1. Kurt Halfyard

    Sure, Ryan, I Will Be Right There [PAX RATINGS]

    11pm on a Wednesday. Hard no.
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Ability to re-rate riders on Uber has gone

    The facility for drivers on Uber to re-rate riders has gone. However, the ability of riders to re-rate drivers remains:
  3. Mista T

    Unbelievable 1 star

    Drove an old woman. Great convo, good time. She's new to Uber. End of ride she hands me a cash tip, then she asks what does she do now? I told her I would end the ride, and on her end the rating screen would come up. "Okay, let's see... is this the ratings screen?" "Yes, then you rate me, and...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    Passenger Code of Conduct

    Freely adapted from a post I read on Quora (Chris Sche): A to B safely = 5* ALWAYS. Four-star ratings can get a driver deactivated, if everyone did it. Do NOT do this unless there was a significant issue with the ride. ALWAYS ask before eating, drinking, smoking, vaping, blasting loud music...
  5. G

    IN the app, is there any way to screen your passengers and locations before selecting to take an assignment?

    I have been getting frustrated by the app, as it will send out little info. On a ride assignment, to allow the driver to know were the pick up and destination is, and to see if you Are possibly picking up a “problem” client. I was wondering if there is a way, before agreeing on taking an...
  6. ZenUber

    I’m trying to get 666.

    I’m almost there. But could all fall apart at any moment.
  7. CPM

    Carpool Karaoke During Rides

    There's a new microphone that let's you sing karaoke through your car's radio system.
  8. Wraydio

    Stagnant Ratings?

    While I know it can take sometime for pax to enter their rating, but I have not received ANY ratings in two weeks. Not one single one. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. No change. Called driver support. No change. ** Is anyone else noticing the same issue?
  9. ZenUber

    Lyft is messing with the ratings.

    I’ve always suspected they where playing with the numbers. My rating has always been around 4.97 or 4.98. And the pax are always 4.8, 4.9, 0r 5.0. It’s like they are trying to keep everybody's ratings high. So a few days ago I noticed my rating was suddenly down to 4.87. I’m thinkin, wow, a...
  10. ZenUber

    Pax uses the N word.

    I’ll preface this by pointing out that the pax (a couple) and myself are all white. Couple gets in. Pleasant conversation including laughter. I thought the guy was oddly short with her a few times, but whatever. Then he say something to the effect of: some N way of doing things. It just rolled...
  11. Initial D

    How come my ratings for my Uber rider app is stuck?

    I'm an Uber driver as well and I've noticed that my rider rating is stuck at 4.78 the entire day. I've treated my relatives from Australia with plenty of trips and was exploring different places in San Francisco today and did tourist stuff.
  12. Initial D

    Rise above the player haters (pax who rate drivers poorly for poor reasons)

    I feel like this relates to some us drivers when we unfairly received bad ratings for things out of our control, but we just brush the dust off our shoulders and life goes on.
  13. Mista T

    Uber to ban low rated riders, starting today

    Uber will start deactivating riders with low ratings Megan Rose Dickey @meganrosedickey / 5 hours ago Uber is now requiring the same good behavior from riders that it has long expected from its drivers. Uber riders have always had ratings, but they were never really at risk of deactivation —...
  14. AmbiguousAnt

    No protection from cancelled rides rating you down

    I got a one star rating (my first) after I was not able to pick up a pax yesterday because they were not at the location and were waiving to me from a place that was unreachable across Kapiolani Blvd during rush hour. I had to cancel the ride and later I found that I had my first one star...
  15. DrivingThe916

    Ratings drop since Uber Pro

    I've been a 4.96 - 4.99 driver for over 3 years. My strategy has always been to not pick up passengers with a rating lower than mine at the current time and no farther away than 10 minutes and it has worked well for me. Since Uber Pro was introduced my rating has now dropped to 4.87 for no...
  16. Mista T

    You're doing great!!

    About a month ago I had perfect 5.0 with Lyft. It couldn't last forever. One week it dropped into the middle 4.9s. The next week it dropped again. The other day it dropped yet again (I'm such a scumbag!). Lyft's message at the top of the email: You're doing great!!!
  17. Mista T

    Star ratings translated

    I have multiple 2 star ratings, which made me think... what is going through the pax mind when they rate? Here are my thoughts on what they might be thinking... 5 stars: ride was okay or good or great, I would do it again (or) I heard that if I rate below 5 that they could get fired, so...
  18. ZenUber

    Lyft doing bait and switch with pax

    It’s happened to me twice in the past two days. I accept a ride request, and start driving to the PU point. Suddenly, there’s an update, and I’ve got a new PU point at a different distance, and with a different name! The first time I thought it was a strange glitch. The second time I knew...
  19. Initial D

    Uber Drivers, does your ratings go down after you give lower stars for your PAX at end of rides?

    I'm thankful that I don't really get matched with lousy PAX on Uber that often, but few weeks ago, I gave a PAX three stars (I don't want to be matched with this PAX ever again) for reeking of marijuana scent and that the scent hinders my judgment when driving. Afterwards, my ratings dropped by...
  20. D

    Uber rating for new driver

    When signing up as a driver does your passenger rating become your Uber driver rating? Should I sign with new phone number / email etc? Do all new uber drivers get a 5 star rating and it goes down from there?