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  1. Sparkz786

    MiWhip anyone

    Anyone managed to actually get any jobs on this platform? They had a awful launch with so many app glitches and freezing, they wasn’t ready for London
  2. Sparkz786

    Creating Surge

    Hi everyone Been with uber for about 3 months now while studying to become an electrician (flexibility). I’ve noticed something especially on Friday and Saturday evenings, when in central Zone 1-3, its mostly surging, and when its not surging, I just park up and loads of pings come, but i just...
  3. W

    Anyone heard of Box'd

    Hi! I just saw a Facebook ad for getboxd.co.uk and was wondering if anyone has used them? You can make extra cash by selling products in your car
  4. E

    Looking to rent Toyota Prius for film

    Hi there! I hope everyone's well. New to the forum, this is my first post. My name is Ed – I'm a producer working on a short film at the moment. The film is due to be shot on the 11th and 12th February, in North London, from 3pm-midnight both nights. The film centres around an Uber driver's...
  5. L

    Car to share. Looking to rent.

    Hey, I am ready to pay up to £600 a month to share a car. 8-10 hours a day. So we can split working day. I am looking for an uber driver who has a car and wants to share it with me. I don't have a PCO license yet. Waiting for one. I am european 35 years old and my license are all clear.
  6. L

    Car share in London

    Hey, I am ready to pay up to £600 a month to share a car. 8-10 hours a day. So we can split working day. I am looking for an uber driver who has a car and wants to share it with me. I don't have a PCO license yet. Waiting for one. I am european 35 years old and my license are all clear.
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber adds a ‘clean air fee’ in London to help drivers upgrade to electric cars

    https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/1/14/18182216/uber-london-clean-air-fee-drivers-evs London residents who use Uber will have to pay an extra 15 pence (USD $0.19) per mile under the ride-hail company’s new Clean Air plan that was announced Monday. The surcharge will go toward helping...
  8. Berry mian

    After rate cut I just canceled .05 cents mile injury protection

    Wondering who else did the same ??
  9. BurgerTiime

    Uber rival gives passengers a supercar ride for every 100th request

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/uber-rival-promises-a-golden-supercar-surprise-for-app-customers-a4001606.html%3famp The London based company behind the service, called miwhip, promises to allocate one of its fleet of high performance “minicabs” for every 100th journey booked...
  10. thai-chi-master

    Mercedes E class Upgrade HELP! PLS

    So... Hello all 1st of all, I am planning of buying Mercedes Benz E class (2018 plate from official car dealer)... - Shall I buy brand new 2018 plate or second hand?so I don't have to pay 10k to own the car. Car would cost 41-47K -Shall I get petrol or hybrid engine? -Shall I get borrow...
  11. Working4peanuts

    London Uber drivers don't care about the pay

    At least according to Dara. GPS is apparently more important...
  12. soTuga

    Shared trips or Pool....the maths

    The operators found clever ways to rip off drivers on shared trips, here is how I think those trips should be charged: Also note: London's evening average speed is 11 mph. On normal X prices, one hour POB gives us a gross fare of £25.25 - 20% uber fee = £20.20 for the driver. On shared trips...
  13. Poppet

    Uber eating restaurants

    They just treat themselves! No exceptions! "Uber is said to take a significant cut of the menu price which some believe actually means each restaurant loses money for every order they supply." https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/29/uber-eats-will-be-available-24-7-in-london-7894071/
  14. UberLondonGuy

    PCO Licence Application completed

    Posted my PCO Application last Wednesday 15th August 2018. Visited the Uber Office Monday 20th to attend the Uber Ignition but I didn't need to be there as I already completed my PCO Application. Got a free A-Z and was offered lessons for the Topographical Test. "I got 19 years experience as...
  15. SecretSquirrel

    Once every couple of months??

    :eek::eek::rolleyes::rolleyes::D:D;);) https://londonist.com/london/features/the-londoners-getting-saucy-in-the-back-of-black-cabs
  16. T

    Becoming a PHV/Uber driver - the costs

    Hello all, I'm thinking about becoming an Uber driver (either by purchasing my own car or renting/leasing a Private Hire Vehicle) in London and am interested in finding out what the realistic costs of running a car will be. It would be helpful if any current or past drivers out there could...
  17. SecretSquirrel

    Black Cabs Tariffs going up!!!!

    They are saying::eek: The nighttime fare on rate three will be unchanged yet the stigma of the 40p will see us crucified in the media, with headlines in the Standard announcing "Greedy Cabbies Put Up Taxi Fares". Found this on their leaking site...
  18. J

    Doing Uber in Milton Keynes/ London

    Hi all, Im looking to get my PCO licence and ideally work in Milton Keynes on weekdays (working around my full time job) and work in London on the weekend. My question is 1) Is uber permitted to operated in Milton Keynes? 2) Do i need to apply for a PCO licence for Milton Keynes and London in...
  19. SecretSquirrel

    20 mph limit

    Are you furious? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5986927/Plans-cut-central-London-speed-limit-20mph-mocked-motorists.html https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-44935036
  20. BurgerTiime

    Uber being sued for $1.5 billion dollars by London taxi

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-uber-britain/london-taxi-drivers-plot-to-sue-uber-for-over-1-5-billion-sky-news-idUSKBN1KE1CC LONDON (Reuters) - London taxi drivers are drawing up a plan to sue mobile app Uber for over 1 billion pounds ($1.3 billion), Sky News reported on Tuesday citing...