1. PioneerXi

    Promo: Lower Boost in Surge

    I was driving south on the 5 when on the app I saw a promo ahead. I hadn’t received an email so I clicked on it. I didn’t receive any offers in the zone but the offer screen showed the new fare with the reduced Uber fee.The Uber fee reduction is a misnomer as the reduction is on the entire...
  2. Cahpingo

    What is the boost in Montreal right now?

    Hi. I’m living in Toronto right now, planing to move to Montreal. I would like to know what is the average of the boost in Montreal now? thanks a lot
  3. possumrat

    Boost now showing, app ot acknowledging that im online

    So, I'm having some issues that the people at the hub couldn't figure out. Maybe someone here has had a similar issue and had some luck. Im not getting orders- The app isn't acknowledging that I'm online- it says I've gone online, but when I went to the hub, they couldn't see that I had been...
  4. T

    I Miss Boosted Trips

    I tried Uber Eats 4 times back in April and it went really well. Was getting about $8 per trip, 2 Trips an hour, and after the price of gas I was still making about $11 per hour. So I took some time away to figure out my exit plan for my previous job, and started back on Uber Eats within the...
  5. M

    Quests/Boosts in NYC

    I've been off of the uber driver app for about 6 months and recently did one trip so i could get my quests/boosts back. However, I noticed that the payouts for the quests and boosts were a lot smaller than what I used to get offered is this the same for everyone? Would appreciate some...
  6. AmbiguousAnt


    Has anyone figured out what the different promotion icons mean? if you go to promotions, so some have a flag and some have an arrow in the circle to the right. Uber "support" doesn't have a clue.
  7. TrevorDrives

    Uber Eats dangles carrot (boost) then takes it away?

    Hi Uber People! I have been lurking awhile, wanted to ask you guys about this. The short backstory is I've done about 700 UE deliveries in 10 months, most in the Portland market before moving to the Tacoma area in December. In Portland, boosts were relatively consistently available, though...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    UberEATS boost no longer applies to all of Canberra

    Since Monday of this week, the UberEATS boost of either 1.2X or 1.3X has applied only to deliveries from the city centre, Braddon or Belconnen. Until then, it applied to the whole of Canberra. So check carefully whether am offered UberEATS delivery has a boost payable or not when working out...
  9. C

    (DFW-Eats) Comparing Boost/Quest

    So I've been driving for Eats only since about September (2018). Through December, I was getting pretty good Boosts and Quests, but now it's horrible. I've heard that maybe new drivers get better stuff, so I'm curious if January is just a dead time and it will pick back up again, or if I...
  10. StephFinny9923

    Boost Decrease and the same in all cities in my region

    Okay so I started Uber Eats in mid November. The boosts rates in my region were different in different cities. I stay in Durham, NC which is part of research triangle park (a lot of businesses and travelers). The boosts were between like 1.8- 3.0 consistently. The boosts were also more frequent...
  11. C

    No More Boost in Baltimore?

    I got an email Saturday saying there is no more boost in Baltimore, instead they are going to do some sort of added quest layered on top of everything for rides in Baltimore. "Starting this week, you’ll see changes to your promotions. You may be able to earn extra on each trip that begins in...
  12. Androidcoder

    Evening UberEats boost dropped to 1.1x like rest of day

    Don't know if Eats couriers follow this thread as there is a dedicated thread for UberEats, but as this is Minneapolis specific I'll throw this in. This week they dropped evening boost to 1.1x here, matching the lunch 1.1x drop they did a few weeks ago, and including us with other cities across...
  13. Pax Collector

    Free food at the airport queue today.

  14. EatsNoob

    Class Action Lawsuit Against UberEats

    Today, I meet this guy driving UberEats and we start chatting. After a few minutes, he mentions that the current boost is 1.4x and my suspicions were verified at that moment because my boost was a whopping 1.9x !!! Uber pays different boosts to every driver depending on some algorithm in their...
  15. Androidcoder

    Boosts adjusted for past performance? Lunch boost reduced after $60 take.

    Lately my boosts have been getting changed significantly each week. Has anyone experienced boost adjustments based on past performance? In Minneapolis we have always gotten more for lunch than other times of the day before the evening boost, like 1.4x-1.5x (11:00am-2:00pm) vs 1.0x-1.2x (rest of...
  16. E

    Boost/Quest Poll and Screenshot

    Is this normal for San Diego, CA?
  17. Statiq

    Boost at Jay Z & Beyoncé Concert

    So it looks like the boost was only for X & Pool rides at the Concert last night. What is Uber signaling?? First no early Surge for select and now no Boost. Not liking this at all!
  18. MullOfKintyre

    Charlotte boost schedule is weird this week - permanent change?

    I've been driving Uber Eats for the past several months, and all the weeks have had fairly consistent boost schedules/areas. This week, I open the promotions calendar to find not only is not a Quest, but the boosts are very erratic, with changes every 2 hours and large variation between days...
  19. MSPDriver

    A strange boost promotion...

    I don’t think there will be much competition for this one
  20. D

    Anyone else hate the new surge?

    I despise the new surge, grabbed a 33 mile airport trip and the customer told me they were on a surge and I received a measly $2 extra. Also there was no surge during rush hour the past two days since the new surge was installed and yet I’ve had numerous riders say the surge is normal for them...