1. D

    TOLLS: Tech issue OR corporate fraud

    1598906654 If you check fare details and see the toll listed, you need to also verify it matches the earnings activity and account balance. Today, the numbers do NOT match.
  2. Uberchampion

    Call Out The COVID-19 EvilDoers [SHAME THE SCAMMERS]

    Not sure where to post this but the level that humans can sink to has no bounds...
  3. J

    Deactivation threatened for alleged fraud.

    Got an email from Uber around 5:30 AM this morning stating that I’m under investigation for fraud. I don’t know why or what the algorithm thinks I did wrong; but I have a feeling how I drive threw up some flags. I live in the center of San Francisco. I have a rule that I consider working for a...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    "PhotoSwapping" and Illegal Sharing of Driver Accounts [Toronto Star]

    Toronto Star Article on drivers driving under other drivers acccount for 'nefarious reasons': Apparently it is a thing in London, UK, and was one of the key issues why they are currently in...
  5. jbk416

    Passenger said I didnt pick him up 10/21/19

    Uber gave him a full refund ...... luckily I remembered him and his exact address, name, and description..... uber gave me the full fare refund and ate the loss......shockingly uber did the right thing and gave me an immediate fare adjustment without any pushback....👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
  6. Shill

    Collision. What now? Am I fired?

    I have been working Uber part time and I used to work full time about 3 years. I decided to start accepting all of the pings because I am at the end of the month and I wanted to hit the Uber pro gold status. I didn't look to see where my next ping was. It was in a very high crime area. I...
  7. E

    Surge Scam

    We all recall several months ago when Uber changed the surge. This screwed many of us but at least we could carry a surge to our next ride and at least get paid something. Well it seems they have taken that away. Twice this week I drove through surge zones and app showed minimum surge on...
  8. J

    How to prevent uber insurance fraud?

    Hi guys, I know that neighbor guys are going to order an uber and then hit uber car with another one to get compensation from health insurance (about 100k, so not a small amount). I really against of such kind of illegal fraud actions. How can I let Uber know what's going to happen? Even if...
  9. Mista T saved my butt - TWICE!!!

    I think of as a breakroom, where drivers come to share interesting or funny stories and complain about the rotten stuff with the jobs - just like at a breakroom at any job. Most of the time there is a lot of whining and complaining. (And most of the time, it is justified.) But I have...
  10. M

    Uber Deactivation Fraud

    I was deactivated due to cancellations. I have zero cancellations on my weekly statement.Yet uber are saying I canceled trips when my app keep closing every time I would get a request. I went to the hub and send several message without any resolution. They cannot explain why it shows...
  11. 5spdturbo

    Suspicious Payout Attempt

    Got a text today... "There was a suspicious payout attempt on your Uber account for $94.28 to a card ending in XXXX. Please reset your password if this wasn't you." Then I received an email with a little more detail...gave the login city (Bronx, NY) and an IP address for the suspicious device...
  12. W

    Beware of GoBank

    Someone stole over $700 from me. They must of hacked my account or something. Somebody made $700 in atm transactions while I was using my card regularly. I wasn’t even mad because I figured GoBank would give me my money back because even Ray Charles could see somebody got me. I can’t be at Taco...
  13. Grubhub513

    Save Hundreds by Turning your Phone into a Dashcam

    Let's face it, there are people out there who shouldn't be driving. Those people are going to be the same ones who cause an accident, blame you, and end up making you pay half or more. There are many great video streaming platforms which have channels dedicated to automotive dash cam incidents...
  14. Taxi2Rideshare

    Is Dara Khosrowshahi's Charm Initiative (targeting drivers) Working?

    It’s been over a year now since the ouster of Travis Kalanick, the man credited for creating the multi-billion dollar behemoth that just recently displaced Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler in valuation. If you recall, his tenure was marred with unchecked megalomania that led to his frequent clashes...
  15. U

    Final Deactivation - Impaired Driving complaint numero 3

    Sounds bad, right. Discovered I was deactivated this am real time. Responded to the allegations and assumed same outcome as the first two deactivation, but nope...they say this is final and irreversible. Next step: Identifying the cause. Go to the fare details for each trip till triple...
  16. B

    Beware of "Madison" from Woburn.

    Picked up "Madison" in Brighton Center the other night. Per usual I confirmed her name.."Madison" and that she was headed to Woburn. Asked if she had a preferred route and she said no. Took her 90W to 95N. Along ride I heard her mention her phone bill was over $400. Nothing out of ordinary...
  17. RideshareSpectrum

    Don’t worry you are still earning. Trust us.

    Damn right I am... on Lyft. Wondering how many drivers have had their trips not post for the past 36 hours, and more importantly, of those drivers, how many ants are continuing to accept Uber requests before the problem is resolved? Where is the outrage? You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
  18. U

    Can someone explain this please

    I’m trying it again to see sif someone can explain this picture since Uber support won’t say why. They just ignore it. I am apparently to slow to understand why the limit was $10.00 . Please only reply if you know why if you drank Uber’s koolaid please do not waste your time.
  19. A

    Unusually high Service Charge

    So here is something interesting and odd at the same time, which has happened yesterday. It has me concerned on multiple points, but here is what happened: I have done over 400 rides in the last few months, and Uber’s service charge has never been above 20 some percent of the total fare paid...
  20. Marco Solo

    Vomit fraud in the news