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  1. Kurt Halfyard

    Summon Feature Chaos and Viral Videos

    Looks like the quirks of Tesla's SUMMON feature are popping up in parking lot videos across the country.
  2. R

    ? Self-Driving Cars Have a Problem: Safer Human-Driven Ones ?

    If you buy one of many new makes and models of car today, you might be surprised to find that, as a standard feature, it can do something your previous car couldn’t: It will take over when it thinks you’re making a mistake. In the coming years, many cars will do more than that, even driving...
  3. Ricardo Resolute

    Singapore wants self-driving cars to help its aging society

    Startups from around the world are coming to the purpose-built track that recreates an urban environment over 5 acres at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University. The roads look like any other in the city, with stop lights, crosswalks and traffic signs. There's even a rain simulator...
  4. Ricardo Resolute

    Apple &Uber Are Trailing In Autonomous Car Development [Infographic]

    Apple And Uber Are Trailing In Autonomous Car Development [Infographic] 1550860363...
  5. UberLyftFlexWhatever

    Driverless cars are coming to Chicago, Illinois

    02/10/2019, 05:00am A new Illinois state law went into effect that prevents local municipalities from banning autonomous cars. In Oct former Gov. Bruce Rauner signed an executive order directing the Illinois Department of Transportation to develop a program to test and plan for the arrival of...
  6. Single Malt

    How Your Next Meal Could be Delivered by a Self-Driving Car

  7. Single Malt

    Self-driving car startup Zoox gets permit to transport passengers in California
  8. Single Malt

    Alphabet is coming for Uber

    "Even with those caveats, Waymo One is a big step forward as Uber’s driverless efforts have taken a step or two backward. For a company that once declared driverless cars “basically existential” to its survival, that should be nothing short of alarming."...
  9. S

    Is this the future of retail? - Yes.

    Robots picking your order: Robots delivering your order:
  10. S

    Uber insiders describe infighting before its self-driving car killed a pedestrian Sources say engineers were pressured to "tune" the self-driving car for a smoother ride in preparation...
  11. Football Hooligan

    Waymo Collision Illustrates Why Society Might Eventually Ban Human Driving

    Forbes, Nov 7, 2018 By David Silver On October 19, a Waymo Pacifica struck and injured a motorcyclist in California. As is often the case, the collision was caused by a human - in this instance, the safety driver in the Waymo vehicle. In an unusual twist, however, Waymo CEO John Krafcik...
  12. M

    Waymo Pickup Zones Popping Up Around Chandler

    Oct 2, 2018: The Last Driver License Holder The signs that Waymo may be soon launching its robotaxi service are increasing. A picture posted on Instagram by user ittymcshutter shows a new sign, dedicating a pickup zone exclusively for Waymo in front of a supermarket in Chandler, a suburb of...
  13. Aardvark

    FLYING VEHICLES, SUPERSONIC PLANES AND CARS WITHOUT STEERING WHEELS ARE COMING “The cars of the near future won’t have a wheelbase or driver side rear view window, they will look like living rooms.”
  14. Aardvark

    Another Valley business group partners with Waymo on self-driving rides

    By Tim Gallen – Digital Editor, Phoenix Business Journal Need to get to downtown Chandler? Now you can take a self-driving Waymo ride. The San Francisco-based self-driving startup has partnered with the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership to offer subsidized rides to the East Valley...
  15. London Tube

    Why I Ride with Waymo: Lilla In my household, when we go out, there’s no more rock, paper, scissors to see who is the designated driver. No more ridesharing in a car that may feel cramped. We know exactly what to expect with a Waymo, and we all get to be...
  16. London Tube

    Waymo expanding Chandler operations ahead of launch of Arizona public ride service Waymo is expanding its self-driving car operations in Chandler in preparation for its first public ride-service, which will launch in Arizona later this...
  17. London Tube

    Uber Must Have Autonomous Ride Services Summary Uber's ridesharing business model is labor intensive and currently unprofitable. The expected business model for autonomous ride services (ARS) is technology and capital based. The ARS model is much more...
  18. Poppin' Jalapeño

    Why Self-Driving Cars Could Change Everything Download the white paper, it's worth it.
  19. Kobayashi Maru

    Netherlands ranks 1st in SDC readiness, US places 3rd

    The recently-released Automated Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI) report by auditing firm KPMG has revealed that the Netherlands is the world’s most autonomous vehicle-ready country. The AVRI, which ranks nations across the globe according to their readiness for self-driving technologies, has also...
  20. tomatopaste

    As Uber and Tesla struggle with driverless cars, Waymo moves forward When people use stories about Tesla, Uber, or Ford to argue that self-driving cars are still many years away, they ignore the fact that Google—now Waymo—has been working on this problem...