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  1. AmbiguousAnt


    Has anyone figured out what the different promotion icons mean? if you go to promotions, so some have a flag and some have an arrow in the circle to the right. Uber "support" doesn't have a clue.
  2. B

    Uber eats promotions disappeared

    Does anybody know why Uber eats doesn't have promotions anymore? Is this the first time this has happened in this market? Should we expect them to come back eventually? I've just recently started delivering with them and it's very disheartening to take such a hit.
  3. Rickos69

    Boost vs Quest

    Can someone explain to me why both Quest and Boost are needed? For example, why add a Quest when you can increase Boost? Or the reverse. Do drivers view them differently? Both of them have the goal of making more drivers drive more.
  4. StephFinny9923

    Boost Decrease and the same in all cities in my region

    Okay so I started Uber Eats in mid November. The boosts rates in my region were different in different cities. I stay in Durham, NC which is part of research triangle park (a lot of businesses and travelers). The boosts were between like 1.8- 3.0 consistently. The boosts were also more frequent...
  5. P

    No promotions this weekend?

    Exactly as title says, I'm totally dry for any promotions on both Uber & Lyft so far this weekend. No $3/ride bonus during certain hours, no counting rides to a bonus. Rough.
  6. Pax Collector

    No more pool

    Uber's IPO would mean that there will be a much increased pressure from investors to turn a profit. That could potentially force Uber to stop subsidizing rides, giving promotions, raise pax rates and eventually get rid of pool. What do you think?
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Is the promotions drought in Canberra breaking?

    Check the forums for other Australian cities and you’ll see see threads about promotional bonuses for completing a specified number of trips. Canberra has missed out until now. But this afternoon I received the following text from Ola: EARN EXTRA WITH OLA THIS WEEKEND! Simply complete: 4...
  8. scarpent

    Promos this weekend

    This is the first weekend in awhile with no streaks for me. I only have 40 rides for $80 as a promotion. I took a week off so that could have effected my promotions. What is everyone else’s weekend looking like? Also it has been an extreme amount of drivers the past few weeks. Hopefully it will...
  9. MullOfKintyre

    Charlotte boost schedule is weird this week - permanent change?

    I've been driving Uber Eats for the past several months, and all the weeks have had fairly consistent boost schedules/areas. This week, I open the promotions calendar to find not only is not a Quest, but the boosts are very erratic, with changes every 2 hours and large variation between days...
  10. Uruber

    We had a good thing going on.....

    I haven't drive for almost 4 months now and today I received the email telling me to update my Insurance that is about to expire. So I opened the app and saw for first time the new changes they have made on it and I started checking it out and when I got to the promotions I saw the $40 extra for...
  11. A

    Groups That Get Promotions

    I haven't been getting any boosts or promotions. I emailed UberEats about this and they wrote that promotions are not offered to everyone the same and that some groups will get them. What are these groups?
  12. P

    OC Boost & Quest

    Can someone please share some information and/or screen shots of Boost & Quest offers they received for OC? I live in OC, but signed up under LA. I qualify for boost and quest for LA county, but curious to see if it makes sense to switch to OC to get bonus for OC. Thank you so much for your...
  13. monkeemash

    Has Uber always been paying the difference on Quests for quota #2?

    I saw there was a promo this week. A Quest of $90 at 40 rides, and it then shows "+$135" at 60 rides. Though it's been awhile since I've completed both tiers in a quest, I would SWEAR on my life that I would get paid the face value of the advertised promo upon hitting each number of rides as...
  14. S

    Affiliations, Veterans

    In account, settings, affiliations you can verify that you are a veteran with ID. Me, it says there are special promotions, any veterans done this and gotten any?
  15. P

    uber delivery boost

    is anyone else having an issue with the promotion for uber delivery boost NOT SHOWING THE LOCATIONS> when i click the promotion to see where the boost locations are it shows them in the middle of the ocean !!
  16. BurgerTiime

    Well that didn’t last long; Bozoma Saint John is leaving Uber for Endeavor

    The high-profile marketing guru will become CMO at the entertainment conglomerate https://www.recode.net/2018/6/11/17449978/bozoma-saint-john-depart-uber-endeavor The high-profile executive Bozoma Saint John has left Uber for Endeavor, sources say and Uber confirms. She will become CMO there...
  17. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Getting any LYFT requests in the downtown core?

    Hello Fellow Driver, Are you getting any LYFT requests in the downtown core? Today, i'm only getting Uber Lyft Request. It seems like the Lyft requests just disappeard similar to their fleeting promotions. If drivers don't get any LYFT request, they will just forget LYFT and focus on...
  18. Jprime

    Orange county promotions question

    I live out in the southern inland empire and mostly drive in orange county, I am registered to drive in Los Angeles county though. So for all of my promotions i have to do the rides in LA county so i normally don't worry about them. I'm thinking it may be a good idea to switch my territory to OC...
  19. Wraiththe

    Time Matters for Incentives/Promotions

    Hi, For Promotions: be sure to look at not only the dates, but also the TIMES. The Promotion was to get 35 rides by 5/18... but it was really just until 4am on 5/18. Feeling tired last night and late for supper I went home with 34 rides... I guess... not worried, thinking I would easily get a...