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  1. Attockpak1

    New uber feature

    Rate and tip yourself https://news.google.com/articles/CBMiQWh0dHBzOi8vd3d3LmZveG5ld3MuY29tL3VzL3ViZXItYmFucy1kcml2ZXItYWZ0ZXItdGlwLXJlcG9ydC1zYXlz0gFFaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZm94bmV3cy5jb20vdXMvdWJlci1iYW5zLWRyaXZlci1hZnRlci10aXAtcmVwb3J0LXNheXMuYW1w?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
  2. ZenUber

    Difficult Pax turns into great ride.

    Get a ride request, and the pax calls. I decline the call, as I always do. Then he sends me a text. He asks me to back into the driveway because he is on crutches. At first I pull into the wrong driveway. I waited, and nobody came out. I checked the mail box again, and it looks like the numbers...
  3. Mikeoftulsa

    I'll tip you in the app

    So today on my lunch break, I took a guy from a location around the corner of my office to his hotel about 5 miles away. Pretty good trip, good conversation, etc... Got to the hotel, and he said he'd tip in the app. And he did.
  4. Ylinks

    How I Survived Driving Part-Time in the Suburbs

    All I wanted to do was make $200 a week driving 10 to 12 hours for Uber. I thought it would be easy but it led me on a 1,500 trip odyssey. A little less than 3 years ago my wife and I retired. We sold our house and moved into a condo near by. The leases on our cars ended and we leased a Honda...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    My experience of leaving an in-app tip

    Yesterday, as an Uber rider, I left an in-app tip for my driver (in addition to a cash tip) so that I could see what happened from a rider’s perspective. In my case, the option to tip was mentioned on a new screen only after I had rated the driver. So if I hadn’t rated the driver, I would not...
  6. DollarFree

    A touch of arrogance

    Quote from today’s sfgate story about a fresh bread vending machine kinda sums up the entitled white collar Millenial attitude towards the server classes... “... Cafe X, the robot barista with three San Francisco locations, makes a pretty decent cup of coffee — and doesn't expect a tip.”
  7. Drive2bFree

    Sweet tip

    UberX job JFK to City for gas money before base calls me. She handed it over as if it were cash. Made me chuckle, but not bad tasting. I don't usually like caramel.
  8. Pax Collector

    Tip of the day

  9. F

    Sexual harrasment

    This was a few months but I decided to share it anyway. Summer night, I get a ping around midnight, 6th avenue in midtown manhattan. I was on the wrong side of the avenue, the guy crossed over with suitcase and I got out and put the suitcase in the trunk, he hopped in, I appologized for being...
  10. FuberPromo17

    How often do you (“valued partners”) get tips from your riders?

    I analyzed my Lyft and Uber apps and here’s what I found.
  11. D

    Couple Unable to Tip Me $20 in Uber App

    I had a couple last night that wanted to Tip Me $20 for a $8 ride. The most they could tip was $ 17.82 custom tip. Anything over that and the set button greyed out and reminded them how much the ride was. Is Uber limiting the amount you can be tipped based on the price of the ride? My next step...
  12. u_no_me

    NYTimes: Should You Tip Your Uber Driver? If So, How Much?

  13. I

    No Tip = 4 star?

    I've been driving for 5 days now and I've received 3 tips. 2 in app, 1 cash. So far I have given all riders 5 stars. They are been nice, some have talked to me the whole ride, some keep to themselves. Some rides I honestly don't feel a need for a tip, but there 2 rides last night that got me...
  14. LA Husky

    Tips on Select/Lux

    So I was taken to Newport Beach last night and got a Lux 45+ ping from a 5.o pax. Picked up a well dressed gentleman and asked him where he was heading. "Bel Air. Does that work for ya?" I reply "let's do it" and we're on our way. As soon as he gets in the car he wants the radio off so he can...
  15. KleverK

    Riders take a water but leave no tip!

    I have made small waters available for passengers since I started nearly 9 months ago. I have received fewer than a dozen tips and never from a passenger who took a water. Am I a fool to think offering more than bare minimum should earn me a tip? Should I stop being generous or label my waters...
  16. Uberingen

    You can’t beat this tip amount, in your face!!

    Don’t think that it was accidental either :)
  17. D

    I just rated Uber one star for you...

    pax this morning waved me back after the ride ended. “I can’t believe how much Uber keeps and you are doing all the work. I just rated them one star. How do I tip you in the app?”
  18. C

    UberEats Bike Advice

    Something I've learned delivering Uber Eats on the bike: 1. Get a stack of those cardboard 4 slot drink holders. One or two of them at the bottom of your bag keeps the bottom of the bag stiff and the food sitting level. Additionally you can take some more and use it to pad the bag around the...
  19. DollarFree

    “I’ll tip in the app”, he said.

    A true unicorn.
  20. Gary Staley

    Even More BS - Tips

    Well, I am a relative noob, I have about 250 rides under my belt. I have noticed a steep drop off in tips. Then I had one customer tell me, and another send it in weekly feedback, "I'd like to tip you, but the app won't let me" As I seem to still get some tips, so this might be intermittent...