1. Jack Malarkey

    Ola introduces in-app tipping

    Email received at 3.24 pm on Wednesday 1 July 2020: Hi Jack, We're excited to let you know that the tipping feature on our app is live! This gives you a great chance to be rewarded for going above and beyond for your riders. We also want you to know that we don't take any commission...
  2. MHR

    Instacart’s New Policy To Combat Tip Baiting Instacart's latest policy will give you less time to change a tip after delivery Instacart is revising it's tipping policy to keep users from taking advantage of the system by "tip...
  3. Lissetti

    Conversations with Pax.

    As Rideshare drivers, most times we just want to hurry up and get Pax from point A to B. However occasionally the conversation that transpires in my car becomes so fascinating that at the end of the ride, both the Pax and myself didn't want to finish discussing the topic, with both of us having...
  4. Mista T

    Lousy morning after tips

    Eleven and a half hours last night, 27 total trips. Only one tip the entire night. Here we are the following day and I check for delayed tips. NONE. :( On the plus side, someone left a nice knife in my car. Think I'll keep it.
  5. A

    Want more tips? Sing this to your pax

    To the tune of that lion king song- I can see who’s tipping. Yes, they show me who. And at night when I go to touch myself, If you tip I’ll think of you~
  6. pizza guy

    Uber Eats Reviews

    Use the power Uberpeople and Google Reviews to help other drivers know what places help us make money and what places hurt our ability to make money. Dunkin at Naper and 75th. Add 30% to the earnings quote after tip. Minimal wait at the restaurant. Highly recommend. McDonald's at Naper by...
  7. Brian5225

    Has UberEats started suggesting tip amounts to customers??

    I ran ubereats for a few months on Saturdays last year. initially I was beyond irritated because the pay was so ungodly low for using my car, and Uber said customers were allowed to give tips. Then I realized that there was basically a secret document I had to authorize to allow tips that wasn't...
  8. Jackryanod

    Expose no tippers

    I think we need better systems to expose no tippers that hose Uber drivers can t we update the system where a passenger s ratings come up before our Uber drivers pick up the passenger? That way no tippers will come up with zero star ratings and then they can wait a bit.
  9. Kurt Halfyard

    SUCCINT video about TIPPING on Ridehail

    Probably not much new here to your seasoned Ride-Hail driver, but this is a succinct video put together by VOX/FuturePerfect on the Tipping Issues and Culture in the Ride-Hail industry.
  10. HiDuuken

    Do they think we are ATMS's???

    Had a couple of pax's request that I give them cash in exchange for a tip on the app (this may have been discussed already). The second suggested I stop at CVS to get cash back so that we could make the transaction happen! He was like: "So you aren't going to make the stop at CVS right there?"...
  11. Mista T

    Tipped in weed

    Sometimes pax tip me with weed. Usually a bud, maybe 2. Tonight, however.... Holy smokes!
  12. Initial D

    Do some Caviar customers sometimes stiff couriers on tips?

    After I have stopped doing UberEats trips for more than a year now, I recently signed up for Caviar for an extra income & give it a chance to test out how the experience may turn out. So far I have had positive experiences, but I have taken two screenshots where I accepted a trip with base...
  13. CPM

    Carpool Karaoke During Rides

    There's a new microphone that let's you sing karaoke through your car's radio system.
  14. S

    Lyft new terms of service update default tipping option added

    Got this email today from Lyft. "To reflect new ride options and features, we're updating our Terms of Service ("Terms"). Changes include language to address bike and scooter offerings, default tipping options for drivers, and our wheelchair policy. Terms regarding the Lyft referral program...
  15. Jack Malarkey

    Uber is subtracting rider in-app tips from cleaning fees

    Note the last sentence. This comes from the Sydney forum (per @Mulder99):
  16. ChristianZound

    Great tip from pax

    Has anyone gotten $20 bucks or more tip on a short ride?? Like less than 6 miles
  17. M

    Uber taking tips?

    Sounds funny right? Wouldn’t surprise me though. I took a much needed break for a month and came back and every tip I have received in the past week has had change involved but when I go to see what the rider paid, it doesn’t round up the the nearest dollar. Thoughts?
  18. BAKAD

    A New Low for Uber- Suspect Uber is Taking Tips?

    On my way back from MIA I got stuck in traffic, I get the new splash screen notifying me of a tip for $5. Great! This was my last ride, so I go to close out for the day and there is no tip showing up. I give it some time, still no tip. The previous ride I got the same splash screen for a...
  19. Mista T

    Earning more tips as a driver

    Earning more tips as a Lyft/Uber driver without spending a penny Drivers all want to earn more tips, without doing anything or spending much to achieve them. Everyone is looking for that “magic bullet” that is going to help them achieve greater tips. What is the secret formula? Is it giving...
  20. mom2faith

    To get tipped or not to get tipped that is the question

    I saw a post about a Uber driving wanting to give a bad rating to a pax for not tipping him. I'm a baby boomer and was raised that you tip based on service rendered. Getting a tip is a privilege not a right. There are a lot of reasons that you might not get a tip. Maybe they are new to the app...