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  1. MaxL

    New to rideshare

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Uber/Lyft and was wondering if anyone would be willing to hop on the phone to chat about their experiences, things they wish they knew, and pro tips. I am looking to drive and I figure this is the place to start. I'm trying to hear from as many people as I can! If...
  2. Lexx


    I’m doing a 24 hour lyft challenge next week. Let’s see how much I make in 24 hours . Should be fun long challenge lol How much you think I’ll make in the L.A area ?
  3. mobilads

    How do drivers in LA make time for a side-hustle?

    mobilads is offering drivers $200 this month to get their car wrapped with an advertisement by Cargo in LA. Learn more and schedule your wrap appointment here: mobilads.co/cargo “As soon as I signed up with mobilads my ratings skyrocketed, my tips increased and I always have a positive...
  4. mobilads

    How do drivers in NYC make time for a side-hustle?

    mobilads is offering drivers $200 this month to get their car wrapped with an advertisement by MetroPCS in NYC. It’s quick and convenient. Learn more and schedule your wrap appointment here: mobilads.co/metro “As soon as I signed up with Mobilads my ratings skyrocketed, my tips increased and...
  5. QLDUberDriver

    Tesla unveils ‘Robotaxi’ plan for self-driving ride-sharing network next year

    Time is ticking faster for those people who heckled the idea as "not in my lifetime". Drivers can be thankful of how the Australian govt has been going with any advancement in tech, so will buy a couple years once the rest of the world has evolved into the future. As per most other...
  6. D

    Subsidizing Billionaires - Australian Research pdf

    here is some research from Australia.great info in here and accurate for australia. Drivers Income Below the Minimum,the lower it goes the better for Pax and for Uber ==>> More Pax,Pax spend more as trips are so cheap ==>> More Revenue ==> HIGHER COMPANY VALUATION ==>> pre IPO investors who own...
  7. blondebaedc

    HopSkipDrive Hitting DC Market

    I don't know if this interests anyone, but HopSkipDrive is hitting the DC market. I actually found out about through a post on this forum. It seems to be the only rideshare service for minors and seniors that is operating in the DMV, presently. You have to get fingerprinted and they do a...
  8. PioneerXi

    Why is Support So Bad?

    Harvard says it's because it's profitable. This may explain the business model of Rideshare Support. https://hbr.org/2019/02/why-is-customer-service-so-bad-because-its-profitable Why Is Customer Service So Bad? Because It’s Profitable...
  9. Lissetti

    Insurance policy insures the entire trip for the driver

    Allstate to begin offering insurance to drivers and riders SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) - As ridesharing continues to grow in popularity, one insurance company is taking steps to help protect drivers and riders on the road. Allstate now offers commercial driving insurance for Uber in...
  10. K

    Your rideshare operations are illegal in Australia

    Hi everyone, I got done for tapping my mobile phone more then once whilst in the cradle. I was accepting a job at the time. I did contest it in court here in WA and according to the law we are not allowed to touch our phones even once for a job. Everyone can answer a call by tapping once if the...
  11. Pax Collector

    Splurging after instant pay

    Who says rideshare drivers don't get paid enough?
  12. Kurt Halfyard

    1 Year Anniversary doing Ride Share. (I joined the 4%)

    Also my 1 Year Anniversary on UP.NET According to various metrics/studies (sorry, no footnotes) 96% of Uber/LYFT drivers quit before 1 year of driving Rideshare. Thanks for all the great advice/ideas/warnings from all the vets Actionjax , Athos , Yam Digger , dmoney155 i_k , evad77, Dancarriv...
  13. Pax Collector

    It's the most wonderful time of the year....

    It's the most wonderful time of the year With Uber rate cutting and Dara telling you be of good cheer It's the most wonderful time of the year It's the hap-hapiest season of all With those support messages and airport queue meetings when ants come to call It's the hap-happiest season of all...
  14. SirNomad

    UBER Holiday Bonus Just Hit! $$$

    Thanks UBER! I can now feed my family a thimble of coffee for Christmas. Move over cooked goose! Here comes aa peppermin mocha latte as a meal replacement!
  15. Pax Collector

    The saga of the typical ant

    I came across a movie titled DriverX. Played by Patrick Fabian, it tells a tale of a typical rideshare driver. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt4952044/?ref_=m_ttexrv_exrv_tt
  16. Uber7654

    News on LAX rideshare

    http://abc7.com/travel/holiday-travel-monday-marks-busiest-day-of-holiday-week-at-lax/4767998/ It says price for rideshare quadrupled at times? I never saw it go past 2.5x morons. The wait for the rides were up to 20 minutes? More like upto hour and a half. Get your reporting straight.
  17. Sam. P

    ATO chasing overdue BAS?

    I've read in a thread on Facebook that the ATO is teaming up with external collection agencies. Should we be worried???? copy and paste: "From now on if your clients have overdue lodgment obligations, we may refer them to an external collection agency to secure lodgment on our behalf. Starting...
  18. SirNomad

    UBEReats ONLY 7.75 Hours RESULTS Day before Thanksgiving

    I have concluded that the people of Orlando are the scum of the Earth. I somehow make below 4 dollars an hour after wear and tear.
  19. Djhuber63

    Giving it all away!

    Apparently we are not all masochists. We’re giving it away! Points for those that spot the very clever maths performed by the Ola spokesperson! Drivers ditching rideshare apps...
  20. Lissetti

    Lime Moves Into Rideshare

    Hey guys a poster in Austin Texas, member clayinaustin gave me this bit of info yesterday. Lime will offer car sharing in Seattle, moving beyond bikes and scooters You might be familiar with Lime from its brightly branded dockless scooters and bikes littered across urban landscapes, but...