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  1. Romythequeen

    Uber Passenger Caused Accident - HELP!

    Hello all, I am desperate for any additional insight other drivers may have into my situation. Several weeks ago, I picked up three passengers for an Uber ride. Less than 3 minutes into the ride, a “passenger guest” (extra rider under whoever called the fare) suddenly exited the vehicle on the...
  2. TampaGuy

    I hit a seagull doing 60 mph.

    With pax in car on Memorial Day, traffic was light. Driving speed limit which I try very hard to adhere too, a Seagull cam in front of my car perpendicularly. He/she made a sharp right turn and headed right at me. As the image of the bird became increasingly larger and headed towards my my car...
  3. N

    Need help. hit and run!!! READ, PLEASE

    Ehy guys, I have heard that a lot of my taxi drivers use this community. That’s why I came here... last night around 11:30 am I was in the van whick express way south taking the Atlantic avenue exit .. so when I was introducing to the traffic somebody hit my car and run away . I use the Nexar...
  4. I

    How many accidents and tickets have on your dmv license?

    I was just wondering how many accidents and tickets have you gotten so far while driving?
  5. Jack Malarkey

    Uber trials replacement cars for platinum drivers following accident

    Uber included the following in its newsletter emailed to New South Wales and ACT drivers at 5.00 pm on Wednesday 17 April 2019: Access a replacement vehicle when yours is off the road - a new program we’re trialing for Platinum partners Accidents happen - At Uber, we want to help get you back...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Yet another driver sued over accident

    Jessica Christie, 23, of Concord, was struck and killed in San Francisco on Nov. 5, 2018 by an Uber driver on the 700 block of Broadway. https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/amp/Family-of-barista-and-UC-Berkeley-student-sues-13653747.php In case you didn’t realize there’s hundreds drivers all...
  7. DrinkSoda

    If you’re going to mdw

    ob I-55 closed at Pulaski due to a crash. Get off at kedzie Edit: Fatal crash involving an IDOT truck per WBBM
  8. Lissetti

    Charter bus fire causes big delays on I-5 in Seattle

    January 25th 2019. 2:58 pm. SEATTLE — A charter bus fire caused major delays during the Friday afternoon commute on I-5 in Seattle. Video from a WSDOT cam showed a white charter bus underneath an overpass near Spokane Street. Flames were shooting out of the bus shortly after 2:00 p.m in...
  9. calipool222

    accident possibly at fault what do I say and not say

    arrg what do I do? I have not spoken to the insurance yet James Rivers in fear of saying the wrong thing, its been 2 weeks. I was driving on the hertz uber rental program. I was on my way to pick up passenger but he was on the other side of the street, lady slammed into me. I have a police...
  10. Bbonez

    Lyft and Uber drivers may need extra insurance coverage

    http://www.fox9.com/news/lyft-and-uber-drivers-may-need-extra-insurance-coverage Lyft and Uber drivers may need extra insurance coverage Fox 9 News, St Paul, MN Jan 15, 2019 The St. Paul chill is no match for the sting single-mother Kelly Muñoz feels as she stares at deflated airbags, a...
  11. M

    Entitled Cyclist Hogs the Road

    This guy actually claimed to be a cop and would "write me up right now." Until I pointed to the dashcam.
  12. A


    Has anyone ever been involved in an accident while on the Uber platform? I was involved in a rear end fender bender during the snowfall we just got. Not sure what to expect.
  13. C

    Looking for witness to accident

    Hi there, I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this but I could really use some help. I am a cyclist and was struck by a bus on the 79th street traverse going west on January 3rd at approximately 7:34pm. A driver behind me found me and said they had dash cam footage I gave them my...
  14. calipool222

    Hertz rental accident insurance

    Is ther a good thread or site for advice on how to protect myself from liability and fees. I was recently in an accident with hertz uber rental car in Los Angelles. Need help before I speak to rental insurance on how to handle. Must protect from worse case scenario if it ends up being my fault...
  15. K

    In an accident - any advice on renting a car for Uber while i wait for repairs?

    happy new year, fellas. Long time lurker, first time poster. A few nights ago, I was rear ended while sitting at a red light and car is nit driveable. I was not using that car for Uber purposes at that time, but I will feel the sting of the additional income that Uber was providing. Since car...
  16. Halfmybrain

    BREAKING. Uber vs. Bicyclist

    My Lyft driver buddy apparently saw this or got to it shortly after.
  17. Ozymandias16

    Rear ended on the highway

    Today I was rear ended on the highway where the 427 meets eastbound Gardiner. The damage doesn't seem to be too bad however somehow I forgot to get the guys insurance. How would filing a claim work if I was driving a fare and is it even possible to make a claim with a license plate? The email...
  18. Risab1981

    Beacon Spy

    Did you guys know/see this? The beacon has all kinds of sensors inside that initiate a ride check if you get into an accident and reaches out to both parties. No way to cover up a fender bender. Uber will know the second you get into an accident (and probably de-activate you while they...
  19. Lord Summerisle

    Totalled for Christmas!

    I used to think it took two bad drivers to make an accident but now I'm not so sure. I was travelling southbound on Vineland just past the Victory intersection when one of Armenia's finest came rocketing out of a driveway to my right and slammed into my passenger-side wheel and door. The fact...
  20. Mklin

    Report accident to Lyft if happened on uber platform

    Hi all I was rearended on Monday while enroute to pickup uber pax. If I get a rental and have it approved do I have to tell Lyft about it? The other driver was at fault but uber has deactivated me until investigation is complete. Naturally I need to be working right now. Thought I’d rent a car...