1. LoveBC

    Uber Riddle

    So you’re drunk off your ass.... Which option do you choose??? Better question.... which do you not choose?
  2. S

    Why is the Volvo XC60 not Select?!!

    I'm in Los Angeles, and can't understand this. The XC60 is more expensive, larger and more luxurious than Volvo S60, BMW X1, and Audi Q3, which are all on the Select list, and is on par with BMW X3, Audi Q5 ... so how does it not meet the requirements for Select? It has leather seats, is...
  3. EmOinDallas

    Is it just me or will Uber stack X pings when I'm running Select and it's surging?

    This has happened happened more than once last night (big surge on Sat night/Halloween party night). I was trying to end the night and work my way towards home (didn't have DF set), so thought I'd set my Preferences to Select only. The surge map was red. I was on a Select ride and...
  4. B4ware

    Uber select??

    What’s up Forum. First time poster long time lurker. Haven’t done Uber or Lyft in almost 3 years. Back when I did it, the market was great, awesome pay, less saturated, made a killing on Select and from the looks of it Uber was somewhat decent. I just recently picked up a car that qualifies for...
  5. LA Husky

    Tips on Select/Lux

    So I was taken to Newport Beach last night and got a Lux 45+ ping from a 5.o pax. Picked up a well dressed gentleman and asked him where he was heading. "Bel Air. Does that work for ya?" I reply "let's do it" and we're on our way. As soon as he gets in the car he wants the radio off so he can...
  6. UBERonNoff

    Uber select.

    Hi all. I drive late nights Uber x and Uber select. The last couple of days when i get a uber x job some Pax have been saying they are lucky and got upgraded to a Uber select for the same price as a Uber x. I didn’t think anything of it but when 3 different pax said the same thing I thought it...
  7. Statiq

    Boost at Jay Z & Beyoncé Concert

    So it looks like the boost was only for X & Pool rides at the Concert last night. What is Uber signaling?? First no early Surge for select and now no Boost. Not liking this at all!
  8. P

    Does Uber select and Lyft lux worth today???

    hi, I’m about to buy a new car, so I wanna try with a mkz, to do select and lux too? Is that smart? Or I should buy an hybrid sonata? Thanks
  9. LA Husky

    What would you guys do?

    Had my first surged Select ping (1.7) in the Manhattan Beach area last weekend at around 5pm. Accepted ping 7 min away and started driving to pax location when pax sends text "uber said u were 3 min away and now you're 7 MIN AWAY???" Yes the last words were in caps with three question marks. Was...
  10. Doug Orchard

    Please give of your wisdom

    i currently drive X with a honda fit thinking of buying a new car would it be better business decision to by a prius so i cam work airport que or a Cadillac CSR so i cam work XL and Select as well as X? Thank you all in advance for your mush needed advice.
  11. A

    Town and Country

    Hey guys, Is there anyone that is able to drive their Chrysler Town and Country for Select? Cheers!
  12. Kurt Halfyard

    EV on Lyft Premier

    So, I put in a request via customer service to get my 2017 Volt put into the Lyft Premier category (I guess in the parlance of this forum as a QuackSELECT). We will see how this goes, here was the initial response, which came in about 3 days after I sent it (a bad sign): "We apologize if it...
  13. Kurt Halfyard

    Too many passengers for vehicle.

    This happened last night. A bunch of well heeled ladies at a Mississauga condo via LYFT, asked me to wait for their fifth friend who was coming down the elevator. I told them my car only has capacity for 4 passengers + driver. Their leader, Nicole, got a little indignant, and said, "Well I...
  14. thatridesharegirl

    Now I know why pax complain about us - X is better than SELECT.

    Y'all know. You've heard the spiel. Pax get in the car and ask you; "So are you from here?" Am I from here, as in Atherton? One of the richest places per capita in the world? (Median income*: $1,063,888 // Median home price: $3,475,000 ca.2014) If I could afford to live HERE in Atherton...
  15. ROI MBA

    Limo/Black 2018 Changes, News & Info?

    What's up ...... for 2018? GOT!! news, info or changes to suggest for 2018? Will Uber be adding or limiting CDL/Limo/Black Drivers in your area? Which SUV's and insurance are you using. Most of all, vote, for the highest TL $$$ mode in 2018? Black, SUV, Select or XL?
  16. 1UberMench

    Auto upgrade to Select

    Was doing my business today. Had some good profitable rides. Accepted one pool ride but rest just X. I was close to home so I thought I might go and have a short rest before going out again when I got a ping for a select ride. I jumped on it and grabbed it. After the ride I stopped and...
  17. NeeD DuH MonNaY

    Select and XL Demand

    Experts.. Select Drivers - Out of 100 trips, approximately how many Select? XL Drivers - Out of 100 trips, approximately how many XL? Both Drivers - Out of 100 trips, how many of both? Thank you all for your input.
  18. Mal&me

    XL or Select??

    If you were to upgrade from X, will you get a car the can do Select or a minivan to do XL? Its a legit question from an XL driver from Puerto Rico with 3500 rides in 8 months who is about to get a car and knows no one here that can advise him properly. I know some vehicles can do both, but the...
  19. N

    Ford Fusion for Uber Select?

    So I was going to get an Uber and decided to do Uber Select. The car that was assigned to me was a Ford Fusion. Are you serious?? Like isn't that an X vehicle? That is a real slap on the face for all those uber Select drivers that actually have luxury vehicles. Any thoughts Select drivers?
  20. T

    Uber Select in Los Angeles requirment exceptions?

    Ive been tryin to find the answer but no luck. What if you have a car that would qualify for select but it was a year too old (2008)... but, the body for that car was not changed until 2014... has anyone heard of an exception being made for an older car with the same body as a newer one that...