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uber eats

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Be very careful about Uber Eats insurance coverage

    At rideshare lunch yesterday, I listened to a driver relate a troubling experience concerning car insurance and Uber Eats deliveries. The driver concerned had comprehensive coverage (with rideshare annotation) with Allianz. Following an accident while driving privately, the driver phoned...
  2. T

    Have you ever canceled Uber eats because the wait for the food was so long?

    I waited 30 minutes today for meals to be prepared at the Wing House. If I canceled and said wait was too long, what would I have been paid?
  3. TrevorDrives

    Uber Eats dangles carrot (boost) then takes it away?

    Hi Uber People! I have been lurking awhile, wanted to ask you guys about this. The short backstory is I've done about 700 UE deliveries in 10 months, most in the Portland market before moving to the Tacoma area in December. In Portland, boosts were relatively consistently available, though...
  4. B

    Uber Eats: Anyone Delivering by BIKE in Dallas or Fort Worth?

    I'm Austin-based considering spending most of March in Dallas, possibly delivering by bike for Uber Eats. I currently do bike food deliveries in Austin for Favor. (Favor doesn't allow bike deliveries in Dallas.) Anyone delivering by BIKE in Dallas for Uber Eats? Wondering what it's like doing...
  5. Teksaz

    Door Dash is playing to win

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=undefined&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwiwiKK-64bgAhWINd8KHRXCCg0QzPwBCAM&url=https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/23/doordash-poaches-uber-eats-engineering-boss/&psig=AOvVaw1xAtp6l6pzVWMUZwfU-07t&ust=1548433783804473 Any of you Uber Eats drivers want a Door Dash invite, hit...
  6. Teksaz

    Door Dash is playing to win

  7. C

    Can you do Uber Eats with G2 in Hamilton?

    Hello, I heard from someone in this forum that you can do Uber Eats with a G2 license, is this true, at least for Hamilton? I have to wait till 2020 before I can get my G license but I really wish to start delivering with Uber Eats right now. Please let me know!
  8. T

    Uber feeds a lot of drivers today. News from a restaurant.

    Well we did this same UberEats order about 15 times today at my restaurant today. Not a single driver could find the customer and no one would cancel the order or call Uber. All the drivers picked up the order drove out to where the customer put in the address in the app. Tried to contact...
  9. F

    Customer Feedback Notes

    Has anyone got funny feedback notes from customers? If so, I would like to read what they post to you. I got one report today. I wish, I know which customer it was but I can only reason one that I took longer than normal because I was using DoorDash at the same time and the weather was bad. It...
  10. MikeNY

    Uber Eats parking dilemma

    It downed on me today, I had Uber Eats deliver to my house many times. How do drivers deal with restaurants that don't have parking. Tickets can be costly
  11. IamtheShoe2u

    Bad Ending For Uber Eats PAX

    Damn: https://amp.local10.com/news/florida/miami-dade/tourist-gets-disgusting-delivery-after-ordering-from-uber-eats
  12. U

    Wrong address provided on uber eats

    I have been doing uber eats for the past 3 months as a hobby and love the extra income. I actually look forward to getting out there. It's a lot of fun. Except when you go to drop off an order at like 2 in the morning and knock on the door, no answer. You look back on your app and look at...
  13. J

    Background Check / Driving Record - Uber Eats only

    Do they do criminal background checks AND/OR ask for Driver Records for Uber Eats only drivers? Do you know what sort of stuff disqualifies you? I am just an Eats driver now and have never had to do anything since I signed up but I think they did one on me at the start. I am not sure if they...
  14. Tom McNulty

    Uber Eats Driver Survey: $50 for 10 minute survey

    Uber Eats Drivers in the city of Phoenix, I have a market research project on food delivery driver compensation. I can send you a $50 MasterCard prepaid Debit card or Amazon gift card for completing a 5-10 minute survey. Cards would be sent out about Nov 10th. If you are interested, and if...
  15. U

    no surge on uber eats? Is this new?

    Its currently surging in the DFW area, but when I switch to Uber Eats only the surge completely disappears, only to reappear when I reselect Uber X. Is this a new thing? I got an uber eats surge just last week. I also switched it to both, got an eats ping in the middle of the surge area but of...
  16. U

    Uber eats no surge?

    Its currently surging in the DFW area, but when I switch to Uber Eats only the surge completely disappears, only to reappear when I reselect Uber X. Is this a new thing? I got an uber eats surge just last week. I also switched it to both, got an eats ping in the middle of the surge area but...
  17. I

    "Driving Preferences" notification

    Last month I was approved to do Eats. I tried it out for a week or so and realized meh...it's a waste of time and takes away from rides. There's only a few places in my area that even do it (McD's being one) and the $2.75 i get for a 20 min delivery is a waste. So I turned Eats off on the...
  18. beltbuckle69

    Can this get me deactivated?

    Tonight I picked up an order from a local burger joint, business as usual. When I get to the address location I find that it's located on a side street and its pitch black dark outside. I searched for the address but for the life of me I could not find it. At this point i'm walking up to...
  19. Ridle Scott

    Moving country on Uber Eats

    Hello! I'd like to know if I create an account on Uber Eats, and later I move to another country, can I use the account I've created before? If yes, how can I do it? Thank you!
  20. S

    UBER LUBE? Where can I buy?

    Drove for almost 4 hours this morning. Had a $60 donuts and coffee delivery and got paid $5.82. I mean WOW guys do I get free lube for taking orders that big and getting raped in every ORIFICE or what? Grub Hub is activated and all I have to do is go get my equipment. Do you guys even care...