1. R

    Nissan Leaf sales collapse in Ontario after incentive axed
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Coffee Time with LYFT with your host, SHAZ

    Did anyone else get one of these invites on the LYFT platform (via their texting alerts?) I got one, but Leslieville on a Tuesday daytime is not going to happen for me. Apparently they are targetted focus groups on both incentive structure and community building. Hosted via the Global Ops...
  3. UberInClay

    Who didn’t get incentive pay from TPC?

    The $15 minimum ride incentive got me to turn out for TPC (during incentive hours only). I had 6 trips that should qualify but never got paid. I’m out over $38. Here’s an example: Pretty clear it should qualify, right? I sent all the trip details to the support people and they couldn’t...
  4. Zap

    Uber WAV... Again?

    Anybody get the "new" WAV marketing email? I got mine 2 days ago. On its face, it's interesting but reading the footnote creates a WTF moment. Now why would uber send out expired incentives? With no perpetual incentives and up to $2K/month to "rent" a Tonka toy? No thanks. Hope nobody else...
  5. tipster98122

    What's your Lyft incentive this week?

    20 rides gets me an extra $38. smh
  6. Jack Malarkey

    UberEATS delivery bonus drops to $2 from $3 (and then reverts to $3)

  7. Jack Malarkey

    Discrepancy in Uber advice about New Year incentives

    There is a significant discrepancy in the advice from Uber about New Year incentives in Canberra. This is the in-app advice: And this is the text of an email sent at 4.01 pm on Friday 29 December: Jack, why not get on the road this New Year’s Eve? This New Year’s Eve, we’ll top-up your...
  8. R

    New Surge Coming - Boycott Airports

    I know we all heard about the new surge model they're gonna try to hit us with. A 5 or 10 dollar increase added to the end of your trip, which mileage is unlimited. So base fare, plus 10 bucks for a 40-80 mile trip can happen to u. And I say we (in every city) boycott the airport. We gotta force...
  9. Jack Malarkey

    GoCatch offering $20 bonus

    GoCatch has sent drivers the following message: Earn a Bonus $20 Today! Comment Thursday 7th December, 2017 Hi GoCatch Drivers, Earn a bonus $20 today by completing 5 jobs with in-app payments! From 10AM today until 10AM tomorrow (7 – 8 December AEDT), simply complete 5 jobs where the...
  10. BenDrivin

    Incentive 9/22-9/25

    70/150, so they wanted me to do 150 rides for $270 extra.
  11. fayatee

    UberEats incentive problem

    Hey there everyone, New to the forum, been a driver for 5 months with minimal issues. Did anyone else the weekend before last receive a email or notification saying there was an incentive for every complete delivery made you get an extra $5? Just curious as Uber stated in email it was running...
  12. DeplorableDonald

    FedEx Field incentive Saturday

    Did anyone happen to take a screenshot of the $35 FedEx Field incentive? If so can you post it in case I need to send it to Rohit and the gang? Thanks in advance. You are a GREAT American.
  13. Jack Malarkey

    Uber modifies incentives for UberEATS in Canberra to make them easier to achieve

    Today (Tuesday 15 August 2017), Uber sent the following email to Canberra drivers who have registered for UberEATS deliveries: More achievable incentives on UberEATS Hi Jack, We have heard your feedback and listened! We will now be running incentives that are more achievable for partners...
  14. Zdriver19

    Shady quest practice

    I worked so hard to complete the required number of rides to get the quest bonus in vain. I was short by one single freaking ride. Unbeleavable! Uber just would not send me any trip requests for two hours in DC on a busy Thursday evening. I am starting to think the system is rigged. You work so...
  15. J

    This weekend incentive

    Is anyone close to hitting the incentive this weekend? I mean it was super slow this Friday and Saturday in DC. I don't think I can do 40 trips on Sunday to get it
  16. Berbero

    Incentives for UberAssist trips???

    Have you noticed any incentive for the UberAssist trips you do? I remember when I did the training, it was very clear that there are no incentives, it is just a free service to those who needed assistance. However, I noticed an incentive next to every UberAssist I do in my statements. What's...
  17. C

    Twice Now

    So this is the second week were I have not received any "incentives" to drive and on my app the surge are small spots that show up and disappear in like 5mins. Then Thursday rolls around (last week) and boom the map (Orange County) is flooded with red. Uber I'm not driving for pennies here. Has...
  18. asriznet

    Uber's unhelpful attitude towards its driver!

    hi guys, Have you reported an issue to Uber and got a ridiculous reply? Please do share... I picked up a rider and i was in a 1.4X boost area. Upon ending trip i realize the commision deduction was more than 1X. So i contact in-app support and here is their reply. Don't you feel it's...
  19. E

    Incentives, Bonuses, etc. Did I screw myself over?

    Less than a year ago, I loved driving during the incentives Uber offered, which were hourly guarantees. It went over well the first couple times, but afterwards, I became furious when I didn't get my incentive payment. Uber claimed I didn't accept enough rides (but from my stands I'd accepted...
  20. Rango

    Uber is no longer offering drive Incentives to Polish people

    Uber is no longer offering drive Incentives to Polish people. 2nd week has gone by and i am no longer receiving drive incentives. Any lawyers out there that can help me with this or offer advise here please? Originally posted this tread here...