1. seyyedh44

    Bolt (taxify) in Sydney hasn't paid me after three weeks of earnings

    Hey guys I started three weeks ago driving for Bolt in Sydney and haven't been paid yet I followed up with them and for the past week they were saying we have paid you it is going to be in your account soon. Then they said talk to your bank maybe they are holding it back. I called my bank and...
  2. S

    Lost Phone. Caringbah, NSW

    Hi all, I lost my phone in an Uber yesterday morning 08:45 (Sunday 26th January) from Caringbah station in Sydney, NSW. Driver was in a Toyota Camry. I've tried contacting the driver (via the Uber help pages) and it goes to voicemail. So this is my last hope. Anyone know drivers around there?
  3. Waingro

    Uber Pool Hack disclosed to me from a PAX - Uber Pool Fare Price Lowers

    Hi Ants, An Uber pool pax showed me an interesting hack in that if you use a major drop off as the destination like Sydney Town Hall or Central Station in the suggested destinations instead of entering a street address like 281 Clarence Street or pointing the pin to anything other than a major...
  4. Sarapidity

    Traveling to sydney

    Hi all, I'm from newcastle and visiting Sydney for a few days so I decided to drive here so I could work a fair bit. I started off my day at Blacktown and I only got 3 trips in 4hrs. pls I need advice on busy pick up areas.
  5. WestSydGuy

    News: Men fined $674 and get double demerits on Easter long weekend Men fined $674 and get double demerits on Easter long weekend 'I am sick', said the passenger when the police found him lying in the...
  6. Jarrod W

    Sydney airport drop off

    Guys sorry only new to uber and based in the blue mountains. Is the drop off and pick up points the same area for the airport (prioity pick up)? i understand international and domestic are different but what about the zones? I cant seem to find information Thanks guys n gals
  7. DA08

    Saw this today... Lol

    Saw this today and I thought of all the ants out there... Heheh lol
  8. S

    Assist with sedan car?

    I got Hundai Elantra, I am sure it’s not convient for Assist trip? Why Uber sending request for?
  9. Jack Malarkey

    Sydney Uber driver found guilty over passenger death

    From Sydney, Australia: Extract: Sydney Uber driver found guilty over passenger death An Uber driver whose passenger died when he got out of the car and was hit by a bus in Sydney's CBD has been found guilty...
  10. W

    ATO vs Rest of the Government Departments

    ATO wants our income as Taxi But none of the other Government Departments want to provide the same benefits as Taxis, why? If we are paying Tax as Taxi then we should get all the same benefits as Taxi, Comments?? We get fines if we stop in no stopping areas Taxis can stop on the main road and...
  11. WestSydGuy

    New passenger test

    This test would be a very similar experience to my first few weekends in Sydney. I've had a guy hop in, then ask if he can finish eating his sausage roll, girls taking stories videos, including out of the sun roof on the harbour bridge. No dogs or animals as yet. I'm thinking of wearing...
  12. UBERonNoff

    Uber select.

    Hi all. I drive late nights Uber x and Uber select. The last couple of days when i get a uber x job some Pax have been saying they are lucky and got upgraded to a Uber select for the same price as a Uber x. I didn’t think anything of it but when 3 different pax said the same thing I thought it...
  13. Yasseralk

    Ola app NOT working

    Hi, I’m just wondering if the OLA driver app not working today, I’ve been driving in city since morning and not even one request, What happen to ola !!!
  14. S

    Ramdan effect

    As we know fasting months for muslims already started. Happy Ramdan to muslim drivers. There are lots of bangladeshis and Pakistanis uber drivers and taxi drivers in sydney. I am sure lots of them not gonna work full time or specific times. Is there going to more surge in this period?
  15. S

    First time Monday morning

    I always do Weekend and Thursday/Friday Evening. So never did weekday morning. Today was my day off. dropped friend at airport at 3:00 am, then turn on uber/ola. Was really good did until 2:00pm Average 35.00 per hour. 60% ola and 40% uber.
  16. S

    Uber Rider fee (Deducation)

    What is this fees ? Is any new Cut,? For $11 Total fare cut is 1.4 For 91.83 cut in 3.6 for 41.50 cut is 3.15 So its not same Amount or percentage all the time. Any idea? fields
  17. S

    GST on Toll?

    Do we need to pay GST on Toll? As example: Customer paid AUD50 for OLA trip including $10 Toll. So do i need to pay GST on $50 or $40?
  18. U

    Only if you earn >$130 per day

    Hi peeps, Everyday, I start driving around 4pm to 11pm and sometimes to 12am. Taking into account times spent on dinner and toilets, I’m struggling to make more than $130 most of the days. was thinking here some drivers may give me some hints by just telling me what their driving hours are...
  19. S

    Ola or Uber?

    Who is better? For similiar trip Ola paid me more than 25% compare to uber. What's yr experience!!!!
  20. Mista T

    Pool launch date April 3rd

    Good luck, ppl! In the states, Pool pays slightly less than regular X rides.