1. PioneerXi

    Worst Traffic Day Ever

    I started the day at 29.7mpg average per prior 50 miles. Airport to a Mission Valley= 40 minutes. Mission Valley to Gaslamp = 32 minutes. Gaslamp to Sports Arena = 27 minutes. Just after 18:00 set a new record low average per prior 50 miles. 17.1 It’s got to be 10 years since I’ve seen...
  2. PimpMyRideShare

    Fighting Camera Tickets

    When I lived in Florida there was an online service called "The Ticket Clinic" were you submit a traffic ticket and they'll forward it to a lawyer to dispute it. Every camera ticket I received they easily threw out because according to them, camera citations are illegal and doesn't hold up in...
  3. Frank112

    Steelers strategies

    Just wondering what everyone's routine is for Steelers games. I tried to get down to do a pickup for the last one but I couldn't get anywhere near the stadium without basically going through downtown. Since I had that experience I figured I'd wait till the game was done and over by a good bit...
  4. AdamS.UBER17

    Frustrated with Uber’s ‘Compensation of Time’ during rides w/ traffic

    I’m writing to publicize my frustrations with Uber’s ‘Trip Fare Equation’ (TFE) that I believe does not fairly adjust for traffic time during rides. TFE follows an equation with a very low & static ‘cost per minute’ that I say does NOT appropriately compensate for shorter rides with LOTS of...
  5. Risab1981


    I thought maybe we could use a thread to keep those who will be driving updated of: - Conditions Incidents Main Road/Freeway Closures Main Road/Freeway Heavy Backups Any help from fellow drivers and people at home, watching news/traffic cameras and maps would be greatly appreciated...
  6. Marco Solo

    What's the Viadoom been like for you so far?

    ‘The cars just disappeared’: What happened to the 90,000 cars a day the viaduct carried before it closed? Apparently, Viadoom was not so doomy...
  7. WestSydGuy

    Sydney airport gridlock

    it seems the taxi entry of one lane, is backing up across Joyce Drive, when taxis enter from O’Riordan St, which is also blocking Ross Smith Drive from entering the airport. Any chance Sydney Airport would put in some traffic management for 9-10pm peak hours?
  8. D

    Driving in the middle of the day

    Hey, I just started driving again since last Winter, but my first time living down here in Denver. I drove Boulder in my off season (winter) last year and it was pretty slow during the day (10 am - 4 pm). I never drove super early and usually stopped because of traffic for rush hour, then drove...
  9. BurgerTiime

    City cracking down on Uber/Lyft creating congestion by designated pick up zones Minneapolis wants to designate a zone for Uber and Lyft drivers to pick up downtown nightclubbers and bar patrons at the end of the night, according to the city. The ride-share zone...
  10. UberPotomac

    MD live traffic cameras

    Just in case , anyone would like to check the roads in MD.
  11. BurgerTiime

    A new study indicates app hailing services contribute 50% of congestion in San Fran The experience of moving through San Francisco in a car has gone from slow to crawl. Congestion in the Bay Area flagship city has grown increasingly worse, and a new report by the San Francisco...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Uber and Lyft give 91,000 rides daily in Seattle but are making traffic worse

    Full story Every day in the Seattle region, Uber and Lyft provide more rides than: Sound Transit light rail (77,576 rides on...
  13. L

    Staying home on Halloween

    I was driving last year and fell for the whole: it’s a high earning night bull. I got stuck in WeHo and made a whopping 15 bucks. Uber didn’t update their mapping with street closures and that got me in trouble. I’m staying home and good luck to the greedy.
  14. Guided One

    DMV license Suspended for 60 Days

    I just went to traffic court today and found out that my DMV license will be suspended in the next 30 days for 2 months, because I got a speeding ticket 2 years ago (during my probationary period) and was just found guilty today. The judge told me that after getting my license back it will be...
  15. BurgerTiime

    New study shows Uber and Lyft are making traffic 50% WORSE in San Fran

    Full story: Uber and Lyft cars contribute heavily to San Francisco’s traffic slowdowns, especially in the downtown and at night, according to a report being released on Tuesday, which both...
  16. BurgerTiime

    You guys are making traffic WORSE! A study led by CU Denver Ph.D. graduate said Uber and Lyft are contributing to traffic congestion in the Denver...
  17. B

    Make more or less during major road closures?

    This weekend parts of both 99 AND I-5 will be closed in Seattle. I'm wondering if I should just get out of town for the weekend or stay and make money. Do you typically earn more or less when major roads are closed? Common Sense would tell me that you would earn more because trips would take...
  18. chiguy5839

    There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave Your Rider

    So you pull up to the customer and he tells you he is going to the is 40 minutes to get there and you know it is 90 minutes to get back downtown. Your morning is screwed even with the $7.00 "new surge." But you are a nice guy. You don't want to be rude but you don't want to get...
  19. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Route 495 Bridge 2.5 Year (HA!) Rehab Project Set to Begin

    Phase 2 set to begin Friday, August 10th. As if it wasn't bad enough already during rush hour and weekends, avoid the bridge and Paterson Plank Rd. at all costs now. Now we have a valid excuse to take longer routes around this mess. Get your 4-year supply of popcorn ready...
  20. GruveRecords

    Those people who drive straight through a red when green arrows light up

    See this about once daily. What's going through their head when they realize they're about to T-bone a left turning car as they casually cruise through a dead red all alone?