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  1. Mista T

    Poll: Food when you are out driving

    You've been driving for a while and the tummy starts to grumble. What do you do?
  2. Lissetti

    Seattle drafted a plan to tax Uber and Lyft traffic months ago. Now what?

    Lyft and Uber cars line up to take passengers on Boren Avenue North near John Street. (Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times) Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s policy advisers prepared a draft proposal for a new tax on Uber and Lyft months ago, including how the money might be spent, public records...
  3. Shimmy


    In my opinion AVOID leasing Mercedes METRIS at all costs. Reason number one. Through Via you will pay $450 a week. If you were driving in the five boroughs you will find it necessary to change the brake pads every seven months. It takes 10 quarts of special oil, So your oil change will be...
  4. BurgerTiime

    My tax guy said “anyone driving for Uber or Lyft is an idiot”

    Lol! It’s that time of year and we all know, tax time! I remember the day I went into his office and told him I’m doing Uber as a job (now side hustle with primary Lyft) and he never heard of them. Fast forward to 2019 and my tax guy said he now prepares hundreds of taxes for people that include...
  5. DollarFree

    Rideshare hates

    Apart from Uber/Lyft/Paxholes what do you hate most about doing rideshare? Me, I’ve just had enough of f’ing public restrooms. If I see one more pissed on seat, shat on floor, booger smeared or graffiti scratched mirror, broken faucet/sink or empty soap/towel dispenser... From Costco to Trader...
  6. bonum exactoris

    Lyft, Uber and Silicon Valley IPOs help the rich get richer — the losers are public investors

    Lyft, Uber and Silicon Valley IPOs help the rich get richer — the losers are public investors Henry Ward, CEO of Carta Published Tue, Mar 19 2019 • 9:00 AM EDT https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/19/lyft-uber-and-next-silicon-valley-ipos-will-help-the-rich-get-richer.html
  7. Mista T

    Extra taxes for Portland drivers

    Reminder: 2 additional taxes required for Portland area drivers. 1. Form SP-2018. Found on the city of Portland website. If you do business in the city, you must pay a tax. Minimum $100. If you do business in Multnomah county, you must also pay tax. Minimum $100. This form will cost you $200...
  8. Pax Collector


    Why does my app still show primetime? I thought they took it away and replaced it with dollar amount?
  9. Josempr

    Is XL really busy in Seattle?

    Hello! So I drive for lyft/Uber X platform, making around 1000$/week. I'm just wondering if the other platforms are really worth the money and I'd love to know how much money you make driving for this platform, if you drive Premium platform feel free to answer as well! Thank you! that would be...
  10. thatridesharegirl

    VIDEO: Can you identify this woman? Lyft jacked then spat on.

    Passenger spits on driver.
  11. U

    Side by Side Comparison between the ever worsening Uber and Coast so Far Clear Lyft

    First off, my system is my system. It's what works for me. For the most part, it's opposite the mainstream. I use 5 of my 6 DFs during the highly concentrated AM rush. On good days, I get multi trips per DF. Perhaps this simple analysis wouldn't match cucumber to cucumber with your...
  12. Mista T

    Unusual results yesterday

    Nothing exciting here... Just posting between requests... Normally my U/L ratio is 50/50 or 60/40 in favor of Uber. Last night I did 12 Uber and 22 Lyft. Rather unusual. The % of pax that tip me (either cash or in app combined) is usually 25-40% on Uber and usually 33-50% on Lyft. My Lyft...
  13. dlyft

    Driving from Tallahassee to Panama City..is it worth it?

    Hi I'm a FSU student who has stay in Tally this weekend for our spring break. I want to use this time to make as much money as possible, but everyone is leaving for break. Does anyone know if it would be worth it to drive over to Panama City to make more money??
  14. MHR

    Forbes Says Steer Clear of Lyft IPO

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2019/03/14/steer-clear-of-lyfts-ipo/ Steer Clear Of Lyft's IPO David TrainerContributor Great SpeculationsContributor Group The first big IPO of 2019 is here. This year could set new IPO records (for size and lack of profits), and it all starts...
  15. Dropking

    Lyft Invading Privacy: Tracks Users When Offline

    Did you know that Lyft is tracking your every move whether you are online or not? In a very Facebook-ish way, they are location-tracking users/drivers whenever the app is open even if you have no intention of using it for ridesharing today. Here is a fun experiment to try at home: First...
  16. Lissetti

    My Taxing Situation Part 1

    In January of 2016 I had walked away from a nine year semi trucking career and began proceedings to enroll in college to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. (Specifically programming and database.) I took some time off just to enjoy some well needed free time. Then in June, I began...
  17. Mista T

    Latest turnover stats

    As of Feb 2018, 30% of drivers quit every quarter. Every QUARTER!!! Maybe they could give us another new app, that would help with driver retention. :smiles...
  18. PioneerXi

    Why is Support So Bad?

    Harvard says it's because it's profitable. This may explain the business model of Rideshare Support. https://hbr.org/2019/02/why-is-customer-service-so-bad-because-its-profitable Why Is Customer Service So Bad? Because It’s Profitable...
  19. bonum exactoris

    Unions back pay effort for Uber, Lyft drivers

  20. S

    Do Lyft Personal Power Zones work with destination filter?

    I turned on a destination filter while in a personal power zone, and immediately the demand heat maps and power zone disappeared. I didn't end up getting a ride so I don't know whether I would've gotten the bonus or not. I called support who claimed that I'd still get personal power zone bonus...