background check

  1. BostonUberAgent

    I received driver certif. but still waiting 4 background check!

    I got the "driver certificate" w/ my photo on it, name, "UBER" on it, and stating that "This driver has successfully completed the two-part background check required by MA law (220 CMR >274.06) but the Uber driver app says I still have 2 wait for criminal background check. Huh??? App. won't let...
  2. O

    Criminal Background Check Says "Missing"?

    Hello, I'm signing up for a new uber eats account. Everything seems to be ok up until the background check, went from "pending review" to "missing"?? Im not sure why. Has anyone else had this issue? What happened? Ty
  3. mrpjfresh

    Former Featured #UberMVP Busted By Feds on Child Sex Charges

    FBI: 72-year-old Tennessee man drove to Richmond to have sex with kids POSTED 11:45 PM, OCTOBER 4, 2019, BY MATTHEW FULTZ ----------------------------------------- HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A Tennessee man who drove to Richmond to perform sex acts on two children has been arrested, according to...
  4. ABQuber

    Help with a deactivation

    Ok, I’m desperate here I guess. On 8/12, I went to log in to Uber to work and got the message, “Your account needs attention”. So I check my email and see that Uber ran a DMV check, and I had a DMV violation for “Failure to Surrender License or Permit”. Ok, I do have a CDL. In order to have...
  5. U

    How to contest background check issues

    Just received a notice of a random background check through Checkr and I've been deactivated for driving record. The driving record listed an accident where I wasn't at fault, and a ticket for going BELOW minimum speed(my UBER passengers jumped out without permission at a red light) I called...
  6. S

    Criminal Background Check Can’t upload

    Dear All, I’m very new to be Uber member, Please kindly advise why I can’t upload my Criminal Background Check? Even in App or Website (Unable to click for upload). Is it have other way to upload? Or need to attend online Crimina Background Check? Thank in advent !
  7. J

    Background Check / Driving Record - Uber Eats only

    Do they do criminal background checks AND/OR ask for Driver Records for Uber Eats only drivers? Do you know what sort of stuff disqualifies you? I am just an Eats driver now and have never had to do anything since I signed up but I think they did one on me at the start. I am not sure if they...
  8. LadyJ8A

    Background Check Minimum 1 Year Driving?

    My question is... Does Uber Background check qualify driving with Learner's Permit as valid licensed driving experience? A learner's permit is literally a valid driver's license with restrictions "With that in mind, a learner's permit is permission to drive even though it comes with certain...
  9. S

    Background Check Driving Record is this going to be a problem?

    So I got my background check from Checkr, only took a day or 2. Everything came back clear/ Except on my Motor vehicle record, I have a Violation for: D35 FR Cancellation on Sept 12, 2018. Is this going to cause me problems? The violation is for not having insurance. State farm was...
  10. Agentdi

    How long you waited for background check?

    I signed up on last weekend and went to the Mississauga hub on Monday. Still waiting for background check before PTC. Any recent signups timelines? I’ve been told that it might take 10 business days. Plus 5 business days for PTC. Much appreciate any recent timelines.
  11. D

    odd information in pax app

    I picked up a pax today and he commented that his Uber app had just displayed a message saying "Your driver is from Canada". He then showed me his app display and sure enough it did say "Your driver is from Canada". I was wondering how Uber came by this information. I did, indeed, spend much...
  12. Halfmybrain

    "We’re introducing new safety features"

    New Uber email: "We’re introducing new safety features to help everyone feel protected and connected with every ride. Starting soon, we’ll be strengthening our screening process by proactively rerunning background checks every year, for every driver." "Rerunning....every year" implies they do...
  13. Randomblina

    Background Check Refresh?

    So I started driving for Uber 3 months ago. I did all the requirements to sign up, it was super simple, was driving in 6 hours from starting the application to getting the “green light” (haha). Yesterday, I was getting ready to drive and on my app it said I needed to enter my social security...
  14. Coachira

    Background check and shutting me down

    So I am a driver for over 2 years and all of a sudden my account stopped working. They said I needed a annual check and I would be shut down till it is done. SO in the middle of the summer I can not work and that means I make NO money. Why would uber shut down drivers and keep them from...
  15. Torrey

    Re-running background checks. Anyone else waiting?

    I have been driving since October 2017. Uber has some new back ground check policies and they also brought on a Depart of Homeland Security former employee. I have been waiting for awhile now. Checkr completed now Uber is reviewing. This all started on 6/20/2018. I hope it goes well. Anyone...
  16. T


    I drove for Lyft in 2016 (with no issues and a 4.98 rating) for only a few months. I decided to drive again this year and all my documents were quickly approved. On May 8th I started driving for the first time after my two year hiatus, but my driver app was deactivated after a few rides. This...
  17. GHH

    Cancelled account due to early background check

    Has anyone had an issue with uber and having background checks done. I went to go clock in the other day and it would immediately go to "uber has your background check results and will be reviewing them may take up to 7-15 days" screen. I spent two hours trying to find some way to contact uber...
  18. Harry B

    did anyone get uber background check or is it spam?

    Hello Attached is a copy of your background report. The company that initiated this background check has received a copy of the report as well. If you have any questions about your status with that company, please contact them directly. A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit...
  19. Rainbows&unicorns

    Uber activation?!?!?

    New to the forum and rideshare world. So I’ve been trying to sign up with Uber and lyft for the last month. Lyft finally got back to me and said they are considering rejecting my application because of my background check. I have a misdemeanor for trespassing.. it was a dumb mistake.. but...
  20. J

    2nd background check

    Been driving for uber about a year now, passed the background check the first time but the process took almost two months (guessing because I have lived in a lot of places). Was wondering if this second one will take as long based on your guys' experiences? How long did it take for you...