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  1. waldowainthrop

    How much do you value tipping culture? [poll]

    If you were guaranteed the same exact pay as you get now with tips, provided by a different pay structure with no tips of any kind, which pay structure would you prefer? Status quo pay with tips or hypothetical pay without tips? Same exact pay to the penny, tips or no tips? So hypothetically...
  2. Lissetti

    The 32 places Uber and Lyft drivers earn the most

    This article was originally posted on the Seattle board by local driver @dimwit_driver. I think it's good info and a benefit to others to see where their state ranks on this list. The 32 places Uber and Lyft drivers earn the most, according to the data Gridwise — a smartphone app...
  3. heresthedeal

    Cars can make extra money, outside Uber?

    Hey everyone, I am not an Uber driver as of this moment, but the lack of monetary compensation that Uber gives to its drivers still pisses me off. I take the service almost daily and I believe that the drivers deserve better than what they are getting. So, I was thinking of something that...
  4. J

    Hey Lyft, I would like to get paid for this ride

    If Lyft is primarily a “payments processor,“ they are not very good at it. Has Lyft ever calculated a fare payment incorrectly for you in their favor? They paid me a cancellation fee for the second passenger, and didn’t pay me for the rest of the ride. PPZ is no substitute for not paying a...
  5. Meghann2185

    No surges + decreased rates??

    No surges showing on the map the past couple weeks...? I know there were surges because I was paid for a few last night when I looked at my fare details. They just aren’t on the map. They are also multiplier surges instead of the usual dollar amount we usually have. Anyone else in Wilmington...
  6. Dimaex

    New driver, how’s the money?

    How much money can I make FRIDAY-SUNDAY if I drive between Nassau and Suffolk. I’m just looking for an extra $100 or $200
  7. HiDuuken

    NYT - Passengers May Pay a Lot More. Drivers Won’t Accept Much Less

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/31/business/passengers-drivers-pay-uber-lyft.html Excerpt - That’s what always happens when there are no barriers to entry in a market. In 1848, for example, at the start of the California gold rush, the first miners made about $20 per day, on average. The...
  8. Antvirus

    Uber As Loan Shark? Help Uber Build Something New

    Check your app for the latest survey. Uber handing out loans? My that's comforting...
  9. Jacob THE DRIVER

    Phx new lyft pay rate??????

    So I get this email lyft is now paying us the second we accept a ride. Sounded great but now I see lyft cut the fare to 35 cents a mile now. So a 10 mile ride is now 3.50 how does that help me out . I just dont @@@@n get it right now, so how much does the pax pay ???? 1566838463
  10. Uber_Yota_916

    Lyft giving drivers the finger

    A big orange spot with an arrow indicating it’s busy. While still charging passengers a multiplier and giving drivers base pay.
  11. B

    Driver Wifi

    What devices does everyone use for Wifi and how much does it cost per month.
  12. J

    Why not get a regular job

    To everyone that complains about pay do you guys still driver for uber or have plans on quitting and getting a regular job? I'm just curious
  13. M

    Question For Los Angeles Drivers

    Hello Drivers! I'm a uber driver in Michigan and I plan on moving to Los Angeles in October and I was wondering is it worth ubering in LA or should I just find a regular 9-5? I see a bunch of complaints about pay and how it's not worth it. Do you find yourself driving too long/working to hard...
  14. U

    Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge Pay Facts

    Hello All, I am moving from Mississauga, and I have been driving Uber for 6 months plus. Mostly in Mississauga, Toronto (downtown) and surrounding GTA areas. I now live in Kitchener and wanted to know how Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph are in terms of Uber earnings. I would really...
  15. DanRBenson

    New tip option and quests/boosts eliminated.

    I received two tips today for $1.76 and $1.46. They must have put in a % option. This infuriates me because they have also eliminated quests and don't give a boost change for weekends anymore. X1.1 is an insult. Every week it seems like they find a way to pay the drivers less. I also can't stand...
  16. Uber_Yota_916

    Stay away from the meatball(red zone)

    Lyft is charging customers xtra and not paying one cent of it to drivers. Lyft! Why should drivers pick up people at base while Lyft is pocketing the extra money because there isn’t enough drivers for the demand? It is not worth going to concerts, pro sports, etc... Let the passengers walk...
  17. Lissetti

    New Lyft Rates

    The good news about the new pay structure, is that when it hits your market, you will start earning once you accept a ride. Whether you accept a ride that is five minutes away or a ride that is 30 minutes away, you will get paid for the time and distance for the entire drive to pick up the...
  18. Mista T

    $ per mile

    Did pretty well last night, as measured by $/mile. Normally on a long Fri or Sat I'm making somewhere between $1.25 and $1.50 per mile. Yesterday it was about $2.33. Some good cash tips and a cash ride helped, mostly due to the parade and streets blocked off.
  19. J

    UE have stripped me from promotions and boosts and refuse to give me information

    Hello As the subject states, Uber has completely stripped me of other benefits for no reason. I've been delivering with Uber since late last Summer and have had no real issues with the app until recently. I was unable to work for 3 weeks as my car didn't have insurance, and when I came back to...
  20. W

    Per Mile/Minute Pay

    Hi, What do Uber & Lyft pay in Seattle? Just relocated and wondering if rideshare is worth it out west. Thanks!