1. K-pax

    New BG check (scammer?)

    Got an email purporting to be from Uber. It says I am due for another bg check (uhh ok. Never got one of these before but whatever), and that all I have to do is open the app and go online to concent, with a link at the bottom of the email rhat says ‘go online’. Obviously, I don’t click that and...
  2. T

    Current and Past Scams

    I was almost a victim of a telephone scam directed at uber driver's I got lucky and managed to block the attempt at the last second, but before that I was taken in by the scammer. After my experience I searched around I have found threads specific to my scam experience, however slight...
  3. Drive2bFree

    Another rideshare scam to watch out for

    Soho. 2 passengers get in back. Drop off address is same as pickup address. Passengers' friend ordered the car. They don't know exactly where they're going but it's not far. Driver calls customer using app, bad connection, can't understand. Pax 1 asks to borrow driver phone to call and...
  4. Nina2

    Lyft stock is a scam

    Does Lyft issue a dividend? To date, Lyft has not declared or paid a cash dividend. We currently intend to retain any future earnings and do not expect to pay any dividends in the foreseeable future. Meaning lyft CEO is profiting from the stock
  5. Lissetti

    Coronavirus Map Scam Website

    Just saw this on the news. A fake website has popped up that claims to show the outbreak of the coronavirus on a map. It claims to be from the John Hopkins University. It's a fake. Do not click it. (Link to this news story only.)⬆...
  6. Timtot2ooo

    There are Confirmed Scammers. Be Careful.

  7. U

    Designated Uber Ride - SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!

    All, I just joined this forum so I can alert you all of a SCAM that will Cash Out your earnings. Last night, I received a ride request from "Designated Uber Ride". Don't accept the ride, just ignore it. Or accepted it and cancel it. You will get a cancellation point on your profile but you...
  8. S

    Beware of this SCAM!!!!

    So boom, i get a trip, passengers name(i will reveal later) and he/she has a solid 5 star. im driving to the pickup and i received a call from the passenger (the automated machine announced it) i pick up and the convo ensues; lady (who speaks like a customer rep) : Hi (my full name) u drive...
  9. M

    Uber taking tips?

    Sounds funny right? Wouldn’t surprise me though. I took a much needed break for a month and came back and every tip I have received in the past week has had change involved but when I go to see what the rider paid, it doesn’t round up the the nearest dollar. Thoughts?
  10. Mista T

    The worst driver scam of all

    If you read a few stories on UP you will quickly learn that there are plenty of scams that an occasional slimy passengers (pax) may pull on drivers in order to get a free ride. Some of the common ones include claiming that the driver was threatening, drunk or made inappropriate comments, the...
  11. Mike.OFF

    Lyft "bonus" vs. PT is a total scam!

    Here's a good example of new reality. Lyft charged passenger almost x2 surge price and paid me 1.67 as a "bonus". Scammers!
  12. J

    I bet 500 dollars...

    That UBER will not pay me out the 500 appreciation reward. I just wanna be on the record. They haven't said anything to me yet. The fake excuse will come soon.
  13. DollarFree

    Bridge Tolls

    Just a reminder, Uber are routinely “forgetting” to pay one of them if u get rides both way, and they always “forget” to pay for East Bay to Treasure Island. It used to be rare enough to be maybe accidental, but now it’s systemic. They are lying, thieving shits. But then we know that.
  14. Halfmybrain

    NBC 5: Free rides, at OUR expense
  15. PimpMyRideShare

    Passenger wanted me to join him in scam

    I pick up some kid in the Bronx and he tells me he can offer me an opportunity to make a little extra money. He was being dropped off and I received another request, so conversation was cut short. He said we should exchange phone numbers and he'll explain later. I thought whatever and gave him...
  16. W

    Beware of GoBank

    Someone stole over $700 from me. They must of hacked my account or something. Somebody made $700 in atm transactions while I was using my card regularly. I wasn’t even mad because I figured GoBank would give me my money back because even Ray Charles could see somebody got me. I can’t be at Taco...
  17. M

    Hospital tries to get rid of patient by calling Uber

    Unbelievable that a health care facility would call for a rideshare in an attempt to get rid of a patient they don't want. Isn't this illegal?
  18. SirNomad

    Uber IPO short sell?

    How many of you are actually short selling Uber IPO? I want in, but don't know much about this other than I borrow stock from a brokerage, immediately sell and buy back on the dip and give back the stock and I keep the margin. Is personal credit taken into account, or is this capped by how much...
  19. SirNomad

    Keep the Change You Filthy Animal!

    Lady sends back food delivered to her as prank. She said some guys would send her UBEReats in the middle of the night as a prank. Apparently this happens often to her. She tipped me $25 to return the food to the guy who ordered it for her. So I sent her this. Best customer interaction by far.
  20. SirNomad

    UBER Holiday Bonus Just Hit! $$$

    Thanks UBER! I can now feed my family a thimble of coffee for Christmas. Move over cooked goose! Here comes aa peppermin mocha latte as a meal replacement!