1. Booyah

    Delivery workers are keeping California fed. They say no one’s keeping them safe
  2. A

    Average pay for delivery apps in or around Brooklyn, NY via car

    Hello, I have been considering trying out Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc. for sometime now because I am in need of some extra income (even before the whole Coronavirus outbreak). Wondering if its a viable option, any insight is greatly appriciated. I am curious what is one expected to make, just...
  3. Initial D

    Have anyone ever received a DoorDash request to deliver alcohol?

    I've received a request for a trip to BevMo! and required myself and the customer to be 21 or over. I'm above 21, but what if the customer hesitates to show identification or if I checked the customer's I.D and the person is below 21, do I keep the alcohol or drive back to the store to return...
  4. AstonNC


    This has been catching on lately, wondering if there's other Phlatbed folks here. Pay has been good so far $35 - $120 so far....delivering mid to large sized items, store pickups (done Costco, HomeGood, and some Facebook Marketplace items). Every major city (I'm in CLT).
  5. MHR

    Delivery Driver (DD) Killed at Denny’s (CNN) -- The FBI and police in Virginia are offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in the killing...
  6. twcau

    Pickup locations to avoid: 2 Fat Indians, Joondalup

    Heads up Delivery Partners - this new locations is one to avoid for pickups. They’ve only opened this week, and were dumb enough to start accepting orders from day one. As you can imagine, they are ill-prepared, have insufficient staff, don’t prioritise orders; all of which is leading to...
  7. Charbenji


    DoorDash/Grubhub driver here. The other night on a DD pickup I noticed the restaurant was advertising FoodJets as a delivery option for customers. I decided to look them up and was surprised to see that they delivered for most of the restaurants in my home town, after some research I found that...
  8. Initial D

    Rant: DD customer wanted freebies (I had evidence), but lowered my rating because customer didn't answer door and I followed all delivery instructions

    The instructions for upon arrival were: "Do not ring or knock the doorbell (I have a large dog). Do not leave food at door" Text (### ###-####) when you are here." (I texted through the DD app) So I assumed that the customer will meet me at the door after I text and call, but no one answered...
  9. G

    Auto Insurance for Food Delivery

    Good Morning, everyone. I have a question, regarding Auto Insurance for vehicles doing food delivery and rates. Can anyone please help me with finding a Commercial Policy, which is reasonable, for delivering Food? I have ran into roadblocks in finding affordable insurance for my vehicle, to...
  10. Arete2

    Uber Eats: Dayton restaurants & Uber need to get their act together

    Venting some, but. I've had four places in the last month and a half be unavailable for delivery. Twice the place was closed (how did the order get placed?) and twice their systems were down; I assume the orders had been placed but they couldn't see them. Two of those instances were different...
  11. ZenUber

    My first delivery ride without a pax

    Pick up was at a mom and pop hardware store. Guy came out with an 8‘x2“ steel pipe some connectors, and the invoice. Had a five dollar bill in his hand that he handed to me first thing. Turned out to be a $10 ride, and the recipient (a plumber) was waiting right there in his truck. Very easy...
  12. Mr. Knowitall

    Doordash in new jersey

    Hello everyone hows everyonr doing? I was thinking about signing up for doordasb during these last few days. For those who are already in doordash in the northern new jersey area or metropolitan area, how much can you make with doordash in a week before and after expenses? How can it compare...
  13. MontcoUberDriver

    Interesting story about delivery
  14. T

    How many McDonalds and IHOP runs do you typically make a week, UberEats drivers?

    So I've just recently started driving, literally on Wednesday. So far I've been around $100 a day in my 2015 Jeep Renegade and have made nearly $520. But I typically only start driving around lunchtime and finish around 8pm. Most of my early deliveries are f***ing McDonalds and IHOP. Both of...
  15. blondebaedc

    Today I Learned...

    ....Honeybaked Ham has a “cafe” storefront where you can buy sandwiches and a la carte side items. Who knew?? Picked up 5 classic ham sandwiches and the guy told me to “enjoy” and then was like, “oh no, wait, that would probably be bad.” ??
  16. blondebaedc

    Question re: canceling orders

    I have a question regarding canceling orders - cause I’m new. If I pick up an order and swipe for delivery & then see that the location is going to be 20 minutes there and then 100 hours getting back (cause rush hour traffic)... can I cancel it? What do I do with the food? Or should I start...
  17. Daniello

    If You get deactivated from UberEat then can You still drive for Uber to deliver passanger?

    I am so far clean but I am curious, If Uber deactivates your Ubereat account to prevent You from doing any food deliveries then can You still drive Uber to give ride to passagers.
  18. Daniello

    UberEat in Queens NY?

    where is the busiest place in Queens, NY for UberEat delivery? I would really appreciate any tips that You can give me from Your experience?
  19. B

    Uber Eats: Anyone Delivering by BIKE in Dallas or Fort Worth?

    I'm Austin-based considering spending most of March in Dallas, possibly delivering by bike for Uber Eats. I currently do bike food deliveries in Austin for Favor. (Favor doesn't allow bike deliveries in Dallas.) Anyone delivering by BIKE in Dallas for Uber Eats? Wondering what it's like doing...
  20. 9

    UberEats 1099-MISC Confusion

    Hello, I'm new to Uber (just started UberEats delivery last August 2018). I found this forum after I got my 1099-MISC from Uber and was really disappointed with the script-reading support staff at Uber. Maybe someone here who delivers UberEats can help explain my 1099-MISC (I don't qualify for...