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  1. Uber_Yota_916

    Stay away from the meatball(red zone)

    Lyft is charging customers xtra and not paying one cent of it to drivers. Lyft! Why should drivers pick up people at base while Lyft is pocketing the extra money because there isn’t enough drivers for the demand? It is not worth going to concerts, pro sports, etc... Let the passengers walk...
  2. S

    Lyft Open driving times

    Lyft sends this message to the drivers in NYC You can go online and drive whenever you want during these times of the week. Open driving times 4-9 AM Mon-Fri 5-8 PM Mon-Thur And from 4 PM Fri to 11:59 PM Sun
  3. Kkgardner

    Oklahoma City

    I just started last week and signed up for both Lyft and Uber and I am shocked how no one tips! Is this common in okc?? I always tipped and I don’t remember every seeing a no tip option. I just need help where to go in OKC and when siege hours are...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT’s in-app Feedback Summary FAILS to Give The On Piece Of Info I Want As A Driver

    So Lyft recently pushed the promised feedback summary into the App instead of issuing a weekly snapshot via email. Ok, fine. Maybe this is motivating to some. But the one piece of information I do want to see is the comments/feedback left by Pax. Especially the negative stuff, so I can use...
  5. I

    Found phone in my car.

    I was drooping off a family at their house and their kids found an iPhone in my car and couple said some pax must have forgotten or accidentally dropped off in the car and they gave it to me. I was hoping pax must contact me either via Lyft or Uber since it is an expensive iPhone. The iPhone...
  6. clearport

    Making money using other gig-economy apps during slow times?? (e.g. www.solicitr.ca)

    For those who rely on gig-economy apps like Uber and Lyft for a substantial portion of their income (or even those who use these apps occasionally to earn a side-income), have you ever considered using other gig-economy apps to earn money during slow times?? While there are a number of apps out...
  7. Lissetti

    Gotta love the state..

    I'm constantly getting reported by other drivers as being an HOV lane violator due to my window tint. (lighter in front, dark in back.) After numerous battles with the state, they finally put it in the system as me being an Ant. 🐜🐜
  8. Mista T

    The "cool" driver

    Pickup 2 guys from a concert. 1 guy is really buzzed, the other is rowdy drunk and sits behind me. Long ride. Rowdy is complaining about what a waste of money it was, too crowded, poor sound quality, etc. After 10 minutes of that the other guy tries to change the subject by starting convo with...
  9. D

    A CALL TO ARMS: Sent some screenshots in to Jalopnik's MONSTER SURVEY -- U/L TAKING MORE $ FROM DRIVERS

    The website Jalopnik has launched an investigation on Uber and Lyft fares. Here's some info: https://jalopnik.com/we-think-uber-and-lyfts-new-surge-fares-screw-drivers-a-1835952856 1562132702 https://uberpeople.net/threads/media-attention-for-surge-gouging.329798/
  10. Mista T

    Did I earn this 1 star?

    Early evening, beautiful sunny day. Pull up to an upscale bar and wait. Multiple people standing about, chatting, looking at phones, coming in and out of the bar. 2 women about 10 feet away, looking at phones then me, then phone, then me. Hmmmm. Maybe they will figure out if I'm their driver...
  11. Mista T

    You drove right past me

    Pick up at a major transit center. About 2 blocks of people standing around, looking at phones, etc. The GPS shows the pickup in an empty field, which can't get to by car, about a quarter mile away. I know the pax is at the transit center somewhere, so I will slowly troll the people and hope I...
  12. Uber_Yota_916

    For a good laugh

    Drop off is at Rio Linda HS. Walk your candy ass to school young person. Scheduled pick up...
  13. U

    Monday Rush was not your typical start of the workweek Crush

    First time in weeks I didn't get a premium run before 6 am on a Monday. In fact, I've gotten so proficient at it, I even have lists of Consultants who request every monday at the same times: 5:15, 5:30, & 5:45. This way, once I get back to DT after dropping my regular off, I know exactly...
  14. Suism

    Month of July Spreadsheet

    Hey Guys, Since I thought I'd take tracking my income more seriously, I figured some of you may also be interested. Therefore I created a simple spreadsheet where you can put in your daily earnings, tolls, tips and gas to see both your gross profit and net profit. I didn't include...
  15. Mista T

    Uber Driver stories: Part Four

    -------------> Ready for more entertainment? Missing wallet Saturday evening at drunk-thirty, picking up two of the city’s finest specimens. These two ‘gentlemen’ are in the back of my vehicle, and one of them is complaining about a bad experience at the bar. “Dude, lemme tell you about...
  16. PioneerXi

    More Lyft Lies

    I’m disillusioned with Lyft, so when I received this message: ...I thought “Great, a second location. Maybe this one isn’t on wheels.” I was mistaken. It’s just a Pep Boys. I need to stop thinking there is truth in any Lyft communique.
  17. S

    Lyft shared increased waiting times

    https://thehub.lyft.com/blog/shared-no-shows?locale_language=en&locale_region=US O good so they are finally admitting to their policy they've had for months. Often at the airport shared rides are 5 minute pickups. And routinely especially if my acceptance rate is low first pax of shared ride...
  18. Kurt Halfyard

    IOS13Beta - Dark Mode - Does it Work with LYFT App?

    So Apple is putting a 'dark mode' across the entire operating system with IOS13.0 and the BETA version of the IOS is out. Has anyone installed the BETA IOS13 and played around to see if the LYFT APP and SPAWNING of GOOGLE MAPS inside the LYFT APP, work with this Dark Mode? One of many things...
  19. Lissetti

    Why The Unregulated Ant Life We Now Know, Will Soon Change Forever....

    Fake Uber driver charged with kidnapping Alabama students Man accused of impersonating Uber driver arrested wearing fake penis Tommy Wayne Beard 62 An Alabama man who pretended to be an Uber driver to pick up intoxicated women was arrested and charged with new crimes on Friday. He now...
  20. Kurt Halfyard

    App Glitch & Cancel Fee

    Strange one last night just after midnight. I get a ping that is 10 minutes away. A little long for my tastes, but I'm coming home from a movie, and the Ping is near my house. I was going home anyway. I'm curious why the long ping, but maybe Monday night after midnight in a rainstorm means...