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  1. Iamfoodgod

    Car vs food.

    Went to a Japanese place for a double order and the lady very nicely told me to be more careful with sushi stuff and brought out the order I had just delivered a couple of minutes ago. It looked like someone took the food and shook it very rigorously. I'm thinking the food couldn't handle my...
  2. Cynergie

    Intense video shows intoxicated passenger trying to grab steering wheel from Uber driver in Californ

    https://www.circa.com/video/2019/01/24/nation/passenger-tries-to-grab-steering-wheel-from-uber-driver-on-sacramento-highway Terrifying video shows the moment an intoxicated Uber passenger reached over and grabbed the car’s steering wheel with both hands, telling the driver “we’re going to...
  3. Janabethz

    Rider Reports Me on 1/2/2019 re: Driving Speed For Ride 30 Days Ago!?

    Hey all! I got an email Wednesday night from Uber support about how a passenger on a “recent” trip felt uncomfortable with my driving speed. Here’s the rub, I haven’t driven for Uber since November 15, 2018. I have responded to Uber and haven’t heard back yet. My question, what’s the time limit...
  4. grain of salt

    Can Lyft drivers answer these questions?

    Hi, If you're a Lyft driver, may you please answer these questions below? I'm curious to see your answers about your experience driving for Lyft. If you do not feel comfortable answering some questions, you can skip them but if you can, please answer them all. Thank you very much! 1. How...
  5. Olen


    So I got deactivated from UberEats. Due to eating people’s food lol at least I got something out of Uber. Tired and hungry.
  6. LadyJ8A

    Background Check Minimum 1 Year Driving?

    My question is... Does Uber Background check qualify driving with Learner's Permit as valid licensed driving experience? A learner's permit is literally a valid driver's license with restrictions "With that in mind, a learner's permit is permission to drive even though it comes with certain...
  7. Rock081952

    0 for 2

    I've been driving down here in Orlando for about two weeks, and still can't seem to shake that overwhelmed feeling! I'm sitting in the visitors parking lot at UCF, and have now been on the road for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and have not even gotten a call, yet, from UBER or LYFT! My...
  8. Uruber

    We had a good thing going on.....

    I haven't drive for almost 4 months now and today I received the email telling me to update my Insurance that is about to expire. So I opened the app and saw for first time the new changes they have made on it and I started checking it out and when I got to the promotions I saw the $40 extra for...
  9. Dangdriver

    What Are The Best Little Extras

    Any suggestions for adding little extras for my passenger/customers? I have started offering bottles of water from a case I got at Costco and they seem to be doing pretty well, especially during our heat waves here in California. I have also been handing out activity books which I downloaded...
  10. Vishnu643

    My 3 week experience with driving for Uber in Long Island (so far)

    So, as I said in previous threads I wanted to try to do Uber on the Island and I flipping did it. Been doing it for the past 3 weeks (so far) vs me doing it previously for NYC. No I didn't illegally use my TLC plates in Long Island...mainly because I don't have any. So there are some things I do...
  11. Sawuwaya

    Uber has MOVED the Multi-City Driving Map for Drivers of CT!

    I know I am new to this forum. I thank the creators for this opportunity to vent my frustration out and to find out HOW I can keep track when Uber makes changes to my livelihood, and my ability to make money. I am not always up on what Uber does, wants, can and cannot do. Basically, I want to...
  12. nick caronn

    I drove around Atlanta with my GoPro last night, enjoy.

    Just one night of action, people would be mind blown at what we see in any given regular week! :D:D:D:po_O
  13. monte88

    Driving in Toronto?

    Hey, I am registered driver here in Ottawa was wondering if my account would run fine in the GTA, Uber or Lyft, or is their different requirements in Toronto? I know Montreal has different requirements (I tried to go online just for the heck of it while visiting). Has anyone done this?
  14. SEAMT

    Uber Self-Driving Trucks are Now Moving Cargo for Uber Freight Customer

    Uber Self-Driving Trucks are Now Moving Cargo for Uber Freight Customers Article by TechCrunch, author Darrell Etherington Uber’s autonomous trucks are now doing actual work for customers via Uber Freight, Uber’s commercial cargo shipping on-demand app. The first runs are being done in...
  15. Vishnu643

    Ubering in a sedan vs SUV

    This also applies to Lyft, Gett, Via, etc. I'm just curious of the pros and cons between the two. And while you neysayers, believe that driving for apps suck, that's been well covered and not what this thread is about. Especially since I noticed that some of these "bonuses" sometimes excludes...
  16. soTuga

    Switching to EV for London PH and BCs..

    The first black cab EV was delivered some days ago. We know that we've all got to change to EV to be working in London, but do you guys know the costs? Reading some tweets, Bc drivers saying that the savings are no more than £100 a month, due to the various top up charging subscriptions...
  17. nick caronn

    Use Uber to leverage other careers ! Come get some MOTIVATION!

    Hey whats up everyone, I'm just sharing some knowledge even though mods on uberpeople have just made it insane hard. They pretty much take down anything with a video in it and ban you... Even when you follow the rules so I guess even though its 2018 we need to keep this form to archaic text...
  18. BurgerTiime

    Witnesses say Uber driver spotted driving recklessly causing the death of a crossing guard

    http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/cobb-county/crossing-guard-hit-killed-while-directing-traffic-near-school/656269247 COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A school crossing guard was hit and killed while directing traffic Thursday morning, as children watched on in horror. Counselors spent the day at Lindley...
  19. RamzFanz

    What is your guess as to when Waymo opens to the general public?

    Self driving cars are here carrying select civilians on live roads. The next step is to remove the Waymo employee from the passenger's seat. Waymo will then go live to the general public in Pheonix AZ. When do you think this will happen?
  20. UberGeo

    When folks ask how is Uber/Lyft

    I always tell folks it is like a Payday loan. You put your car out there to make minutes, but then you have to start accounting for wear and tear, insurance, new tires, car washes, mileage... Then explain that my car since December has over 40k new miles (I used to take every ride, even the...