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new driver

  1. Melbourne Bro

    Where to buy Uber accessories - sticker, GPS holder, interior camera, AUX cord, portable charger, etc.?

    So I'm just starting out as an Uber driver and I want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible. Things I'll need are: 1) Uber sticker - the one that goes on the front windscreen that everyone in Melbourne seems to have. 2) GPS holder - I want my phone to be attached to the dashboard so that I...
  2. Melbourne Bro

    Which companies can be trusted? Renting a car, cleaning vomit, getting insurance, etc.?

    So I'm currently signing up to become an Uber Driver in Melbourne (yay!) and I'd like to be well prepared before my first trip. I don't yet own a car and I'm still waiting for my driver accreditation to become approved. A few things I want to know: 1) Which car should I rent and from what...
  3. E

    New to this industry

    I am brand new to for Uber. I have yet to take a ride. Uber have completed the background check and seemed to have approved me for picking up passengers. Is there anything else I need to do. Does my car have to be inspected to drive in the Fort Myers area? I already downloaded the app and I was...
  4. ChopperG

    When you first started driving

    We all come from different backgrounds but one thing im finding since ive started ubering is that it doesnt actually feel like 'work'. Coming from jobs where theres start finish times clock on clock off etc. On the one site all day, everyday. This feels weird to me. Really weird. Not...
  5. Waqar

    FHV Driver useful stuff

    Taxi/fhv Relief stands https://www.dropbox.com/s/oamc431wbi8su7l/Taxi%20relief%20stand1.pdf?dl=0 Police precincts of NY https://www.dropbox.com/s/ldt4c6iu4hn8cfy/Police%20precients%20of%20ny.pdf?dl=0 Red light + speed cameras...
  6. K

    New Uber eats Drivers - Broward County

    New Uber eats driver in south florida (Not Miami), I'm mostly in the fort lauderdale plantation area. Any tips on areas to get more than 1 ride and hour?
  7. Rad-One

    St. Cloud

    I am new and haven't started yet. I was approved today. Because Im in St cloud I didn't need my car inspected and was also told that I couldn't do UBER in Minneapolis...? This was told me by the guy from INDIA (I assume) that I talked to on the phone from UBER... I would like to do it all...
  8. Determined Driver

    Hello Drivers

    Hello everyone! As a new rideshare driver in the Boston area, doing both Uber and Lyft, it would be great to learn from fellow drivers. I am a student currently on summer break looking to save money for school and raise capital to start a business. My plan is to take a year off and raise as...
  9. N

    Questions on Starting with Uber versus current job

    Hi from Toronto I am now sure if this question has been asked multiple times but I did not find any threads My cousin drives Uber in New York and makes great money (80k plus) I am not looking for similar money but less stress and flexibility even if I earn less. Can you please share what kind...
  10. N

    Planning to start driving with Uber

    Hi from Toronto Currently in a full time IT job making 65k I am done with sitting in a room and looking at computer screen or travelling to client locations. My dad is driving Uber in New York and makes more money than me in the same time. I am not looking for money but less stress and flexibity...
  11. N

    My First Night Rideshare Driving!

    Here's my first time experience as a rideshare driver in Boston! I live about 20 minutes north of Boston and went in for my first time last night with Lyft. I hope this helps some of you looking to start here but not knowing what to expect.. because I sure didn't! I broke down my trips to give...
  12. N

    Being a better driver

    Hey Uber drivers in LA/OC I was just curious what are some things you guys do to be better Uber drivers? I do the basic things like offer people water, gum, cigarettes (if they are of age) but is there anything else I could do? I get my car washed pretty regularly trying to keep it smelling...
  13. L

    Can I bring my dog with me when doing UberEats?

    Hi there, I'm considering becoming an UberEats driver for some extra cash. The thing is, I am a single mom to my dog (lol) and already leave her for 8 hours a day while I work. Am I allowed to bring her with me while doing UberEats? She would never come into contact with the food of course...
  14. N

    New Lyft Driver

    Got a couple simple questions as a new driver that hopefully some of you can answer.. couldn't find direct answers on Lyft's site unfortunately. 1. If in the middle of a ride, what do I do if a passenger suddenly gets up and leaves the car (i.e. some drunk guy gets out at a red light and walks...
  15. N

    8 Questions About Driving Lyft in the Boston Area

    Hi all, New Lyft driver here. I have a full-time job so for me this will be a side gig. Luckily I work from home a lot so I have a lot of downtime and am hoping to rack in some extra $$$. I live about 20mins north of Boston, MA so my primary area will be Boston and the surrounding suburbs. I do...
  16. Ericksol96

    Replace car every year?

    hi guys, I have been driving for 3 weeks now. I am making this full time. I’m 22 years old and trying to build a credit history so I can have great credit by the age of 24/25. Is it affordable to drive the same car for a few years in Uber? I got a Toyota Corolla S 2016 with 9,965 miles for...
  17. Pinklilly

    New Driver First Scary Encounter

    I've been driving 3.5 weeks and really need some feedback if I handled this properly and/or what I should have done. The app Said Still Preparing the food - 3 mins so I decided to wait in my car. The entire shopping complex was empty with only the restaurant in the middle of the parking lot...
  18. A

    New Driver

    Hey all, ive been reading through the forums as ive been working through the process to sign up and drive with uber, and want to both introduce myself and thank all the regular contributors for the information they provide on the forum. I decided to start ridesharing on the 3rd, and just...
  19. abramble300

    New Driver

    So I'm thinking about getting started driving for UBER/Lyft. I'm located in South Jersey right across the river from Philadelphia International Airport. Some questions I had were: 1. If I work 40-50 hours a week typically speaking how much should I expect to make? 2. If a rider wants to go to...
  20. buythecow

    understanding NYC TLC insurance for ride share drivers

    In NYC specifically, which commercial carriers or brokers offer the best help for choosing the right coverage?