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  1. UberPapito

    Who’s going to LOCKOUT on Monday❓Worth It❓

    I might head out to grab flicks and interviews.
  2. A

    Should I fight this ticket? NYC / TLC driver.

    The other day I left my car on W 14th St between 9th ave and 10th ave and got towed and a Ticket for parking on a commercial spot( red area see image). I was extra confident because I have parked before on the blue area(see the image), but on this time It was any space available on there. So I...
  3. Daniello

    how will Medallion bailout will affect this ride share industry

    I sympathize with those private medallion owner who are in massive debt and i herad that they are eager for a bailout but currently Taxi Kingpin with large fleets who has lot of influence on deblasio doesn't want it happen as it could result in those private medallion owner shifting to FHV and...
  4. Daniello

    Uber Hypocrisy exposed with their lawsuit against TLC

    Why Uber and Lyft sued TLC over Plate Cap when Uber itself doesn't even accept new driver in the first place. isn't this ironic, If Uber and lyft doesn't accept new driver then why in the world do they go onto file a lawsuit agaisnt the city. Uber has 10000% stricker rule then NYC TLC since...
  5. Daniello

    February new crusing Cap rule in manhattan

    Just month away
  6. W

    I want to become Yellow Cab driver, Please help me

    I got My TLC License, now what should be My next step, Should I first start with Green SHL to gain some experience then go on to Yellow since Yellow seems more complicated How to use the Taxi meter, I have personally never rode in any taxi and always took subway to commute around city so I am...
  7. Daniello

    Will Large TLC Rental Fleet go bankrupt?

    Uber and Lyft has completely stopped accepting new driver since April,, Those who rent can't go online at anytime like they used to and has to reserve time schedule. I think Large rental Fleet owners will face massive financial trouble as their Car just parked collecting dust.
  8. ULJ2017

    Lyft update

  9. Mista T

    Juno is DEAD !!!

    Years ago I applied to Juno, hoping that when they finally expanded (in the US) outside of NYC that I would have a 3rd company to drive for. They have kept me in their email blast all these years. But today, they announced that the company is shutting down! Were they killed from the new NYC...
  10. ULJ2017

    Uber & lyft lose lawsuit for cap on cars

    https://nypost.com/2019/11/01/judge-throws-out-ubers-suit-against-citys-for-hire-vehicle-cap/amp/ On one hand uber and lyft argue due to TLC rules they have no choice but to lock out drivers. While they still were suing TLC for cap on cars. Which means they don’t want city to stop issuing new...
  11. A

    Points for TLC

    Whats up everybody. So I need some advice and would appreciate it if anybody could help. I just lost a case for making an illegal turn off of 42nd street to Madison ave around late afternoon 4/4/18. My luck bastard was waiting right their for me. I postponed it until yesterday and of course the...
  12. Daniello

    TLC the Fraud Agency exposed

    I realized that TLC putting Cap on new plate was never meant to help FHV drivers like us, They are using us a pawn to hide their real agenda which is to serve Yellow Goons interest who has Bill De Blasio in their pocket. Current TLC policy which is Ban new TLC Plate but Keep on issuing...
  13. Daniello

    having hard time with Your electric Car? Consider suing TLC

    https://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/22/nyregion/electric-taxi-experiment-to-begin-in-new-york.html This experiment proved unreliability of the fully electric car to use for ride sharing business yet TLC ignorantly forces people like You with electric car when technology has still yet to mature...
  14. Daniello

    100,000 Drivers March infront of TLC office on September 30th 10:00AM

    Corrupt TLC organization is misusing their power to leech of hardworking drivers by using Ticketing system as a pawn to fund their corrupt organization, increasing ticket fine as a intimidation tools to poor driver so that they don't have to meet in court. This is an outright mafia style of...
  15. W

    I need advice from experienced Yellow and Green Cab driver

    I am very new to Green Boro Taxi business and I was looking to see if I could afford one, I came across this post online ""Green Cab for sale with permit, Verifone metered,with plates. Toyota Camry 2012 SE, Leather seats,sun roof, Brand new tires (4) Just passed Inspection, with camera, Nice...
  16. Daniello

    TLC Plate for Sale

    tlcrentalmarketplace.com/tlc/nyc-plate-for-sale-under-llc-great-credit-history-no-debt/ Thanks to the TLC we now have Medallion 2.0 of FHV version, If things doesn't go will then i am pretty sure NYC council will bail You out in the future
  17. Daniello

    No more new TLC License

    Why is TLC allowing unlimited number of people apply for TLC License at the same time complaining about Congestion, Since the Cap was put in place Last August more than 10,000 new TLC License was issued and all these growing number of driver starting to get frustrated cauz they stuck in the...
  18. MoneyMitch

    Oh Dear...Dollar Surge Coming?

    So, I just did a drop in NYC and I notice this on my Uber app... Could be a foreshadowing of what’s to come.
  19. M

    Quests/Boosts in NYC

    I've been off of the uber driver app for about 6 months and recently did one trip so i could get my quests/boosts back. However, I noticed that the payouts for the quests and boosts were a lot smaller than what I used to get offered is this the same for everyone? Would appreciate some...
  20. N

    Need help. hit and run!!! READ, PLEASE

    Ehy guys, I have heard that a lot of my taxi drivers use this community. That’s why I came here... last night around 11:30 am I was in the van whick express way south taking the Atlantic avenue exit .. so when I was introducing to the traffic somebody hit my car and run away . I use the Nexar...