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  1. S

    Do Lyft Personal Power Zones work with destination filter?

    I turned on a destination filter while in a personal power zone, and immediately the demand heat maps and power zone disappeared. I didn't end up getting a ride so I don't know whether I would've gotten the bonus or not. I called support who claimed that I'd still get personal power zone bonus...
  2. Pax Collector

    Uber let me have it my way.....

    I don't usually chase CTBs unless there's a decent amount. Yesterday afternoon, as I was finishing up driving and heading home the CTB was $17 and I decided to give it a go. Picked up my first rider from Palo Alto Sheraton and took them to downtown. After hanging out there for about 15 minutes...
  3. S

    Did anyone get Valentines day bonus on Lyft?

    So I have only gotten one personal bonus(during art basel) offered to me since lyft stopped offering power driver bonus. (and 2 streak offers) and no other bonuses. Yesterday I was on the phone with a nice/actually seemed knowledgeable customer service representative and he said O there have...
  4. RickGnVa

    No more prime time on Gryft???

    So DC has the shaded areas that used to mean prime time but there’s apparently no more bonus in there. I know there’s the bonus zones where it builds but what’s the deal with the shaded areas now?
  5. Charlie Chaplin

    Los Angeles Bonus - Orange County and others don't count, cancel rides!

    You want to be a good driver. You don't cancel rides. You are nice to customers and your ratings are great. Why does Uber make it so hard on you? You drive 10 to 12 hours a day to get the bonus at the end of the weekend or the week. Oops! You got a ride out of Los Angeles county! Your rides do...
  6. Kurt Halfyard

    Behold! The $1 Bonus

    Amusing bit of proactive administration on LYFT's part. TL;DR **ADVANCED WARNING** There is no plot twist or drama in the story below. After getting on top of a head-cold I was fighting, I turned the app on at about 10pm last night. I got about 1 minute away after being about 1 hour online...
  7. Kizzy4464

    Consecutive Trip B.S.

    How many times one the 3rd Trip in the consecutive Trip bonus has this happened? “Something Went Wrong” unknown error. (See pic) Happened to me 4 times now. Really frustrating how Uber likes to steal the little incentives through these BS errors! Wow....
  8. UberBul

    Lyft Power Driver Bonus

    Lyft just cut off my Power Driver bonus recently. Has anyone else had this issue?
  9. uberwiz

    New Promos suck!!

    I drive full time for both companies, however I started driving for Lyft before Uber. One thing I’ve noticed after a few weeks is that the promos change from week to week, in fact they seem to get worse ( 3 rides streak promo). Can someone tell me how the promos work? Do they base them off...
  10. D

    San Francisco - What are your weekly goals/"pdb" bonuses?

    Hi all, I'm returning to the grind of driving: What are your current weekly "goals/bonuses" right now? I'm interested in driving only for Lyft this time around. Thanks
  11. Michael Ferguson

    Lyft's New Yellow Heat Maps

    What do you think of the new yellow heat maps? They look alot like the old prime time ones, but without the multiplier bonus. Are they charging a large fare for rides originating in these areas? I haven't seen any personal power zones yet. Also has anyone heard of the end of the power driver...
  12. Phasmatrope

    Uber withholding/hiding their bonuses??

    So question/clarification, as I drive for both L & U (PT, if I can help it). I used to just drive Sundays, and noticed Ubs would usually-- on the older versions of their apps-- advertise as you were driving, 22/60, 22/90, etc... basically, saying how many rides you'd have to complete to earn a...
  13. D

    A year ago, huge surges. Today...

    A year ago, the Broncos and the Rockies we're playing at the same time. It was surging. I even snagged a 4.2x surge to a dispensary and the passenger had me wait until he got out 20 minutes later. Hey no problem, I getting $25 an hour to wait! This year, a bonus of $2 or less per ride to get...
  14. P

    OC Boost & Quest

    Can someone please share some information and/or screen shots of Boost & Quest offers they received for OC? I live in OC, but signed up under LA. I qualify for boost and quest for LA county, but curious to see if it makes sense to switch to OC to get bonus for OC. Thank you so much for your...
  15. Bad Breath

    Oh, Lyft

    Grow up for f sake.
  16. notmyfavoritething

    And now...$125 for signing up and doing one DoorDash delivery

    This is like the third big signup bonus I've seen on Swagbucks that I'm not able to collect because I already signed up. So new people can get $125 for doing one delivery, and never do anything like that ever again, but they won't even pay me a few dollars to go to a delivery they sent me on...
  17. U

    Lyft Promo: been awhile (725 for 75)

    Got this promo, it's been awhile... 75 rides for $725 guarantee this week. Any thoughts if it's decent? No LAX permit .... Also says no minimum acceptance rate needed. Do notice it says tips and other bonuses not included which I'd qualify for power driver for $50 (40/peak 60 total) as well...
  18. Mcnamara

    What happened to the morning promo?

    Good day guys, I noticed yesterday the "6 trip" promotion is not in Atlanta anymore, at least not this week. Im kinda new to this, will it come back? Those 20 dlls were SO good for the traffic.
  19. R

    Waitlisted on Uber the past month

    I’m relatively new to this forum but not to rideshare. I’ve done over 19,000 rides combined between Uber and Lyft the last 3+ years in the SF Bay Area. Fast forward to the issue at hand. I was driving on the Uber app on April 10th. I shut off the app and pulled into a gas station so I could...
  20. U

    Lyft Streak Bonus is a Fraud

    They will reassign a trip if you are stuck in traffic on your second or third trip which will void the streak.