1. ZenUber

    Pax whines about previous driver.

    I get a ride request for a 4.70 named Phillip at a hotel across from City Hall in Philly. It’s alway a difficult pickup at this hotel because theres heavy traffic. If you try to pull into the circle, it will be clogged with cars, and you’ll have to back out into heavy traffic. If you don’t see...
  2. Jake Dukes

    Get in the back!

    Is it me or does any other driver hate it when passengers want to sit in the front seat?
  3. K

    How satisfied are you driving with Uber?

    HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU DRIVING WITH UBER? My answer was: Uber drivers are treated like nothing by Uber itself! We're nothing but worker bee's to you guys but actually less valued at the same time! Uber is about to go public and you all are about to become millionaires in the process but us...
  4. SuzeCB

    Suing Pax for Fraudulent Complaints

    Just finished watching a segment of Judge Judy, the first half of season 23, episode 125. It was an Uber driver suing a blind packs that she had actually fronted money for, when he didn't have a card able to be used at Sonic. He did eventually pay her the money that she put out for the food for...
  5. G

    How do you destory a competitor or a company like Uber ?

    By using its own system and processes against them. One of Uber's weaknesses is its rating system. Because of the sheer number of transactions, Uber can't possibly investigate all complaints in a timely manner or in any detail. They rely on feedback and make assumptions. Uber's competitors have...
  6. Halfmybrain

    UberPeopleDOTnet--our reputation

    I caught the Rideshare Revolution guy on YouTube Live a couple days ago. Nice to see him joking, conversational and casual rather than speechifying some lesson for the masses. (The few vids I've seen, he takes 15 minutes meandering to his point.) I asked him what his screen name in this forum...
  7. U

    Some customers are unbelievable?

    Hey everyone, I've been doing goober in Sydney now for the past two months full-time until I start my new job at Qantas on the 22 of October and was wondering if any of you have come across these types of people? Or how often? I'm up to around 400 trips with a 4.9 rating so I've been doing...
  8. RoWode12

    101 Reasons To ‘Strongly Dislike’ Being an Uber Driver

    Let’s create a list of gripes! Come on and vent. I’ll start with #1, then the next poster lists #2, and so on... 1.) Drive thrus!!!! The answer is “NO!!!!” I will not sit in this drive thru line for 15mins for free on a minfare! Wtf?! Screw over an eager Eats Driver if you want...
  9. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    Just got falsely accussed of driving impaired

    I woke up this morning to dual Uber complaints of driving impaired and being involved in a car accident. I contact Uber and tell them that no accident occurred and that I was not impaired at all as I don't do drugs and rarely drink. I go back to Uber who send me an incident report to fill out on...
  10. Vishnu643

    My 3 week experience with driving for Uber in Long Island (so far)

    So, as I said in previous threads I wanted to try to do Uber on the Island and I flipping did it. Been doing it for the past 3 weeks (so far) vs me doing it previously for NYC. No I didn't illegally use my TLC plates in Long Island...mainly because I don't have any. So there are some things I do...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Don't do this for obvious reasons

  12. StraightoutofCottleville

    Uber has a tip limit? That's news to drivers

    Another reason to love ❤️ Uber
  13. SCdave


    My new hashtag is #TellDaraThat. Use it wherever it make sense. On Social Media of course. Also when dealing with Uber Reps or in general when communicating with Uber. End email, feedback, complaint, or request with Uber #TellDaraThat or not :)
  14. StraightoutofCottleville

    St Louis Market treated like Ugly Stepchild once again! Why is the Uber beacon not available here in the Lou? Did somebody s**t in someone’s oatmeal? I’m tired of feeling like Uber’s red-headed freckle-faced buck-toothed ugly stepchild!
  15. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Can all the pax please,please stop saying "it is what it is" it's driving me bonkers.

    this is all the pax or anyone says now and i can't take it any more.. And Awesome is getting old too...please
  16. backcountryrez

    Reported for music...hahaha!

    This is why I'm so hesitant to drive those bar/intoxicated pax. Short rides, no tip, and they still have the nerve to complain about music on the radio... ...only last night I was listening to the football game. Note that out of 16 rides I gave last night ZERO asked to change the station...
  17. J

    Lying pax and the $3 ride complaint

    Here is a good story. I’m a 4.92 on Lyft after over a year of driving. The other day I get an email saying that one of my passengers said that I asked for cash payment. This is absolutely untrue. It doesn’t even make sense to me. I checked my rides from the day and out of eight rides the...
  18. Yaya101

    Riders giving Tips

    I haven't been Uber driving long. I've done 34 trips so far. My only complaint is about getting tips. I'm sure everyone has a complaint about not being tipped. But I'm not getting tipped at all. I'm wanting to know if other Uber drivers, in the Charlotte area, are experiencing this. Out of 34...
  19. givemewine1st

    Was Disactivated 4 Refusing a Pet who was not a service dog

    Uber seems to be going in outer space. Montreal bylaws governing taxi public transport of animals state that a taxi driver can refuse a regular pet. no reason is required. however Montreal code says you can not refuse a service animal. but there is an exception. if the driver has a phobia or an...
  20. L

    Want to expose Uber employees? Post here.

    There's a lot of paranoia in the NYC forum about uber employees infiltrating the forum. I think most of it is uncalled for, but I do believe that employees of Uber routinely monitor and post in this forum... to try and suppress "rumors" of such concepts as Uber stealing tips... among other...