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  1. I

    How many accidents and tickets have on your dmv license?

    I was just wondering how many accidents and tickets have you gotten so far while driving?
  2. Arvin skri

    LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!!until it is clear

    Felt bad for this guy early Morning today. Another fallen door.😶😶
  3. beebob

    Uber and Lyft continue rapid growth in NYC despite regulations

    https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-uber-lyft-regulations-growth-surcharge-wage-20190417-upavrybbfvcdrbskyhkq5arvru-story.html They’re suing New York over what they say are unfair regulations, but car-hailing giants Uber and Lyft are notching record levels of robust ridership across the...
  4. ItzMysh

    #CyclistAccountable thread

    So the other day an ignorant, arrogant, self righteous dude came here bragging about an app he created to report drivers who block bike lanes. Although this is taking it too far I agree we shouldnt block lanes, it is the law. But I also feel that most cyclists are arrogant as well. why not start...
  5. D

    Everyone must be having a great day with this beautiful weather

    Summer is here, how is everyone enjoying such a beautiful days, Summer surely came early
  6. D

    When can we expect the result of Uber Lawsuit against the City for the Cap limit till August?

    Can the Court decision come within weeks or is it many months away?
  7. D

    Is there any advantage of applying for TLC LIcense earlier?

    I plan to buy a new Car and drive for Uber once the NYC Cap is lifted in August, Is it better to apply for TLC License right now or should I just wait till June or July to apply, Only disadvantage of getting TLC License earlier that I can think of is that License will expire earlier. but what...
  8. D

    If You get deactivated from UberEat then can You still drive for Uber to deliver passanger?

    I am so far clean but I am curious, If Uber deactivates your Ubereat account to prevent You from doing any food deliveries then can You still drive Uber to give ride to passagers.
  9. J

    Compliance Stickers for Video Taping

    I just ordered a Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam and I have been told to comply in NYC I need to put up stickers on my passenger windows warning riders that they are being taped. Where can I buy these stickers in NYC or online ?
  10. D

    Article from Reason.com

    New York City's Minimum Wage Law for Rideshare Drivers Might Actually Be Reducing Drivers' Pay New court documents suggest that the city's rideshare regulations have backfired in a big way Christian BritschgiMar. 14, 2019 1:25 pm MIKE SEGAR/REUTERS/NewscomNew York City's new minimum pay rules...
  11. D

    UberEat in Queens NY?

    where is the busiest place in Queens, NY for UberEat delivery? I would really appreciate any tips that You can give me from Your experience?
  12. D

    Is consensual physical activity legal in NYC?

    I understand that consensual sex is legal in NYC but I want to know if consensual physical fight is legal, Basically if Two adult agree to have a physical fight without putting other people life at risk. Shouldn't that be legal?
  13. D

    Uber Greenlight Hub appointment?

    Do I have to make an appointment to go to Uber Greenlight hub?
  14. M

    Not receiving pings on both Uber and Lyft.

    So I have been doing great on Uber for last few months. Getting requests at the same frequency most of the drivers do. Every once and a while I’d open the Lyft app and I’d get a request almost instantaneously. Today, all of the sudden, I stopped getting requests on both apps (x, xl, black, suv)...
  15. V

    Average uber trips

    Can u please share ur average uber trips excluding pool and suv. Please I m literally getting average trip of 8 dollar since last August.
  16. D

    Lycamobile phone plan

    I have 4 options to choose from below, https://www.lycamobile.us/en/checkout/ Is 1 GB good enough for a part time Uber Driver? $5 - 500 MB National Data $10 - 1 GB National Data $19 - 1 GB National Data plus unlimited talk and text $23 - 2 GB National Data plus unlimited talk and text
  17. D

    Driving License is useless in NYC but Uber changed that

    Is having Driving License in NYC really worth it when You can easily travel around subway very cheaply without having to worry about parking headache, insurance, traffic?
  18. M

    Is it possible to work with multiple bases?

    I want to work with more than one base but the problem is that I’ve heard that companies often require you to transfer your car’s base to theirs. Is there any way to go around this requirement? I work in NYC. 1550341022
  19. D

    time to become a millionare in 6 months

    open all the apps (Uber, Lyft, Via) and stay as far away from ping zone then make killer money with guaranteed minimum wage from all these app companies. Just netflix and chill in Your car
  20. D

    Minimum Requirement in NYC

    Hi, I am 24 Years old and I got My driving License 6 months ago, Since then I have been driving all over the NYC almost everyday. Gained lot of experience all five Borough, I have a clean driving record and no criminal background. But My question is what are the minimum driver requirement...