1. Nina2

    Lyft stock is a scam

    Does Lyft issue a dividend? To date, Lyft has not declared or paid a cash dividend. We currently intend to retain any future earnings and do not expect to pay any dividends in the foreseeable future. Meaning lyft CEO is profiting from the stock
  2. waldowainthrop

    “If You Want to Keep Your Car, You Drive”
  3. Cossio

    When Rideshare bans me during lunch....

  4. Mista T


    Just saw this article today...
  5. Kurt Halfyard

    MANDATORY TIPPING in the Time of COVID-19

    Personally, I believe that UBER and LYFT should institute a mandatory 15% tip on all rides, and that money go directly to the drivers that are risking their health by being an 'essential service.' (AND I say this as someone who is NOT driving, because it is NOT worth it to me, but I'm not a...
  6. Mista T

    Lyft opened up the app

    Checking emails on my phone, first thing in the morning. Finished, and swiped the email app to close it. There was Lyft, the app opened up, telling me it needed me to update something. I never opened it! I'm sickened that a company can get away with hijacking my phone. I needed to take a...
  7. Mista T

    Earnings claims, I call BS

    Pittsburg news story today. Most drivers make "well over" $1,000 on St Patty's day??? Andreas "usually" makes around $800 on a Thurs morning rush hour shift? Are you kidding me??? I call bullshit.
  8. Driver Firoz

    Uber & Lyft response to Coronavirus

    Are uber and Lyft doing everything they can for their drivers during the coronavirus? What other solutions will they or should they roll out in the coming days? I want to get your opinions/solutions on how the companies should handle their response to this virus. All I know is they are...
  9. Nina2

    ‘Hopeless and scared’: Uber and Lyft drivers face financial ruin after coronavirus As the new coronavirus locks down cities across the world, Uber (UBER) and Lyft (LYFT) drivers face the possibility of financial ruin as more people remain in their homes to rein in the illness...

    Putting your life in danger?

    Is it worth it? 1584760704
  11. Mista T

    Uber ride volume down 60-70%

    From an Uber conference call today...
  12. Mista T

    Too much time off

    No money, and no ability to make it with Uber... schools out until end of April. at least. What to do? Go visit some cool, yet free stuff. 50 points if you recognize this place I took the family yesterday.
  13. U

    Request for a lower Uber/Lyft Rental

    Urging all drivers to message Uber or Lyft to request their rental program partnerships to drop rental prices due to low demand of passengers due to current events from COVID-19. I’ve been sending Uber feedback and Lyft support help messages requesting this and so far Lyft has replied back but...
  14. PioneerXi

    Just Shoot Me.

    First ping of the day is Lyft and I pull up at the pin...which appears to be about 75 feet from the street address. It’s foggy, I’ll leave the hazards on so they can see me. Check the’s two stops, out to a pharmacy and back to the pick up point for what looks like minimum fare...
  15. Mista T

    Dont touch me

    How I feel when pax decide to touch me, for whatever reason. Just want to ....
  16. Mista T

    Destination discrimination: poll

    Uber sez that DD (destination discrimination) is no bueno and they take these issues very seriously. So I'm thinking of various situations when it might be okay, looking for your opinions. I know the TOS, no need to quote them. Scenario 1: You've got your DF set to go South. Uber matches you...
  17. Mista T

    Business predictions with coronavirus looming?

    Let's hear some opinions, just for fun. With Coronavirus hitting the states, and people starting to panic, how will that affect our 'business'? One thought is it will decrease rides, as tourism drops and more ppl stay home. Another thought is it will increase rides as commuters try and avoid...
  18. Stevie The magic Unicorn

    Florida declares health emergency 2 presumptive positive Coranavirus cases.
  19. Mista T

    Need to vent

    Minorly frustrating day so far today. * Pickup at mega apartment. Gate one is locked. Gate two is locked. 5 minutes later I made it there. 3 minutes later pax texts "are you coming?" Well shit lady, I've been outside your front door for 2+ minutes now... she and screaming baby get in for a 3...
  20. PioneerXi

    Lyft Preferred is Coming

    Lyft’s version of Comfort is forthcoming. Monkey see, monkey do.