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  1. Lando74

    Comfort vs. X Commission Rates

    I need some input before I decide how much time to invest calling support. Is the commission for both X and Comfort supposed to be the same? I pay 20% for X and Uber's taking 28% for Comfort. The result is I actually earn less on Comfort than X. Did they screw up or are the percentages supposed...
  2. Jay Dean

    Drivers from 2014 and 2015 reply only please

    Why are you still driving? I have my car patched together and trying to find any logic in riding this car at 188k till it stops, and with the continued work that needs to be done so far still no profit. Did you just get new cars and continue through the rate cuts? Or did you somehow continue...
  3. Uruber

    Uber's success: exploiting drivers.

  4. ftupelo

    An introductory essay exploring the compensation of the Ant in a capitalist society

    Ants, I feel all of the frustration from the ants stemming from pay rates and I do believe pay is too low to be profitable in the long run. I would like to have a thoughtful conversation around this topic instead of ranting with system 1 knee-jerk commentary about simply raising rates as if that...
  5. SCdave

    Love, Death & Robots....

    Love, Death & Robots.... Sounds like a the love child of Uber & Self Driving Cars... ... but actual a Netflix Series - " Dark comedy converge in this anthology of animated stories...". 6-17 minute shorts with good twists at the end, clever writing, and animation that makes you think. Well...
  6. M

    Uber using wrong rates

    Hey everyone, Is anyone else having this issue, just got a trip on my way home and when I checked the details I see Uber is already using the new rates, wasn't this suppose to change until the 16th? I submitted a ticket to support, I'll keep this post updated if anyone is interested.
  7. DMAGENT99

    No Surges on a Saturday Night ! Uber system outage last night?

    Called support, said there was an issue, but they are working to correct it. Of course this was right before 1. No requests were coming through, and absolute joke last night. It was obvious the system was messed up, and of course support is no support. Maybe this the secrete behind the new surge...
  8. johnydynamic

    Compare rates

    Uber pays different rates to different drivers within the same rate area. I know this from speaking with drivers while I’ve been a passenger. With all of the shenanigans Uber’s been doing to pay us less, we should really compare rates. Here’s the detail on what I got tonight for a ride from...
  9. D

    Rate Analysis & perspectives

    Check any ride at any time for the direct impact on your earnings. Uber is grabbing a larger share of the passenger fare on fast long hauls. Uber’s percentage increases the closer you get to one mile per minute, All other rides are just NOISE in the final analysis. #########
  10. O

    How 2 Increase $$$$⬆⬆⬆ the Rates in SD! (Our gas prices ARE the HIGHEST in the Nation afterall)

    After a long chat with someone at the hub today, I found some very interesting insight into the ways uber changes driver pay. I actually spoke with someone who was a driver previously and he was definitely on my side when I complained about the driver pay decrease. He said that he saw this...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Uber’s new rates have drivers crying foul

    https://amp.businessinsider.com/new-uber-pay-rates-hurt-earnings-drivers-say-2018-12 A new Uber pay structure that prioritizes time over distance as they pertain to driver earnings has some drivers frustrated with the company. Last week, the ride-hailing giant shifted the payout rates for...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Nobody should be taking passengers via Hiawatha

    With Uber’s new “pay rates” they’ll be taking a heck of a lot more when you take Hiawatha. Anywhere from 5-20% and over the long run this will cost you dearly. So maximize you pay and take 35w EVERY TIME! When you’re solo of course take the less traffic way but even with traffic take passengers...
  13. U

    113 TRIPS COMPARISON (OLD RATE VS NEW RATE) Shockingly Transparent

    Uber's reasoning to create a more consistent comp plan is fundamentally a crock of poop since successful drivers tailor their driving pattern to the style that works for them. For example, my focus has always been on the greatest distance with the least amount of time. My ideal airport run is...
  14. Lissetti

    Uber gets on board with congestion pricing in Seattle

    The city is currently studying the feasibility of tolling busy downtown streets By Sarah Anne Lloyd@sarahannelloyd Oct 8, 2018, 10:39am PDT Late last month, ride-hailing (and now bike-share) company Uber announced it would be devoting much of its lobbying energy to pushing for congestion...
  15. Lawlet91

    sneaky rate increases

    So has anyone else noticed the Orlando rates for passengers has sneakily increased at some point? Per minute charge is about same but per mile rate went up by about $.10 at some point.
  16. Jack Malarkey

    Ola drops fares in Canberra (and elsewhere)

    When Ola recently increased its commission from the introductory rate of 7.5% to the standard rate of 15%, it also surreptitiously dropped the rates. In Canberra, this now means that Uber pays better than Ola even after taking into account Uber’s higher commission of 27.5%. Uber’s rates for...
  17. dirtylee

    Uber takes more than the local cab companies

    Lately, I've been looking at how much uber charges pax vs my payout. On full shifts of at least 6 hours, uber takes vastly more than I would be paying the local cab company. This is at less than half cab rates as well. Driving my own car, on my own insurance, liable for damn near...
  18. A

    Atlanta events, surge, boost....

    It seems ridiculously rare to actually get these rate bumps. Not at designated rideshare pickup after the game, at the designated time..... Not in designated boost area at designated times. Watching my time and miles... Learned to never request fare adjustment for rider...
  19. Brent C.

    I believe its time we took a stand against the low rates we've been provided for years.

    We're going to need to take a stand here. The more people, passengers and drivers we can get involved the better. For years now we've been getting the lowest rates possible. UBER has gotten away with it until this point. I plan to raise awareness for us. I've started a petition. Which is the...
  20. Vanstaal

    The Apocalypse: Lower Rates and Drivers Saturation

    You'll be the judge of this.