1. BadYota

    Destination Long Trip

    Does anybody have any luck using their 2 destination filters for really long trips around the state? Like if you wake up early Friday or Saturday and put the destination as Orlando or Miami would you get a bite or just end up in St Augustine? got this great ride from the airport yesterday to St...
  2. S

    What time of day do you drive?

    I'm just curious what time we all drive. Also is the time you drive the time you'd like to drive or do you drive a different time because it pays better?
  3. The Entomologist

    Contest for an exploit of your choosing, where is Waldo?

    Through out next week and next week only! I will be riding into FLL or MIA airports at any random pax pick up loc, windows open and this song blasting: You know that guy is going faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr as hell and coming back the same way (maybe?), ask for selfie (blackmail... since my...
  4. S

    Lyft Scooters- oh nooo! here they come

    Prepare for it. It has arrived. Maybe we should start a pool to pay the deductible for the first one of us who runs one of these drunk morons over. Do they really think Miami people can handle this kind of responsibility? Be ready for drunk scooting. 2-3...
  5. S

    I rode as a pax today... the experience is not good

    So I had to take 3 daytime rides as a pax for the first time in a few months. I'm pretty annoyed as a driver now. Terrible advertising-When I opened the app, there's a banner I get 50% of mon-fri. That's great for me as a pax, but as a driver what good is it if Lyft never advertised it ahead...
  6. Working4peanuts

    I'm sorry Carlos (Uber eats driver)

    I ordered eats last night. I rated Carlos but no tip screen appeared. I scrambled to find a link to tip him but there was none to be found. I emailed support and so far have only received a response that they'll get back to me. Wanna know why eats customers don't tip? Look no further than Uber...
  7. BurgerTiime

    A Miami Uber Driver Raped a Passenger, Called It a Job 'Perk'

    https://amp/s/ A 26-year-old Miami woman was allegedly raped over Labor Day weekend in 2017 by her Uber driver. The Miami New Times reports, her assaulter, 51-year-old Fredrick Gaston, has a history of preying on...
  8. S

    Stolen car Drunken Uber rider steals car after fighting with driver Police search for passenger who drove away in Volkswagen Jetta By Peter Burke - Managing Editor Posted: 9:16 AM, October 09...
  9. Working4peanuts

    Lyft Big Brother

    Check this out. They say it won't affect your rating but if you get a lot of bad ratings on Route I bet you lift send you a message saying it's bad for the community. Passengers can now rate Shared ride routes. (And it won't affect your rating.) We believe your ratings shouldn't be affected by...
  10. S

    Now I'm official, I guess

    Every single line for my star rating bar is populated. And last one to be filled was my 2 star tab and feedback i got was every single on i think that was available to be selected.
  11. Working4peanuts

    Make $2500 a month driving for lyft

    And this is all you have to do for the $625 a week. Hahahahhahaha. To get to $2,500, Lyft says drivers will make at least $625 weekly, and if they don't pull it in from fares, Lyft will make up the difference. The requirements are that you need to start work at 5 a.m., accept 90% of the...
  12. Working4peanuts

    Surge has been replaced with opportunity zones

    No multiplier. Just the promise of rides. I drove in the opposite direction when I got one but guarantee lots of desperate ants drove right to it. How sad that it's come to this. Uber declares victory.
  13. Working4peanuts

    Wow. A driver with a 3.24 rating

    How is that even possible? Uber must not have enough drivers in Tallahassee. He'd have been deactivated by Uber if he worked in Miami. Goes to show you how eff'd up Uber is. Where's bozo when you really need her...
  14. Working4peanuts

    Uber losses continue to mount

    Uber reports Q2 losses of $404 million, up 32 percent from Q1 Megan Rose Dickey @meganrosedickey / 9 hours ago While Uber isn’t required to disclose its financial results, Uber has done so for the past few quarters as it gears up to go public next year. In Q2 2018, Uber’s net revenue was up 8...
  15. Working4peanuts

    Uber eats just raised prices...

    For restaurants that aren't as close as McDonald's. They LOWERED prices for McDonald's (to $3.49). Just to be clear, they raised prices for customers. They did not raise pay for drivers. Look at the Uber eats app, not the driver app as Uber didn't bother telling drivers of this hike. They are...
  16. F

    Uber Lawsuit Go Time in Florida

    Goodmorning, Mr Patronis, Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida: This communication is to advise you of pending legal action against the State of Florida per: 768.28(6)(a) and (b): According to section 768.28(6)(a): An action may not be instituted on a claim against the state or...
  17. Working4peanuts

    Am I the only one in Miami who got a notice that new app coming in days?

    Of course, days could mean 2 or 200. Just in case, I turned auto update OFF.
  18. S

    Drivers who don't speak English

    It is already slow as it is in broward. Please some folks like myself, although its a grind, enjoy doing this rideshare side gig. It's easier to learn english for a non native english speaker than it is to learn another language for a native english speaker. So let us try to be nice to each...
  19. M

    Uber for a Jump Start !

    I got the craziest Uber request yesterday..Accepted an XL request at home and received the phone call right away .. The guy was asking if I have jumper cables, I was like What ?? He was saying his car doesn't start he needs help and he can pay .. I asked if he needs a ride or not .. Couldn't get...
  20. Mista T

    Man shoots at driver in Miami Not much to go on, but evidently a man was waiting for his girlfriend...