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  1. PioneerXi

    LAX Guarantee as low as Uber Stock

    Email received from Uber today. The LAX min $25 is now $20...if you come from the holding lot. As an out-of-market driver at LAX, I’ll pass on waiting in your lot.
  2. Nina2

    Uber and Lyft banned from terminals at LAX

    https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/4/20898596/lax-uber-lyft-ban-pickup-terminal It’s about to get even harder to hail an Uber or Lyft at Los Angeles International Airport. Ride-hailing vehicles will be banned from making pickups outside LAX’s terminals under new rules announced by officials on...
  3. PioneerXi

    Billboard near LAX

  4. Bootsy

    Best Surge Times - LAX & Queen Mary port

    Hey ? Good Peeps, Those of you living and/or driving in LA County area, what time ranges and days tend to typically be best to catch Surge at LAX or Queen Mary
  5. MsKia

    LYFT Drivers in LAX lot, WHY!!??

    Question for Lyft base and XL drivers sitting in the LAX lot on Memorial Day 2019 while Uber is surging as high as 3x on and off and Lyft is only offering a $7+ power zone...WHY!????? I drive for both Uber and Lyft in LA and have drastically reduced my Lyft XL trips since Lyft stopped passing on...
  6. PioneerXi

    Temporarily in LA

    With a parent having a medical condition, they will be spending 3 days at Cedar Sinai hospital next week. And I’ll be driving in LA for three days after admitting them. At $0.52 a mile , I am gonna die. Recommended eats near Inglewood/LAX?
  7. LAOL

    Can Redondo reinstate airport privileges?

    Woke up this morning to a notice I have been blocked from driving at the airport for excessive cancels (even though I haven’t driven at the airport in two days). Spoke with someone at the green light spot in Redondo and he said all he could do was submit a request to reinstate airport privileges...
  8. Uber7654

    News on LAX rideshare

    http://abc7.com/travel/holiday-travel-monday-marks-busiest-day-of-holiday-week-at-lax/4767998/ It says price for rideshare quadrupled at times? I never saw it go past 2.5x morons. The wait for the rides were up to 20 minutes? More like upto hour and a half. Get your reporting straight.
  9. Phill

    Why it’s impossible to find your Lyft or Uber at the airport

    https://www.fastcompany.com/90270831/why-its-impossible-to-find-your-lyft-or-uber-at-the-airport You’ve stepped off the plane, you’ve gotten your stuff at the baggage claim, and you’re ready to hop in a Lyft and get where you’re going. Where should the driver pick you up? Airports across the...
  10. Uber7654

    1.4x boost at lax from 11am to 3pm

    and the lot is full. All waiting for the life changing boost. In the meanwhile Lyft is nada boost and yet the queue is full for Lyft as well. Well Uber might as well give a 1.2x boost and the queue would still be full. Smh.
  11. Uber7654

    Fuber!! Why suppress surge at LAX??!

    Why suppress surge in all areas? Lax queue is 1-5 and not a single surge last night for hours while lyft surged to 75% at times. Even this morning I saw the queue go down to 1-5 and with no surge in sight I see it creep back up to queue full.
  12. Showa50

    LAX nomenclature change

    The pickup signage no longer says Ride Service Pickup. Now it reads Ride App Pickup and they are a nice brown turd color. Probably makes it easier to see in the dark from far away.
  13. The Angels

    Is it a requirement to be a cigarette smoker at the LAX holding area

    Wow, I didn't know so many people still smoked until I was at the LAX holding area... I figure in 2018 you should be vaping, as it's healthier. At one point, this Filipino dude comes up to me with his cigarette in hand to talk to me while blowing smoke in my face (I don't smoke). The thing is...
  14. RonBurgundy

    LAX Airport

    I get a lot of people needing rides to LAX so I take them! Good money for me however I can never seem to get a ride directly from LAX to anywhere. I always have to drive away from LAX to start picking up PAX. Any insight? Thanks!
  15. MsKia

    LAX cell reception

    Does anyone have a cell service provider that doesn’t completely drop at LAX? I have Sprint and I miss out on getting a rematch most of the time because my service completely drops. I’ve been planning to change to Verizon at the end of my contract but am so frustrated that I may go ahead and do...
  16. Jake2016

    Got a ticket at LAX. PLEASE Advise.

    Last night I was in a hurry to get back to OC and made the right turn from the middle lane, as you can see in the picture of the intersection right after the ride-share staging lot. It was crazy 25-30 min to get to Terminal C, as the right lane only allowed to move to the airport terminals was...
  17. LAOL

    An Uber Driver’s Journey

    True story. About 3 months ago I’m standing on 98th and this enthusiastic, clearly new, driver approaches me. “Look how much I’ve made today! I got a long ride from the airport, then a ride back, then bam, another long ride!!!” Cut to yesterday. The same Uber driver cuts me off coming out...
  18. Showa50

    'Inspected TNC' at LAX

    Saw 'Inspected TNC' with some other markimgs tagged on the window of a Lyft while driving the Terminals today. Are vehicles being inspected? Where and for what?
  19. Showa50

    98th your home?

    Better find a new spot. Its mark from Airport to Vicksburg with underground utility markings. Construction looks to be coming soon.