1. IdeeIdeeOh!

    Lyft vs Uber

    Hi, I am currently driving for Lyft. I thought Via would be great in winter as you are confined to the Chicago city limits—no icy burbs. I feel that Lyft incentivized me the first few weeks, but not so much now. They have increased my driver referral bonus (hiring my replacement) and...
  2. IdeeIdeeOh!

    Uber vs. Lyft—Chicago

    Hi, I am currently driving for Lyft. I thought Via would be great in winter as you are confined to the Chicago city limits—no icy burbs. I feel that Lyft incentivized me the first few weeks, but not so much now. They have increased my driver referral bonus (hiring my replacement) and...
  3. U

    Monday Rush was not your typical start of the workweek Crush

    First time in weeks I didn't get a premium run before 6 am on a Monday. In fact, I've gotten so proficient at it, I even have lists of Consultants who request every monday at the same times: 5:15, 5:30, & 5:45. This way, once I get back to DT after dropping my regular off, I know exactly...
  4. Y

    Babies, Toddlers Without Carseats

    Whose doing it and why? I work the Chicago and suburban Chicago area. I do not accept riders with small that do not have a car seat. Each one, a dozen so far, have all said that I'm the first to deny a ride to them. One was a woman had an INFANT. They're really pssd and say that the next driver...
  5. pizza guy

    New Illinois law makes accepting rides illegal

    The new law that goes into effect July 1st makes it illegal to touch our phones to accept a ride if not in park. Please, please tell me I am wrong.
  6. Kurt Halfyard

    All Time Champion UBER TROLL

    This lady from Chicago/SanFrancisco seems to have dedicated her entire Twitter Feed to bashing UBER DRIVERS and it is kind of amusing.
  7. metal_orion

    Long trip dissapointment

    I should have known better and not have wasted my time on an out of state trip. Basically there is not compensation for doing this and drivers pretty much get paid less than the actual mileage of the trip. Never again! I would have scored better by just driving in the city.
  8. U

    Here's another beauty!

    Lot of action in this pic. This isn't the last one to come. When turning right into the pit, there's a brief blind spot to where you can't see northbound Drivers with a Green light traveling 30+ into the pit. I think the declivity from the top of this intersection and the Rosemont exhibition...
  9. pizza guy

    UP needs to separate spots fo burbs and city in Chicagoland.

    I've been doing this on and off for four years. I put in many hours trying to herd cats and organize drivers. The current Chicago ordinance would have been much worse without us. The fact remains that Chicago is two markets. There are city drivers wanting to avoid the suburbs and suburban...
  10. U

    Side by Side Comparison between the ever worsening Uber and Coast so Far Clear Lyft

    First off, my system is my system. It's what works for me. For the most part, it's opposite the mainstream. I use 5 of my 6 DFs during the highly concentrated AM rush. On good days, I get multi trips per DF. Perhaps this simple analysis wouldn't match cucumber to cucumber with your...
  11. bonum exactoris

    Uber plans to hire hundreds more in Chicago

    March 6 2019 Uber Technologies is searching the downtown office market for a big new space as it plans to hire hundreds of employees over the next year for its growing Uber Freight business.
  12. Berry mian

    Agree or disagree ??

    So as a Uber or Lyft drivers I think we need those changes Atlest I don’t care if we are not employe 1) mile rate should be $1.75 after Uber percentage 2) time rate should be $ 0.25 per mint after Uber take out 3) any trip over 15 miles. After 15 miles it should be times two automaticity...
  13. BOUNTE

    Drivers: Earn Extra Money Using BOUNTE, a New Lost and Found App

    People lose stuff all the time! Bags, jewelry, wallets, laptops. They post these lost items on the BOUNTE app and offer a reward. So how do you make extra money? Download BOUNTE in the app stores FOR FREE and it will notify you the second someone loses something within a mile of your current...
  14. DrinkSoda

    Chicago tax $ at work

    Recently got back into town and get seated at a restaurant for a bite to eat. Get a street view. After my order is taken a streets & san tow truck slowly pulls up. Car had 3 tickets and was parked in the metered area. My server tells me the car had been parked outside not moved since...
  15. Halfmybrain


    Sometimes I want to ask out of town passengers to come up front to see the great view of the most magnificent skyline. For me this is often coming from the north side and the Westin wall is the least interesting of the approaches. (I always watch for the ascending vapor in winter months.) I...
  16. BurgerTiime

    Moron robs person at gunpoint and uses stolen phone to order UberEats

    This is some level of stupid A man was denied bail Saturday after he allegedly robbed someone at gunpoint and then used the stolen phone to deliver food to himself—thereby alerting authorities to his location...
  17. L

    Flex full time??

    New here. Is there anyone who is able to deliver for Amazon Flex full time in the Chicago-Lisle area? Is it possible??
  18. BurgerTiime

    3,480 Chicago taxis are in foreclosure and ride share drivers are not much better,amp.html Drivers representing Chicago Rideshare Advocates and Cab Drivers United plan to rally at City Hall on Wednesday morning, calling for regulations similar to those recently enacted in New...
  19. pizza guy

    Update on the senseless murder of a Driver
  20. UberPug

    In-App messaging HELP

    Ok, this is a little humorous but can turn in2 n trying to avoid a black satire situation! So, b4 I pick up some1 (only) from a busy place - I usually text my eta n describe my car. W/ a recent pickup, I had my voice to text on (always hands-free lol) n unfortunately my satellite radio was...