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  1. S

    Dash cams

    How many of you have them? How many have relied on them as proof? Am I required to post a sign in my car if I have one? (Houston) Recommendations on which one to get?


    Let's expose the 🤡's and discuss what a driver can do to protect themselves in these situations besides giving a pax 1️⃣⭐ Rideshare companies don't have any programs for the victims nor do they stand with the victims of these situations. In the event the driver had no evidence of what...
  3. DerrickD

    Is dash cam a good birthday gift?

    My brother's birthday is in January. So I started thinking what gift should I buy him? He drives Uber from time to time and he mentioned before that the dash cam he's using now is not in a good shape. So I figured I can get him a new dash cam for his birthday. And it looks like I can get a good...
  4. Noexcuse19

    Would you buy triple camera dash cam?

    In the market now, there's mainly single camera dash cams and dual camera dash cams. If triple camera dash cam comes out, would you buyt it?
  5. DerrickD

    Considering getting a dashcam

    It seems there's more and more reckless drivers on the street these days. I'm thinking to get a dashcam for evidence of potential accidents. Do you own a dashcam on your car? What dashcam do you think gets the work done? Not too expensive I hope
  6. T

    TFL is so outdated

    WoW Boyz/Sisters just came back from TFL inspection , and guess my inspection failed .....why ? cuz I have latest model dash camera fitted in my car a Blackvue DR900s. Was told that the camera is not on the TLF approved dash camera list. But some of the links I found on the TFL's pdf approved...
  7. S

    Vantrue n2 pro on sale today $136

    Kinja deals has vantrue pro n2 for $135.99 with code VHABOZPL Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam | $136 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0742J69SQ/?tag=ubne0c-20 If I hadn't already wasted my money on the roav duocam I'd have bought this instead at this price. You can thank me later, I accept tips...
  8. Pax Collector

    Uber driver attacked

    Well, the title says it all. (Credit to Dustin Is Driving)
  9. Jordan V

    Dear drivers @ SFO Lot

    1) I'm tired of waiting in the heat, with my fan blowing in all the stinky piss deliberately spilled on the parking spaces. GAG! To those doing this: WHY?! Seriously. If you can't be bothered to use a portapotty, drop your F'in piss bottle in the trash! There is a bin within 10 steps of you...
  10. J

    Compliance Stickers for Video Taping

    I just ordered a Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam and I have been told to comply in NYC I need to put up stickers on my passenger windows warning riders that they are being taped. Where can I buy these stickers in NYC or online ?
  11. inshurWhiz

    Save up to $450 on your TLC insurance renewal

    We are pleased to announce a new partnership with dash cam market leaders, Nexar. Professional drivers get a tough time when it comes to accidents, where fault gets put on them, often unfairly. A Nexar dash cam solves these worries and now saves you money. We are inviting drivers to save up to...
  12. JL Moore

    Free Dash Cams at Uber Greenlight in NYC?

    I was given a flyer on Thursday at the Uber Greenlight Location in NYC for a free dash cam. Has anyone heard of this before? 2 guys that said they were the founders of a company came up to me about it while I was leaving. Apparently, it's a free 2-year rental and they do something with the data...
  13. M

    Entitled Cyclist Hogs the Road

    This guy actually claimed to be a cop and would "write me up right now." Until I pointed to the dashcam.
  14. Grubhub513

    Save Hundreds by Turning your Phone into a Dashcam

    Let's face it, there are people out there who shouldn't be driving. Those people are going to be the same ones who cause an accident, blame you, and end up making you pay half or more. There are many great video streaming platforms which have channels dedicated to automotive dash cam incidents...
  15. Willjohnsdrive


    Do you guys have signage posted in the car for like no smoking, recording in progress, ect? If so, I'd love to see them. I am still new, not quite 150 rides yet...….
  16. S

    Cobra Dual Dash Cam on sale at Costco Nov. 16-26

    I know it doesn't have the best reviews, but I figured someone might be looking for a cheap one. This Cobra camera package w/ 32gb memory card included(amazon doesn't include the 32gb memory card) will be $60 on sale so marked down to $129.99 @ Costco and online Nov.16-26 Not sure what the...
  17. suszie carmichael

    Looking for a Dash Cam

    Hello I just signed up to be an uber driver and I would like to know if there are any dash cams that record the road as well as the inside of my car or should i just buy two separate cameras. Seems like overkill to have two cameras.
  18. onelanka

    Uber driver and the secret viral livestream.

  19. Raven Connected

    Raven: An all-in-one connected car dashcam, perfect for Uber drivers

    Hi drivers, When it comes to driving, we know that safety is top of mind, so we feel that Raven is a connected dashcam and security system perfectly suited to rideshare drivers like you. The Raven device-app lets your loved ones track your journeys and the conditions you face both inside and...