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  1. Chinacatsunflower

    Hyre car?

    Anyone have any experience with HyreCar?
  2. Chinacatsunflower


    Anyone have any experience with HyreCar?
  3. Chinacatsunflower

    Hyre car?

    Hyre car experience?
  4. calipool222

    accident possibly at fault what do I say and not say

    arrg what do I do? I have not spoken to the insurance yet James Rivers in fear of saying the wrong thing, its been 2 weeks. I was driving on the hertz uber rental program. I was on my way to pick up passenger but he was on the other side of the street, lady slammed into me. I have a police...
  5. Newsrunner

    Renting through Hertz question

    Hi all, new here and first ever post. I was searching through the SF Forum regarding Hertz rentals and only have found messages that seem pretty dated. My car went out of commission and need to use a car to raise funds to have the transmission replaced. Pluses and minuses? Looking at the...
  6. calipool222

    Hertz rental accident insurance

    Is ther a good thread or site for advice on how to protect myself from liability and fees. I was recently in an accident with hertz uber rental car in Los Angelles. Need help before I speak to rental insurance on how to handle. Must protect from worse case scenario if it ends up being my fault...
  7. SmD71nG

    Uber Hertz rental issue

    So, I have once again been locked out of the app by the hertz rental team. I have been doing my weekly extensions and will require a renewal next week. I have been driving without any issue or notifications. Until last night. I got an email stating that my rental is "extremely past due and must...
  8. RideshareRentals

    Rideshare Car Rentals in Los Angeles

    Hey UberPeople! Are you looking to rent a vehicle for rideshare? We have a large fleet of fuel-efficient cars that qualify for multiple categories of uber and lyft, including UBER X, UBER XL, LYFT XL, UBER SELECT, LYFT LUX as well as all Food Delivery Services. Our rentals include: Unlimited...
  9. M

    Accident Backed into a pole Express Drive Lyft Hertz Rental

    I was going to pick up a passenger last night but before I got to them I was backing up and scraped the back, lower right portion of the bumper. The damage was minor, probably expensive though, car was very drivable and I just finished driving for the night. Problem is that the vehicle is an...
  10. tub67696

    Anyone have their car on Getaround?

    Not driving that much anymore and was thinking about putting my vehicle on Getaround? Heard Turo is terrible but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Getaround? Thanks!
  11. Marco Solo

    Renting through Hertz?

    If I rent an Uber-approved car through Hertz, will I have to apply for a new TNC permit & sticker for it before I can start driving?
  12. E

    Rental car to drive Uber?

    Hi, i'm new member here. I'm looking for a rental car to drive Uber and Lyft. I don't want to buy car first. I would like to try renal car (if there is any) for a month and then i will buy my own car. Do you know does any rental in Jersey City provide car to drive Uber and Lyft or not? Please...
  13. WestSydGuy

    ATO: renting multiple cars

    ATO gurus please advise. I own a car and scooter, the car is used for some work trips and mostly private use, the scooter also. For Uber I rented a car for 4 weeks, then returned it. I intend on claiming the work trips, logged as per work events/calendar, on my private vehicle. I did keep a...
  14. Wooderson

    Rental Rewards

    Anyone else notice the highest reward went down to $150?
  15. rr5252

    should i go forward?

    i live in nyc and was thinking about getting my tlc license to drive for uber. i plan to only drive for a few months and to rent a vehicle. i also plan to drive for about 40-50 hours per week. is it worth it? i cant seem to find a solid rate and whether it would be worth it or not. i dont want...
  16. N

    Maven Gig, Never Cars Available?

    I'm looking to start driving Uber and Lyft. Right now I am leaning towards only doing Lyft with Express Drive / Hertz rental. The reason is that my personal car doesn't qualify (2-door coupe), and the Uber/Lyft rental with Hertz limits you to just that one service (i.e. if I rent with Hertz...
  17. UberKnights

    Hit By a Bus feb 7th

    Feb 7th I was stopped at a red light when a bus sideswiped me I had a pax with me in the car. I went to the reporting center and reported the accident and thought I would just get a rental car and still drive for Uber. I have been unable to get a rental unless I pay for the month up front and...
  18. G


    Just a few questions. I’ve researched the Hyrecar platform and although it is a bit buggy it does seem lucrative if utilized correctly. My main concern... is there any data showing the demand for cars to rent for ridesharing on Long Island? I have a few contacts that can get me hybrid vehicles...
  19. Danimal1027

    Buying cheap car to plate and rent..

    I’m looking to start purchasing cheap and possibly salvaged cars from the auction to rebuild and plate. Once DMV and TLC worthy, I’m planning on renting the vehicles out and am looking for guidance. Q - what is the oldest model year that will satisfy both TLC and Uber requirements? I...
  20. jennnin

    Delay in this week's payment?

    New driver, got rental incentive for first 2 weeks. Last week's direct deposit went into the checking on Tuesday, same day leasing co took the payment. This week, with the new system, payment still isn't in checking but leasing co took their payment on Tuesday. Anyone else experience this? Uber...