uber eats

  1. Diegolobo

    Sterling verification

    Hi everyone, so im trying to apply to be a uber eats rider but they send me another verification way by a company called Sterling, and now this company is telling me to go to a post office to identify myself plus i will have to pay a fee, idk sounds like scam but they send me to that company...
  2. N

    Lack of incentives in St. Pete / Tampa?

    4.98 driver with 1500+ rides. Moved here from Pittsburgh in May. Even post Covid, regardless of whether I did Eats or Uber X, I could easily make $600 give or take in about 20 hours a week pretty consistently. Primarily driving in St Pete now, usually bouncing between downtown and Treasure...
  3. Studd

    Where are the GOOD phone mounts

    Hello! Bought a new phone mount that doubles as a “wireless Charger” because Costco had one and I needed a new mount because my current one was consistently falling off in the middle of the day when it’s hot. The brand is Scosche, it’s a window/dash mount, I had to take my phone case off for the...
  4. T

    Vehicle Registration certificate in WA

    Hi guys. How you guys uploading vehicle registration certificate to the Uber app ? Every time buying a soft copy from dot direct ? Is there any other way of doing this ?
  5. KIAstingerGT2

    Efficient Customer Tip Method

    what do you guys do to get a higher % chance of the customer tipping you? -Deliver on time/quickly? -Communication text/calling? -Writing "have a nice day"? -Giving mints/gum? tell me your advice or secret strategies to gain more cash/in-app tips! :thumbup:
  6. S

    Uber Eats and Just Eat orders from McDonald's

    The McDonald's in my town has just started doing Just Eat in addition to Uber Eats. They are refusing to give out orders from each app at the same time. No other restaurant has a problem with this. Is this standard procedure for McDonald's or just this branch?
  7. Filipino858

    $600/Week Unemployment Ending , What This Means For Uber?

    I feel that once this $600/week ends in a few weeks (and I don’t think they will extend it) many drivers will return on the road and thus cause a severe slowdown in demand? If you’re still driving now , I understand why it can be busy as there aren’t many drivers around. Put the same amount of...
  8. banjokazooie

    Help with signing up

    Hey all :-) I'm guessing nobody will be able to help me but getting desperate! Got myself an Ebike thinking to join UberEats. Easy I thought. I was very wrong. This is so frustrating!!! I cannot sign up. I've been trying to sign up with UberEats since the 9th of July!! I was wondering if you...
  9. MHR

    Grubhub Ditches Uber

    https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/10/21287128/grubhub-just-eat-takeaway-merger-uber-deal-antitrust After nearly a month of back-and-forth, Grubhub has walked away from a potential acquisition from Uber and will instead merge with European company Just Eat Takeaway. The all-stock deal is expected...
  10. D

    Scooters for NYC Food Delivery

    I am wondering what most people use to deliver food in NYC. Are you using a bike? Car? eBike? eScooter? Also curious to know if anyone thinks there would be a market for leasing eScooters for around $25 / mo?
  11. MHR

    Uber To Bail Out Food-Delivery Workers

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/uber-eats-bail-food-delivery-workers-arrested-past-curfew/ Food-delivery companies are pledging to protect their workers by offering legal support to those delivery people who are wrongly arrested for making deliveries past curfew in New York City. The curfew...
  12. Justice123

    Serving minorities sucks !

    ok I am a minority. In my view and based on my experience serving minorities with Lyft, Uber and Uber Eats; - you are less likely to get a tip. - you are more likely to get low rating for no fault of yours. - more likely to get wrong directions / unclear note. - less likely to hear " thank...
  13. atrollas

    Traveling to home state cross country need help

    I may be taking a cross Country road trip to visit my family in PA. I keep trying to find out if I can deliver in different states with uber eats. I know grub hub and postmates allow it. When I look up the question it gives me old answers but I was wondering if someone else knows an updated one...
  14. J

    Can I be reactivated from Uber Eats after being permanently deactivated due to low ratings?

    My Uber eats account was permanently deactivated due to low ratting i have just change my phone number and sign up with a different email address and was not able to get back online with Uber eats. It kept saying a previous account of mine was deactivated. Guys please let me know if there is any...
  15. Jack Malarkey

    Fair Work Commission: Uber Eats driver not an employee

    Amita Gupta v Portier Pacific Pty Ltd; Uber Australia Pty Ltd t/a Uber Eats In a decision dated Tuesday 21 April 2020, the Full Bench Fair Work Commission has confirmed (on appeal) that an Uber Eats driver is not an employee. Here’s a copy of the decision...
  16. jrdxix

    General Advice In NYC / Electric Bike Use?

    Hi everyone, I have been working uber eats, postmates and doordash for about a year now. As a teenager I am still trying to maximize my side hustle and was curious about people’s experiences with electric bikes in NYC for delivery. I did about $341 on Uber in 3 days ($550 in total with other...
  17. S

    Uber eats delivery

    Hello I am new to the forum and am a current Uber x driver wanting to do a bit of Uber eats delivery work . I can’t find it in my trip preference can somebody please help?
  18. V

    WA Registration for UE

    Hi everyone, sorry if this has been posted about before. I am trying to sign up for Uber Eats in Perth with a car. My vechile registration keeps getting rejected due to the ‘expiry date’, Uber keeps demanding to upload a new one. In WA, as far as I am aware, we are issued with the piece of paper...
  19. pizza guy

    Uber Eats Reviews

    Use the power Uberpeople and Google Reviews to help other drivers know what places help us make money and what places hurt our ability to make money. Dunkin at Naper and 75th. Add 30% to the earnings quote after tip. Minimal wait at the restaurant. Highly recommend. McDonald's at Naper by...
  20. jbk416

    Well you wanted Uber eats

    You wanted Uber eats look how they treat your food