1. Pete Z

    How much $ w/ RS in Ohio?

    Hi guys. I'm new here. Just curious how much Ohio drivers are paying for their insurance with ride- share? Under $100 per month? Thanks!
  2. Mista T

    Cost reduction ideas?

    What do you do to keep your costs low? Ever since Lyft ruined the PDB for me, I have taken the following steps to reduce costs: - Stop accepting trips over 6 minutes or 1.5 miles away - Block future matches with pax who do nothing but take short rides to and from the bus stop and home - Cancel...
  3. B

    Perception of Rideshare Drivers

    My complaint is about mis-perception of rideshare drivers. I'm tired of pax getting in my car asking me if I'm an axe-murderer. Wtf is that? I do rideshare to save more. We Americans need to save MORE - waaaay more. I do rideshare so I can jack up my 401k at my regular job and so I can...
  4. M

    How to save money on health insurance

    If you're looking for affordable health insurance coverage in 2017, this is best researched article I found that provides a step-by-step guide on selecting the right health insurance as a driver. There are lots of subsidies and deductions you can take advantage of to minimize what you actually...
  5. G


    Drivers in the Los Angeles area of you need help with MILAGE/ maintenance please contact me.
  6. iRideShareDC

    Response To Your Comments/Inquiries On Post From 9/14/2015

    Dear UberPeople Community, We whole heartily apologize for the delay in response to your messages. Thank you all for the incredible feedback, challenging questions, and for letting us know your views on what we are trying to accomplish. We went through your comments/inquiries and came up with...