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  1. DollarFree

    Payrolls surge by 304,000

    Job growth in January shattered expectations, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 304,000, the Labor Department says. Why would anyone work for U/L crumbs? Why indeed!
  2. N

    Uber Pax Wait Times Increasing

    This morning, Tuesday January 29th, the freezing temps should invoke surge. I have been watching the map all morning and basically nothing. East Cleveland has shown no surge for the entire morning thus far, Euclid shows no surges thus far, and this is considering the temps and that these areas...
  3. N

    Uber App Surge Cleveland

    Noticed changes this past week. It is 7am on Monday morning and I have been watching the app for a couple hours. No surges. So let me get this straight. First, federal workers who took up Uber driving during the shutdown are now going back to work taking them off the streets during the day...
  4. Initial D

    Did (f)uber miscalculate my promotions?

    My promotion was 30 rides for $40-----40 rides for 40 from Friday 1/18 4AM-Monday 1/21 4AM. I only received $20 after I've completed my 40th ride. I've contacted (f)uber staff with photos included, but they said that the $60 is received in 2 tiers: $40+$20 not $40+$60. I received a reply in my...
  5. T

    Uber fees more than driver pay

    i had this pool trip from downtown sf to sfo and surprisingly found out that uber fees was actually alomst double the driver
  6. grain of salt

    Can Lyft drivers answer these questions?

    Hi, If you're a Lyft driver, may you please answer these questions below? I'm curious to see your answers about your experience driving for Lyft. If you do not feel comfortable answering some questions, you can skip them but if you can, please answer them all. Thank you very much! 1. How...
  7. CahalM

    Uber Eats Pool coming soon to a market near you

    I'm watching a video now and will include a link to the news article as well. Yes, the thread title is accurate; Uber has probably found yet another way to screw drivers! Uber is rolling out "pool" for UE; basically it's stacked orders. What does that mean for us? If you've ever done a stacked...
  8. Mista T

    The more things change the more they stay the same

    I used to live paycheck to paycheck. Now I live direct deposit to direct deposit.
  9. burgerflipper

    how to make $12/hr on uber

    guys, it is possible. You need to work the busiest times, 7am-9am and 5pm-10pm, late nights friday and saturday. but you can make $500/week without doing 12 hour shifts. ive done it myself, before i quit.
  10. O

    How 2 Increase $$$$⬆⬆⬆ the Rates in SD! (Our gas prices ARE the HIGHEST in the Nation afterall)

    After a long chat with someone at the hub today, I found some very interesting insight into the ways uber changes driver pay. I actually spoke with someone who was a driver previously and he was definitely on my side when I complained about the driver pay decrease. He said that he saw this...
  11. Pax Collector

    Here we go!

    Looks like little brother Gryft has followed in Fuber's footsteps.
  12. dirtylee

    Flat $.$$ SURGE

    Welcome to the lowest pay in the entire time Uber has been operating. Like seriously...
  13. tbrook01

    Anyone else's earnings crazy lower since new rate change?

    This is crazy guys. I've seen a dip from 900-1100 a week driving only about 30 hours to like $750 max in the same amount of hours with the same routine. That's in the ballpark of a 25% pay cut. "Diamond driver" my ass. How much deeper are they going to be able to stick it in us before we all...
  14. UncensoredFob

    Ubers New Surge, you must accept all fares

    So I got a notification that Uber is changing how the surge works. They are packaging it like like they are doing us a favor but it’s just another screew you. Surges will last a little longer but they will not be multipliers like 2.1x or 1.4x, now it will be $1 or $3, meaning that you will earn...
  15. SirNomad

    Advice, do not use or work for Uber.

    As stated, don't give Uber your time or money. You can't live off Uber. Pay with tips falls well below minimum wage. Wear and tear on vehicles is atrocious. Spent $2500 fixing my van after making $1400 in a month. I'm negative cash working for this company.
  16. U

    Uber Eats cut fares in half 11/14/2018

    I just did a delivery tonight for mcdonalds and the fare was 3 dollars on a 1.5x boost! did uber just cut the pick up and drop off fees? I have not seen any notice. here is a break down of the fare Duration 13 mins Distance .73 miles Distance $0.30 Pickup Fee $1.02 Dropoff Fee $0.68 Boost...
  17. Olen

    You’re in a busy area expect trips soon....

    2 hours later and still no trips. 8 other drivers every few miles and I’m in a suburb not even a city lol No money at all it’s already Wednesday and I’ve made only $130.55 Since Monday morning. Minus gas, tolls, and lunch. So basically lost money.
  18. New2This

    Uber Direct Deposit Early?

    I got my Direct Deposit today. Usually it comes Wednesday. Anyone else?
  19. U

    Can i opt out of uber pro

    Just like the title says I was chosen for the beta Uber pro Launch new turns out it's going to cost me a lot of money because I'm no longer eligible for quests and boost I have been getting the entire time. I would like to know if I can opt out of the program since it's still in Beta I don't...
  20. LAOL

    Uber Pro