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  1. W

    PUA Minimum $231 for Everyone?

    Is every PUA applicant in NJ receiving only the minimum $231/week (aside from the $600)? I am, but would typically be making much more weekly. Does anyone know if unemployment plans on adjusting/backdating our amounts later on? I assumed what we would get would be based on 1099-K/MISC...
  2. O

    Applied for Unemployment - will doing some Ubereats disqualify me?

    Situation: So as many people here hoping for PUA benefits, I applied to unemployment using the NJ site (I'm NJ), which is not set up for 1099s/self-employed, but did it to my best possible ability. I received an email the next day that my status is filed, and I'm going to have $0/week payment...
  3. Daniello

    Can I continue working for Uber if I move to NYC?

    I am planning to move to NYC next month but I am very concerned because Uber in NYC is not accepting any new driver and everyone is on waitlist there, so I am wondering if I can switch to NYC and continue working there. If they put me on wait list then there is no way I can continue working...
  4. T

    Breaking: Uber hit with $650 million employment tax bill in NJ

    Gov. Murphy definitely doing the right thing here, It's time NJ gets Uber to pay up. You can't stay unregulated forever! Sadly minimum wage is only $10, which means hourly benefits would only make sense during those slow summer mornings. :frown: I'll take $10 over $4! What will it mean for...
  5. MoneyMitch

    A Hood PAX Wanted Intercourse

    Last night, I picked up a Lyft stacked ping in one of the Central Jersey hoods (Plainfield). I didn't know it was shared until I arrived, but I took the ping since it was going to where I wanted to be (Edison). For the purposes of this story, the passenger was a woman in her mid 40's and I'm a...
  6. UberPete1911

    New year, new ticket blitz in NJ... Fyi, it already started. Saw some local cop on rt1, by Dow Jones complex pulling cars over while they were parked at a light...
  7. jeffel

    Picking up in New Jersey

    So yesterday I had a ride from northern Delaware to Newark, NJ. When I got there, I didn't go offline, but I didn't expect to get anything because it's outside the Philly market. But to my surprise I got a ping in Newark 5 minutes later, and I was able to accept it. Have they changed things to...
  8. MikeNY

    NJ tipping gas station attendant

    NJ is one of the only states that require gas station attendants to fill up your gas. I've always wondered do we tip or not. Today I gave a $1 tip and wished the guy a Merry Christmas. Made his day
  9. MoneyMitch

    Monday the 29th: Sandy Anniversary

    It’s hard to believe that on Monday it will be the six year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy making landfall. Like 2012, the Sandy landfall was also on a Monday. If anyone has any stories, feel free to share them. What are the chances of another Sandy happening again? Imagine how it would have...
  10. bnelsonte

    TLC tickets at the airport, entrapment, and biased court

    I am about to pay the TLC fine in NYC. I went to the trial where the OATH judge was clearly in TLC corner. I was entrapped as in saying "no" to a strange looking man at LGA who wouldn't leave and kept acting vulnerable as if he needed a break and have someone bail him out. There was no intent...
  11. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    Anyone else hear that the wheels are coming off the UberEats bus in NJ

    Our driver group don't do Uber Eats in NJ. A few of us gave it a shot when it first started and after being sent to deliver endless amounts of ghetto food, to ghetto people in the ghetto and feeling that we were putting our lives on the line for peanuts we stopped doing Uber Eats. However, we...
  12. Jace

    NJ State Questionnaire - Employee or Contractor

    Several days ago I received a questionnaire from NJ. Says they're auditing Uber in order to determine if drivers should be classified as contractors or employees. Anyone else receive one?
  13. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    New Football season - same old problems at Metlife

    I dropped off passengers at Metlife last night. We couldn't get into the stadium as the cops and security created a massive line from every direction. Thankfully, I had two guys in my car who decided to jump out and walk in rather than sit in the traffic line and miss the beginning of the game...
  14. One Star Lawrence

    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Let's talk Atlantic City. Any of you uber people have any experience there? I've been doing this two weeks part time and I am pretty surprised. Did very well my first Saturday night. Drove 4 hours made about $200. That's close to $50 and hour. Unreal money considering the fact you aren't...
  15. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    Pingless in Princeton, Parsippany, Paterson and Paramus on Thursday night

    I was down in Princeton on Thursday afternoon (July 5th) at a meeting and thought that I would try and catch some rides to bring me back home to Bergen County. I leave at 4.30 p.m. and get two short rides on Uber. Then demand just died. I thought it was maybe the DF, so I took that off. Then I...
  16. Gujjar

    TLC License

    I have D class license from New Jersey State, Can I get TLC license with that from NYC? Thanks
  17. Jalebkackson

    OCMD/Rehoboth or AC tonight?

    My brother lives between OCMD and Rehoboth (20 min from Rehoboth) I'm trying to decide if it's worth going out to the shore tonight and work into Monday. But I'm not sure if I can accept rides out in MD or DE as a Philly registered driver, currently the surge in rehoboth looks highest (i have...
  18. Takoateli

    Uber - Approved cars for NJ

    If this has been answered definitively elsewhere then I'm sorry for starting a new thread on this topic. I did find some tangential posts and read those. What I am trying to define is what cars are acceptable (an unacceptable) for UberX and XL. Uber's info for NJ states: Uber XL: 4-door...
  19. Takoateli

    Getting started in NJ Sticky Post

    Everyone, The "Advice For New Drivers" sticky is a GREAT post. I wish someone would do a "Getting Started in NJ" sticky. I know most people on the thread are already driving and maybe the last thing you want to do is encourage more competition. What I would like to know is: 1. Insurance...
  20. BkS

    My uberwife letter to pax. Hope you guys like.

    Uberwife - What uber doesn’t tell you about your ride (or my husband, your driver) Getting a ride with uber is very easy. Open up the app, pick out the type of car, see the price and confirm pickup and your all set. Driver gets you from Point a to point b, maybe starts a little small talk by...