mileage calcuations

  1. Serenityseeker71

    Constantly shorting me on mileage

    Can anyone tell me if it’s legal for uber to short me on mileage driven, and claim I didn’t take the most efficient route please? I got tired of getting shorted and app support refusing to pay me for taking the quickest route so I started following the uber app navigation to a T and it’s still...
  2. vitiated

    The best mileage trackers

    I’m new to Uber & Lyft I’ve been doing bout 4 months on & off I’m looking for a mileage tracker app That is the best bang for the $ I’m using Rydar at the moment I just learned bout it as well as this sight Any help would be appreciated thanks
  3. BostonAccentAZ

    Tax question

    Do Uber and LYFT send you an end of year statement like a 1099 that has your mileage or just your total income? I spoke to an accountant last year, and he said drivers make out better with claiming the mileage, and not the gas, oil changes, repairs, etc. in most cases. I have been keeping a log...
  4. Reversoul

    Paid miles

    On average, how many miles do you drive each day? How many miles do you get paid for in fares?
  5. Reversoul

    Tracking mileage

    Before people start telling me about apps that track mileage, I'm already aware of them. I use an app by turbo tax called intuit and I enter all miles manually because the auto feature never works properly. Anyway, my question is do I need to list all of the the addresses of the fares? Since...
  6. Lively Nikki

    No Surge but 8.1 miles headed to pick-up point for a 5.5 mile trip

    At 1:04 am I decided to complete does trips before going home from my full-time job. The area was not surging but decided to knock out trips so I can reach the 75 trips needed to get my $500 referral offer. After I dropped off a short trip that I made $2.40 on, I go a ping for another trip. I...
  7. Columbia Research

    Survey Columbia University research project on Technology for Drivers

    Hey there, I'm an graduate student at Columbia Business School doing research on the experience of Lyft and Uber drivers and how third-party technology and services could help improve the overall experience. The project was inspired from watching a family member who drives for Uber and her...
  8. Envisionit

    Is anyone else using SherpaShare heat maps and mileage tracking app?

    I've just downloaded the app after reading a blog on rideshare companies. It seems to have some really great features that helps you keep track of mileage for end of year tax issues, as well as a HEATMAP feature that s worth checking out... Plus it shows you your earning info too. Check it...
  9. J

    New since October, need help with calculating mileage. ( Have no log)

    So as it says, i started driving part time in October. I didnt use a logbook and need to figure out how to calculate/estimate Uber mileage as far as business (and also non business) So i have kept gas receipts. I know the app keeps certain milage calculations but doesn't know about dead...
  10. Benjamin Bogue

    Mileage tracker app?

    Does anyone use a separate app to track things such as mileage and expenses for tax deductions?
  11. JD1

    mileage calculations

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to Uber here in Charleston SC. I had a weird fare issue with Uber the other day. It was precipitated by a network error that forced me to restart my phone before I could complete the trip. When I checked out the trip summary, I thought it was strange that they...