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  1. Pax Collector

    SFMTA to ban cabs from picking up at SFO

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Taxi drivers on Thursday will ask to speak with San Francisco Mayor London Breed about a decision by the city’s transit agency that is expected to put 60 percent of the drivers out of work, according to advocates. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has...
  2. PimpMyRideShare

    Feb 1st a day to celebrate?

    Will TLC finally twist the big companies arm and make them pay out the a$$? Should we celebrate the new increase of income or will we end up disappointed? Will I upgrade my dinner from Ramen Noodles? Tune in next month for the next episode...
  3. B

    UBER sued for 500 million

    https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/australian-lawyers-taking-500-million-142543421.html Taxi Drivers are suing the UBER for 500 million. If they come out successful, 1) Would UBER be banned from Australia? 2) How would it affect us? Thanks
  4. H

    Selling taxi plate bracket

    Please note folks am selling a VIP systems plate bracket 063010 new, on EBay if anyone is interested PM me and I can send you link. Thanks.
  5. W

    ATO vs Rest of the Government Departments

    ATO wants our income as Taxi But none of the other Government Departments want to provide the same benefits as Taxis, why? If we are paying Tax as Taxi then we should get all the same benefits as Taxi, Comments?? We get fines if we stop in no stopping areas Taxis can stop on the main road and...
  6. BurgerTiime

    3,480 Chicago taxis are in foreclosure and ride share drivers are not much better

    https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-chicago-taxi-ride-share-drivers-limit-20181030-story,amp.html Drivers representing Chicago Rideshare Advocates and Cab Drivers United plan to rally at City Hall on Wednesday morning, calling for regulations similar to those recently enacted in New...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Spain’s parliament has squashed Uber and taxi drivers express tears of joy

    Video: https://amp.dw.com/en/spain-restricts-ride-hailing-services-like-uber/av-46050357 After years of protests, spanish taxi drivers claimed a major victory over app-based ride sharing services such as Uber. In a close vote, the spanish parliament resolved a measure to regulate providers...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    No compensation for ACT taxi owners; increase in taxi plates to 500 from 358

    https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.canberratimes.com.au/national/act/people-are-crying-to-me-on-the-phone-taxi-owners-face-bankruptcy-20180918-p504i1.html 'People are crying to me on the phone': Taxi owners face bankruptcy By Daniel Burdon 19 September 2018 — 12:00am Talking points The ACT...
  9. Kurt Halfyard

    Play Taxi Downtown versus Backyard Base in the Burbs

    I understand that this doesn't work for a full-time UBER driver, or even for other Mississauga/Suburban part timers, but my system is ridiculously simple, and I'm only doing LYFT - I could make far more if I installed the UBER app and did both: Drive after 10pm. (mostly on weekends.) Read...
  10. F

    Uber Lawsuit Go Time in Florida

    Goodmorning, Mr Patronis, Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida: This communication is to advise you of pending legal action against the State of Florida per: 768.28(6)(a) and (b): According to section 768.28(6)(a): An action may not be instituted on a claim against the state or...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Las Vegas taxi drivers to boycott Strip hotels

    https://www.ktnv.com/news/las-vegas-taxi-drivers-boycotting-some-strip-hotel-casinos-for-next-72-hoursfor-the-next-72-hours-some-las-vegas-taxi-drivers-will-boycott-strip-hotel The battle between taxi cabs and rideshare companies continues on the Las Vegas Strip this weekend. A grassroots...
  12. _SEAM_

    Uber-Taxi Standoff at Toronto's Union Station

    Cab drivers say Ubers are now using designated taxi stand areas even though they’re not supposed to. Tina Yazdani with the growing tensions and ongoing feud between the two taxi services. Video: https://www.680news.com/video/2018/07/09/uber-taxi-standoff-at-union-station/
  13. WestSydGuy

    Bloody Oath

  14. BurgerTiime

    Former taxi cab driver charged in shooting death of Uber driver

    http://www.thedestinlog.com/news/20180627/former-taxi-cab-driver-charged-in-shooting-death-of-uber-driver Timothy Lane Anderson Charged with homicide in the first degree DESTIN — The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has charged a former taxi cab operator with an open count of murder in...
  15. Taxi2Rideshare

    July 2: Approaching deadline for YCS drivers.

    Hi guys, I know this site is also popular with cab drivers, not just rideshare drivers. And because YCS has employed thousands of drivers, I'm hoping this post reaches those drivers that have changed their address from when they first started driving. Though not as ruthless as other cab...
  16. BurgerTiime

    A record 139 taxi medallions will be offered at bankruptcy auction

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/06/09/139-taxi-medallions-will-be-offered-at-bankruptcy-auction/amp/ New York City’s struggling yellow cabbies are facing the auction block. A record 139 taxi medallions will be offered for sale in bankruptcy auction this month — the latest sign...
  17. Uberxxxuk

    Uber crash with taxi

    Hi there I recently had an accident with black cab (London taxi) he over took us on turning right only and went straight and he hit me on the side and I have it all on dash cam and on this link below and would love to hear from you because as far I know it's my right of way and he shouldn't over...
  18. Prius13

    Never safe to get out of car on freeway

    The driver - perp of Kia that killed one KY man and injured 4 paxes off the Ike now in custody. Cab paxes apparently decided to walk after Prius v cab had broken down on Ike. I think it's really safer to stay in car till towed to a safe spot...
  19. Frank Underwood

    Avoid UBERs NYCHA crowd.

    How many of you honestly like picking up the NYCHA crowd? During my uber career (lol), I seriously avoided any area with these folks if you catch my drift. +Loud +Passive aggressive +Rarely tips +Always gives a low rating +Usually smells like mold and damp laundry. +Always asking for Hot97...
  20. Vishnu643

    2019 congestion surcharge increase

    This may be something you are already aware of, but check it out. Increased surcharge for all trips below 96th st in Manhattan. https://www.blackcarnews.com/article/congestion-pricing-coming-for-fhv-taxi-drivers-in-2019 What I'm trying to figure out, how exactly does this impact the driver...