1. Filipino858

    How Busy Has UBER/Lyft Been?

    Hi all! I been collecting unemployment because of the slowdown. I want to return to uber driving but I want to when the market gets busy again. So for drivers still out there driving , has it busy ? I’m getting UI PLUS that 600 a week but I want to start driving again by August. Hopefully it’s...
  2. ConcernedDriver

    Rookie's First Late Night

    800 trips, never rode the night shift, usually cut out around 9. Decide one night I'm feeling frisky. First ride after the clock strikes 9 is Pacers. Roll up to an intensely inebriated couple. Gets in and the woman immediately starts dropping N bombs, not wanting to waste time playing games...
  3. J

    Mobile App and API to make rides more secure

    I have a system and technology to make it easy for Drivers and Passengers to instantly and securely confirm a ride match. I will be releasing a stand-alone app which issues a PIN for the driver or passenger to Confirm upon Pick Up. This eliminates the chance for the wrong passenger to get in...
  4. UberEastCoast

    Radio or Music in UberX Booming in Back Speakers

    I am a frequent UberX pax. When I get into an UberX and I am stressed about work, I do not want to tell the driver to turn the music down. I do not want to seem bossy. Sometimes the driver seems easy to ask. Sometimes they seem like stone idols who do not want to be bothered. What really...
  5. harvcel

    Can I drive in another state after dropping passenger off?

    I live in Brunswick, GA. We often take passengers to Jacksonville Int'l. (In Florida) Airport about 45 minutes away. With Lyft I get multiple pings in Florida after I drop my passenger off. I'm assuming it's ok to accept rides in FL since they're coming my way. Looking for input. Thanks!
  6. U

    Uber’s request Algorithms

    I’ve been lurking reading through these forums and something happened to me more than a few times with Uber and receiving requests. There has been such slow days lately and I found something weird with the requests. I literally would be sitting for thirty minutes or more in a spot waiting for...
  7. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Passenger Cancellation and cancellation fees

    Would like to know under what conditions when a Customer requests an Uber and they decides to cancel, that the driver receives the $4.40 cancellation fee? Had 2 cancellations from pax, for both I accepted the request, one I received a cancellation fee, after the pax cancelled. For the 2nd I...
  8. Kurt Halfyard

    5 Features For The LYFT/UBER App That Would Enhance Both Driver & Passenger Experience

    First off, let us be clear that this is not about increasing Driver pay, or lowering Passenger cost. Uber and Lyft are not going to pay their Drivers more money. Both ride hail companies have been bleeding Venture Capital money by the billions, each and every quarter. They are constantly...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Is it okay for passengers to eat in your car? You would never whip out a hamburger in your friend's car without asking if it was okay, right? The same goes for Ubers and Lyfts. Your food stinks up the car for the rest of the day, affecting drivers' business and...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Passengers wanted Uber to accept Bitcoin, now it’s close to becoming worthless

    Full: Just one year has passed since bitcoin enthusiasts forecasted that the cryptocurrency would hit a price of $1 million. But that was then. With the price of bitcoin BTCUSD-3.97% having fallen almost 80%...
  11. BurgerTiime

    San Francisco air quality is so bad that Uber drivers are selling masks

    Full: California’s devastating wildfires are causing unhealthy air conditions for locals breathing in harmful fumes — and a good sales opportunity for some Uber drivers. In San Francisco, which currently has the...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Uber bans drivers from broadcasting recordings of riders

    I called this: A group of men piled into an Uber SUV late last month. They started complaining about work and their bosses. They...
  13. BurgerTiime

    Uber Driver Goes on Furious Rant W/ actress Tara Strong for being a democratic On Tuesday, actress Tara Strong posted a video of her Uber driver yelling furious and driving erratically after he found out that she and her friend were Democrats. In the video, the driver repeatedly tells the women...
  14. BurgerTiime

    Uber Driver Shot, May Have Been Robbed By Passengers LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — An Uber driver was shot several times overnight in unincorporated Willowbrook, and police are trying to determine if he was robbed by his passengers. The shooting in the...
  15. BurgerTiime

    Uber rolls out new VoIP feature for riders and drivers to communicate through the app On Thursday, Uber announced a new way for riders and drivers to communicate through the company’s app using voice over internet protocol, or VoIP. Much like Skype or FaceTime audio, Uber’s new VoIP feature uses an internet...
  16. The Angels

    Uber drivers lying or giving incorrect information to passengers...?

    My dad was recently on vacation and took Uber to and from the airport. He told me the following in regards to what an Uber driver told him: The driver said said he drives part-time, so he drives about 20 hours a week and makes around $800 a week. Huh? He'd have to be averaging $40 an hour...
  17. The Angels

    Are female PAXs more likely to be nagging "backseat drivers"?

    Had this Persian girl yell at me telling me I was going the wrong way, twice, when in fact I was trying to position the car to make a U-turn to go the right way. She made a false assumption. She was one of those nagging types who probably feels that me being male means I'm supposed to be nagged...
  18. U

    Express pool is here

    From Uber: Drivers have been asking when rates will go up. With express pool, you can get more rides and pickups in less time. What they are telling riders: No need to tip, as your low fare includes a tip that is split among all the other riders in the car (the additional pickup fee)
  19. SecretSquirrel

    Once every couple of months??

  20. _SEAM_

    Uber and Lyft Suspend Driver Who Live-Streamed Passengers

    Uber and Lyft Suspend Driver Who Live-streamed Passengers From CBS News Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have suspended a driver who recorded hundreds of St. Louis-area riders without their permission and streamed the live video online. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported 32-year-old...