1. Mista T

    Masks on

    Keep your laws off my body! Anyone?
  2. MHR

    Wheelchairs, Walkers and Scooters?...Oh My!

    Lyft settles DOJ lawsuit alleging violation of Americans with Disabilities Act Megan Rose [email protected] / 2:19 pm CDT•June 22, Lyft has agreed to settle a lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Justice that alleges the ridesharing company discriminated against disabled people —...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT is SLASHING Its CANCEL FEE to $2 + Time/Distance

    It looks like the end of an era for the $5 Education Fee for people coming out without car seats, or, most recently, without face masks. New fee structure is $2 + Pick Up distance factor. Ugh.
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT signals Intention To Go Towards Electric Vehicles [EV] "Over the next ten years, Lyft will work with elected officials, environmental leaders, car manufacturers, and charging partners to help make EVs more affordable and accessible for drivers to use with Lyft. As we work with these partners...
  5. Kurt Halfyard

    Sure, Ryan, I Will Be Right There [PAX RATINGS]

    11pm on a Wednesday. Hard no.
  6. Andrew Philip

    UBER/LYFT to Force us back to work, Deny Unemployment?

    Question for all us Rideshare Drivers getting Unemployment. Uber and Lyft are picking up again. So with that , and the enhanced 600 a week ending in a few weeks, do you believe we will be FORCED to go back to work? In other words , if gets back to normal levels on July 1, do you believe the EDD...
  7. Mista T

    Pricing discrimination

    Apparently Uber (etc) are discriminatory in their pricing. Is anyone surprised? 1591990233 Thx L :)
  8. PioneerXi

    Lyfts Covid Response

    Email arrived today telling me I can’t go on line with Lyft until I fulfill their Covid Tutorial. (That would be employee training for AB5.) Two video’s, about 7 screenshots of recommendations. Now required to photograph yourself before going on line and affirm your responses. Total time...
  9. Filipino858

    How Busy Has UBER/Lyft Been?

    Hi all! I been collecting unemployment because of the slowdown. I want to return to uber driving but I want to when the market gets busy again. So for drivers still out there driving , has it busy ? I’m getting UI PLUS that 600 a week but I want to start driving again by August. Hopefully it’s...
  10. PioneerXi


    I got a quest. From Lyft. $200 bonus for 65 rides prior to 0400 next Friday. That’s not a quest, that’s a $3.07 grind per ride. : pass:
  11. T

    Many people going schizo during quarantine!

    During these unprecedented times I stumble upon frequent articles of people going crazy during the pandemic. Here’s what I’ve learned 1. Don’t live above your means! 2. Always keep enough savings to cover at least 2 months of your regular expenses. 3. It’s a good time to quit smoking! Bought...
  12. HiDuuken

    Lyft Streak Bonus (What a Joke...)

    Got a SMS message from Lyft stating: Earn $15 for every three rides from 12am to 1am, 5/27/20. They would have been better off just giving tomorrow as a priority day. Now all they have done is insulted my intelligence.
  13. MHR

    Rideshare Drivers Staged Caravan Protest Photo: Courtesy Andy Dufresne A caravan of protesters surround Uber San Francisco headquarters on Monday, May 11, 2020 to protest working conditions for the company's drivers. Around...
  14. Mista T

    Temptation to turn it back on

    Have you stopped driving because of COVID? Me too. It’s funny how many of us (including myself) complain about the miserable pay and rotten treatment we receive from U/L and sometimes from pax, yet it takes a pandemic to get us to finally stop driving. I picked up a replacement job delivering...
  15. MHR

    Survey Suggests Pax Are Over Rideshare Those not fortunate enough to replace commutes with telecommutes during the rise of COVID-19 have at least been able to enjoy the silver lining of reduced road traffic, even if it has meant...
  16. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT will REQUIRE Face Masks For Both Driver And PAX...Soon [COVID-19] HEALTH AND SAFETY Setting the standard for rideshare...
  17. Ubured

    Is Cuomo a Hero or Liar or?

    VOTE He knew Italy was burning with corona, we all did it was all over the news and his troop at JFK the PORT AUTHORITY which is his biggest cash cow were letting travelers thru unchecked. The reporters were asking them how it was possible to just walk thru? It's on tape with various local tv...
  18. Lissetti

    May Day 2020 in Seattle; In a Coronavirus World.

    Well? What do you guys think? Buildings are already boarded up. As usual most May Day protesters are already wearing masks. If people actually do show up for these marches will starving Ants still Ant? Would you drive people into town for these events if the surrounding neighborhoods...
  19. Tiger360

    CA Unemployment & PUA approved 4/22/2020

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to come on here to give you all hope and to let you know that I was approved for UI & PUA. I am a full time ride share driver with no W2 employment. 3/27 I applied for unemployment, selected Health Crisis as the reason. 4/2 I received a notice asking to verify my...
  20. Nina2

    Uber and Lyft drivers accuse companies of holding up unemployment benefits Nearly a month after the CARES Act expanded jobless aid to include gig workers, drivers for Lyft and Uber sidelined by the coronavirus-related economic shutdown are accusing the ride-share companies of holding up...