1. T

    Final Deactivation Warning?

    Never received any Warnings prior to getting a Final Notice - is that typical for Lyft to issue ‘Final’ notices with no previous warnings?
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT PTC Woes [2019]

    I am not sure how many 'Founding Drivers' remain on the LYFT platform after 2 years (According to the research, it should only be 2-4%). However there are a few of us. And at least one driver I know is having major issues with PTC renewal. If you recall, this time last year (the 1 year...
  3. B

    The best thing that could have happened

    The one time I try to put in a day shift, a minnesota decides to smooch my prius. The idea that day driving is safer is bullshit. Sober day drivers aren't that much better than night time drunk drivers, but there are so many more of them trying to give you a bad day. I handle the crash, call...
  4. B

    Anyone successfully appeal "unsafe incidents" deactivation

    I got my second report that a passenger was "uncomfortable with my driving speed", and am now deactivated for having "multiple reports of unsafe incidents". According to the message, "our decision is final". I offered to show them the dashcam footage when I got the first report a few months ago...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    Uber’s advice: never touch, flirt with or comment on the appearance of a rider or ask whether single

    Uber included the following advice in an email to drivers sent on 23 November 2018 at 3.01 pm: Respecting your rider’s personal space Touching or flirting with a rider in the car is not appropriate in any circumstance. Commenting on a rider’s appearance or asking if they’re single can also...
  6. Karl Marx

    Two most impotent attributes to working Uber is you need to be subservient and compliant.

    I am noticing more posts than usual about drivers being deactivated for low ratings.
  7. U

    113 TRIPS COMPARISON (OLD RATE VS NEW RATE) Shockingly Transparent

    Uber's reasoning to create a more consistent comp plan is fundamentally a crock of poop since successful drivers tailor their driving pattern to the style that works for them. For example, my focus has always been on the greatest distance with the least amount of time. My ideal airport run is...
  8. U

    Wonder Twins Power, Deactivate...

    Couple weeks ago I shared how I was permanently deactivated by the master. Serious thought went into how, when, why, what. I won't recap. There were a couple skeptics that chimed in with their inherent negative vitriol. However, I was well pleased knowing in all the views and comments, only...
  9. U

    Final Deactivation - Impaired Driving complaint numero 3

    Sounds bad, right. Discovered I was deactivated this am real time. Responded to the allegations and assumed same outcome as the first two deactivation, but nope...they say this is final and irreversible. Next step: Identifying the cause. Go to the fare details for each trip till triple...
  10. Jack Malarkey

    Uber updates deactivation policy for riders and drivers

    Uber sent an email to drivers at 7.01 am on Wednesday 5 September 2018 advising changes to its deactivation policy for riders and drivers as reflected in its community guidelines. The changes take effect from Wednesday 19 September 2018, although the text of the guidelines has already been...
  11. Benzri

    will this help with parking tickets? poll

    hi all, if anybody is interested, i made an amazon flex car decal that says delivery in progress, check it out if you want
  12. Z

    Late to pick up/drop off - Final Warning

    This morning I woke up to a not-so-friendly email from UberEats saying: "We are writing to let you know that last week, for the second time, you had multiple pickups and/or dropoffs that were significantly late. Unfortunately, if you have one more week with multiple arrivals that are...
  13. Certain Judgment

    Checkr'd Into Deactivation

    Been a full-timer at Uber/Lyft since August 2016 and had done close to 5000 rides. I got Checkr'd today. 4 minors/accidents in 3 years. Deactivated. My infractions: 1. Speeding 10-15 over (on the way to a job interview in an unfamiliar town). 2. Inattentive driving (I didn't slam on my brakes...
  14. Jack Malarkey

    Uber cracking down on drivers promoting other rideshare companies to its riders

    Important article by Dana McCauley of AN UBER driver threatened with expulsion from the ride sharing platform for “a...
  15. S

    Passenger complaint

    So I need to drive Uber full time for about 1 month and make living expenses, as I am going through a transition period. I have done about 600 rides in the past with a 4.9 driver rating. Did Uber for a couple of weeks and I guess some rider complained and I got one of those "driving while...
  16. S

    UBER Account Deactivated, please Help

    I am hoping that someone will be able to help me reactivate my account with UBER. The situation is as follows, my account was deactivated due to refusal of service for a Person supposedly with a “service animal” (I say supposedly, because I believe the person was familiar with UBER’s term on...
  17. Freshout75

    No more Lyft. Deactivation

    I got this email yesterday. I wonder what violations they're talking about. Anyone with a similar message. As we all know, Lyft doesn't respond to email
  18. DJTrxxa

    Pax made false claims, Now I am on a temporary deactivation

    Well that didn't take long before I had a drunk pax out of the blue make false claims that I was falling asleep while driving. I am on a so called 24-48 hour deactivation, I have been calling repetedly to address this situation to no avail. I have dashcam footage of every ride, But the...
  19. FubarAnt

    Uber Deactivation for no reason

    hi guys, I am new on this site. I drove for Uber for over two years with a 4.89 current rating and close to 3,000 trips. This week, 3 trips away from completing my quest Uber deactivated me. I call support and they give me the run around. No one seems to know why. First they tell me they have...
  20. Iamfoodgod

    After deactivation can you still do Uber?

    So I've read one post where OP said they were deactivated from doing deliveries for eats but I'm assuming they still kept driving passengers. I would like to know if anyone knows that it's possible to be deactivated from driving pax and still be able to do eats? Reason I ask is I'm in between...