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  1. Kurt Halfyard

    SUCCINT video about TIPPING on Ridehail

    Probably not much new here to your seasoned Ride-Hail driver, but this is a succinct video put together by VOX/FuturePerfect on the Tipping Issues and Culture in the Ride-Hail industry.
  2. HiDuuken

    Do they think we are ATMS's???

    Had a couple of pax's request that I give them cash in exchange for a tip on the app (this may have been discussed already). The second suggested I stop at CVS to get cash back so that we could make the transaction happen! He was like: "So you aren't going to make the stop at CVS right there?"...
  3. Mista T

    Tipped in weed

    Sometimes pax tip me with weed. Usually a bud, maybe 2. Tonight, however.... Holy smokes!
  4. Initial D

    Do some Caviar customers sometimes stiff couriers on tips?

    After I have stopped doing UberEats trips for more than a year now, I recently signed up for Caviar for an extra income & give it a chance to test out how the experience may turn out. So far I have had positive experiences, but I have taken two screenshots where I accepted a trip with base...
  5. CPM

    Carpool Karaoke During Rides

    There's a new microphone that let's you sing karaoke through your car's radio system.
  6. S

    Lyft new terms of service update default tipping option added

    Got this email today from Lyft. "To reflect new ride options and features, we're updating our Terms of Service ("Terms"). Changes include language to address bike and scooter offerings, default tipping options for drivers, and our wheelchair policy. Terms regarding the Lyft referral program...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Uber is subtracting rider in-app tips from cleaning fees

    Note the last sentence. This comes from the Sydney forum (per @Mulder99): https://uberpeople.net/threads/tips-removed-from-cleaning-fee-claim.342417/.
  8. ChristianZound

    Great tip from pax

    Has anyone gotten $20 bucks or more tip on a short ride?🤔 Like less than 6 miles
  9. M

    Uber taking tips?

    Sounds funny right? Wouldn’t surprise me though. I took a much needed break for a month and came back and every tip I have received in the past week has had change involved but when I go to see what the rider paid, it doesn’t round up the the nearest dollar. Thoughts?
  10. BAKAD

    A New Low for Uber- Suspect Uber is Taking Tips?

    On my way back from MIA I got stuck in traffic, I get the new splash screen notifying me of a tip for $5. Great! This was my last ride, so I go to close out for the day and there is no tip showing up. I give it some time, still no tip. The previous ride I got the same splash screen for a...
  11. Mista T

    Earning more tips as a driver

    Earning more tips as a Lyft/Uber driver without spending a penny Drivers all want to earn more tips, without doing anything or spending much to achieve them. Everyone is looking for that “magic bullet” that is going to help them achieve greater tips. What is the secret formula? Is it giving...
  12. mom2faith

    To get tipped or not to get tipped that is the question

    I saw a post about a Uber driving wanting to give a bad rating to a pax for not tipping him. I'm a baby boomer and was raised that you tip based on service rendered. Getting a tip is a privilege not a right. There are a lot of reasons that you might not get a tip. Maybe they are new to the app...
  13. LAboy

    why doodrash only pays me 5$

    i get only 5$ for each trip, i have been doing doordash for few days now, and every damn delivery is 5.60$ what the hell, where the tips at, i am begining to believe yes they steal tips
  14. LAboy

    Minimum wage job or Uber ?

    i really wanna know if an actual job pays better than Uber really, cuz i never worked a minimum real job. i work as photographer/editor.. and i do food delivery with Uber and grubhub. so will you make better money as a dishwasher or server ? working at macdonalds or cashier? cuz i encounter...
  15. LAboy

    UberEats is Dying. hahaha

    i stopped doing UE for a while now, i have been doing grubhub only. and uber wont stop emailling me about all kind of crappy promos. i cant do it anymore its just not paying good, 3$ for a trip are you serious haha doordash and grubhub are takin over the game. i love Uber and their fast...
  16. tsmit44

    March Madness Promotion

    Is this promotion running everywhere?: Uber is matching your tips (Up to $20 per tip) during March Madness March 28 7pm ET-1am ET March 29 7pm ET-1am ET I immediately thought about giving each customer $20 in cash to leave a tip on the app then I thought how it'd be dishonest and also how they...
  17. Mista T

    Unusual results yesterday

    Nothing exciting here... Just posting between requests... Normally my U/L ratio is 50/50 or 60/40 in favor of Uber. Last night I did 12 Uber and 22 Lyft. Rather unusual. The % of pax that tip me (either cash or in app combined) is usually 25-40% on Uber and usually 33-50% on Lyft. My Lyft...
  18. ZenUber

    Played pax against pax for sympathy tip.

    Picked up 3 pax for a ride into the city. Everything going great. Then, half way there, we have a stop to pick up a fourth pax. This one wanted to give directions. I'm usually fine with that, but every once in a while you get that pax that wants to give directions in the most condescending way...
  19. Jack Malarkey

    In-app tipping in United Kingdom?

    Does Uber have an in-app tipping feature in the United Kingdom as it does in the United States and has recently introduced in Australia?
  20. Jack Malarkey

    In-app tips

    Does Uber have an in-app tipping feature in Canada as it does in the United States and has recently introduced in Australia?