1. PioneerXi

    Promo: Lower Boost in Surge

    I was driving south on the 5 when on the app I saw a promo ahead. I hadn’t received an email so I clicked on it. I didn’t receive any offers in the zone but the offer screen showed the new fare with the reduced Uber fee.The Uber fee reduction is a misnomer as the reduction is on the entire...
  2. Montanezz27

    Uber eats Surge heat not showing in map.

    It’s been almost a month since I haven’t been able to see heat zones in the map, am I the only one or anybody can help me
  3. S

    Uber surge clouds are shady AF

    Have any of you seen your surge disappear when you know it’s still there? I thought it was updating the area, but it will only reappear when I force close & reopen. I’ve also had Uber tell me my surge was half of what the cloud I was looking at showed. Why don’t they post the surge at the...
  4. K

    Dallas Downtown Surge

    Hey guys. New driver here. Question. How reliable is the downtown dallas surge area for UE? I had been making good money around Knox Henderson area past few days. BUT tonight I sat on McKinney for 90 minutes with zero pings around 630pm. Prime dinner hours. I prefer to sit still to save...
  5. Moneymaker66

    Kaching $$$

    Get it while it last...
  6. Punta1974

    Are promos designed for drivers to make less money?

    Current Promo: 35 trips at 25% fee, the rest of the week at 5% fee Started this promo yesterday. Did a great first day with only 7 left to hit the target and get the rest of the week at only 5% fee. 28 trips on day 1: Average per trip: $8 29 trips on day 2: Average per trip: $5 (-37.5%) (with...
  7. M

    Crazy 5pm Surge all across South Florida?

    It's 5pm and it's surging: A lot of these places , I have never seen it surge at all, let alone like this - and all at the same time. Broward County: Plantation $7.25 (?) Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Davie (BCC) , FLL AIR, Lauderhill, North Lauderdale, , Pompano, Deerfield Beach all running $3.50...
  8. Kizzy4464

    Fun Pic! Valentine’s Day Surge is heart shaped!

    Notice the heart shaped pattern! This was on Valentines Day. Tell me the Uber people do not create the surge for visual effect. Goal to get you to drive to it only to have it disappear! Notice... I am of course just outside of the “Surge” LOL!!!!! No I do not chase surge ... just thought this...
  9. Legalizeit0

    Sticky Surge NOT Paid

    I turned on my Uber app at 5:45am driving through a $3.25 surge. Hit the max sticky and message said +$3.25 minimum surge next ride. Surge goes off just before 6am, I wait until 6:24am to get my ride. A short trip, I finish and see $3.22 total earned. I do a few more rides thinking it will post...
  10. PioneerXi

    Super Bowl Sunday

    Surge at 1450. This is the most numerical areas I’ve seen in surge since the return of the multiplier. Pittance in value.
  11. Lissetti

    Lyft, Uber to reimburse riders for surge prices during Seattle shooting

    Uber and Lyft criticized for automated surge pricing after Seattle shooting BY TAYLOR SOPER on January 22, 2020 at 10:37 pm Prices on Uber and Lyft rose to as much as five times normal rates in the immediate aftermath of a deadly shooting in downtown Seattle on Wednesday evening. The...
  12. Lissetti

    Black Market Ants

    Lots of stories lately about Uber getting kicked out of this city or that. Plus with the ever decreasing rates for drivers, while Uber/Lyft takes the lion's share of the fares, in my opinion will only lead to the likelyhood that drivers will begin taking their business profits into their own...
  13. DollarFree

    Did someone say surge?

    Get ready: Holiday travel crunch starts Friday ...San Francisco International Airport said this week that it expects this Friday, November 22 to be its busiest travel day, with more than 171,000 passengers arriving and departing. Part of that surge is because Friday is the final day of the...
  14. S

    Uber in all of it's S**thousery

    It stayed like this till i got a trip seconds later with no surge. LOL😂😂
  15. Roadster4

    Bay Area Surge November 06, 2019

    Has anyone seen surge on their apps or completed a ride that paid out surge in San Francisco, San Mateo, or Santa Clara Counties TODAY?
  16. jbk416

    $1.50 Surge what a joke ??

    Luckily I was on a destination filter home but really what's the point of a dollar fifty surge.....the bright side of the story is the guy literally lived around the corner from me.....which made it worth it he left a item in my car paid me 10 bucks cash to return it.....not too bad but the...
  17. dovisrideshare

    Where Can I go to Find Info RE the Next Uber Protest in Los Angeles??

    Hey guys, When Lyft stopped with Surge, I stopped with Lyft and, truth be told, I can't honestly figure out why ANYONE would stay with them after that. Uber's "new surge" isn't AS BAD as Lyft, but it's BAD. First off, that absolutely scripted Podcase with a "real" Uber driver who just kissed...
  18. Sparkz786

    Uber vs Bolt

    What do you prefer? Bolt is started to take the P#SS because of blocking access due to not accepting jobs (what about self employment rights though?) Surely matter of time till they learn their lesson too. Only advantage thats keeping me on Uber is the fact you can see where the job is going...
  19. Frank112

    Steelers strategies

    Just wondering what everyone's routine is for Steelers games. I tried to get down to do a pickup for the last one but I couldn't get anywhere near the stadium without basically going through downtown. Since I had that experience I figured I'd wait till the game was done and over by a good bit...
  20. S

    Uber surge

    This is my experience with Uber surges being a fairly new driver.