1. Kurt Halfyard

    Los Angeles is PILOTING Allowing UBER Drivers Set Their Own Prices

    We have talked about letting drivers 'bid' or custom-price out their rides here for years. It looks like UBER is piloting a thing where Drivers can pre-set their own multiplier (like allowing drivers to put 'surge' style pricing on regular rides. Passenger sees it up front, and then can accept...
  2. Clarc

    Car insurance- Toronto

    I want to buy a car and do the insurance. I live in Voughan. I talked to the insurance company and told him I wanted to buy a Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid. They told me that I have to pay $ 500 a month, because I have less than a year to drive and when the car is new the insurance becomes full. My...
  3. Mad1487

    Did someone get anything from Uber ?

    Had someone get money from Uber because of Corona Virus sickness or get some masks or other things to protect yourself ? Thank you for your answer.
  4. Mad1487

    A study about Uber working conditions in times of corona

    How does Uber change the working conditions in times of Corona and what do you think about the measures from Uber? Has someone got corona sick pays or know someone who get this? What are your experiences and what do you think About this measure? What do you get for your protection and the...
  5. Mad1487

    A research about the changing working conditions from Uber in times of covid-19

    1.What do u think about the Anti- Corona protection measures and the changed conditions of Uber? 2.Did Uber pay the Corona sickpays in case of Corona illness? 3.Do you get something to protect yourself, or did you have to protect yourself with your own resources? And does Uber check the follow...
  6. Mad1487

    How satisfied are Uber Drivers about the measures from Uber (Independent research)

    1.What is your opinion about the covid-19 measures and the changed conditions of Uber? 2.Do you get ressources to protect yourself as a Driver, or did you have to take care and protect yourself? Does Uber check if you follow the measures? 3.What are your experiences? Did you get Coronavirus...
  7. Mad1487

    survey for Uber drivers to evaluate the working conditions in Times of Corona

    Do you get ressources to protect yourself as an Uber Driver, or did you have to take care about having protection by yourself? And does Uber check if you don't follow the measures? What is your opinion about the ANTI-CORONA measures and the changed policy of Uber? Do you get Coronavirus sick...
  8. Hummer872

    Survey about your Uber Experience in Times of Corona

    What do you think about the Anti- Corona measures and the changed policy of Uber? Are the Corona Virus Sick pays really payed and how much did you get payed? (If you got Covid-19) What are your experiences? Do you get ressources to protect yourself as an Uber Driver, or did you have to take care...
  9. PukkaD

    Zero rate Uber Eats deliveries?

    Started UE run 6pm Penrith area. 1st delivery request soon after. Food not ready, picked up after short wait. Started delivery. Normal delivery procedure on app. Delivered food. No payment shows. Payment delay? 2nd delivery request soon after. Food not ready, picked up after short wait. Started...
  10. IR12

    Uber & Lyft Not Paying Drivers with Covid-19

    So Lyft wants to base paying drivers sick with Covid-19 on hours worked in a specific period. How do these people sleep at night?
  11. waldowainthrop

    “Uber Is Handing Us a Penny and Acting Like It’s Ten Grand”
  12. A

    Average pay for delivery apps in or around Brooklyn, NY via car

    Hello, I have been considering trying out Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc. for sometime now because I am in need of some extra income (even before the whole Coronavirus outbreak). Wondering if its a viable option, any insight is greatly appriciated. I am curious what is one expected to make, just...
  13. Ming Freeman

    Taking more than 50 percent cut now?

    So I just drove someone from Burbank Airport to Tujunga area it was about 13 miles. She was a bus driver so we spoke about pay and blah blah... needless to say when we arrive she shows me she was charged $23 for the trip. Her fare range was $17-$23. I was shown the fare cost $13. My fare range...
  14. S

    $ per mile

    Most drivers that have posted vids/hacks/reviews say they want to make $1 per mile. Just want to verify that this is while the passenger is in the car, not without.
  15. S


    I’ve been driving since the start of Dec. I’ve never received a quest promotion. The past two weeks I’ve received them via email & within the app under notifications. Both times the link doesn’t load and posts an error message. I just spoke to Customer Service & they said it wasn’t an Uber...
  16. waldowainthrop

    How much do you value tipping culture? [poll]

    If you were guaranteed the same exact pay as you get now with tips, provided by a different pay structure with no tips of any kind, which pay structure would you prefer? Status quo pay with tips or hypothetical pay without tips? Same exact pay to the penny, tips or no tips? So hypothetically...
  17. Lissetti

    The 32 places Uber and Lyft drivers earn the most

    This article was originally posted on the Seattle board by local driver @dimwit_driver. I think it's good info and a benefit to others to see where their state ranks on this list. The 32 places Uber and Lyft drivers earn the most, according to the data Gridwise — a smartphone app...
  18. heresthedeal

    Cars can make extra money, outside Uber?

    Hey everyone, I am not an Uber driver as of this moment, but the lack of monetary compensation that Uber gives to its drivers still pisses me off. I take the service almost daily and I believe that the drivers deserve better than what they are getting. So, I was thinking of something that...
  19. J

    Hey Lyft, I would like to get paid for this ride

    If Lyft is primarily a “payments processor,“ they are not very good at it. Has Lyft ever calculated a fare payment incorrectly for you in their favor? They paid me a cancellation fee for the second passenger, and didn’t pay me for the rest of the ride. PPZ is no substitute for not paying a...
  20. Meghann2185

    No surges + decreased rates??

    No surges showing on the map the past couple weeks...? I know there were surges because I was paid for a few last night when I looked at my fare details. They just aren’t on the map. They are also multiplier surges instead of the usual dollar amount we usually have. Anyone else in Wilmington...