride in queue or do you wait around at the destination where you dropped off your passenger to pick up riders in that area?
  19. B

    Good Uber Eats Times for Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati

    Hi everyone! I’m kind of new here so I was wondering if anyone could share some tips and point out some good times to drive for Uber eats in the northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati Ohio area. Thanks in advance! On a side note if it’s not too much to ask how much do you guys usually make in a week...
  20. C

    UberEats Bike Advice

    Something I've learned delivering Uber Eats on the bike: 1. Get a stack of those cardboard 4 slot drink holders. One or two of them at the bottom of your bag keeps the bottom of the bag stiff and the food sitting level. Additionally you can take some more and use it to pad the bag around the...