new york city

  1. unitxero

    How do I surrender my TLC plates?

    So you've decided to end your journey as a glorious and highly respected ant. 🐜 This simple guide will help you in ending your FHV driving mistake. So you can be a normal functioning citizen on the sidewalks of new york once again. (bicyclist excluded) This guide assumes you wish to keep your...
  2. ANiME

    Urgent please!!!! Affidavit Complain from TLC

    Hello guys, Hope everyone’s had a fantastic day! I just received something in my email earlier today at 3 PM stating that I have to fill up the first page of an affidavit complaint, I’ve never seen anything like it before and I don’t even understand what this is about. Up on the research I...
  3. S

    Plate Transfer and TLC Inspection

    Hey, so I want to finance a new car and transfer over my TLC plate to the new car. However, from previous experience, I know that TLC Inspection at woodside used to take months to schedule an inspection date. Given, no more new TLC cars can be registered in the city, does it have any impact on...
  4. Uber mailman

    How is the NYC minimum wage calculated

    $17.22/hour....after expenses. Sounds simple, right? When does the calculation begin? I keep both apps on until I get a ride. Expenses? I get 24 MPG and last paid $2.41 per gallon. What about the hybrid drivers? Their daily cost for fuel is less than mine. Will someone please explain...
  5. Ricardo Resolute

    After New York City’s War With Amazon, Uber Next?

    After New York City’s War With Amazon, Uber Could Be Next After New York City and Amazon went to war over a new campus in Queens, the city is heading into battle with another tech giant: Uber. Mayor Bill de Blasio approved a...
  6. N

    Where to RENT a Chevy Suburban in NYC?

    I am 20 year old! Can rent for around 600-650! No accidents in the past... Where can i rent one? I wanna see if the Black works for me or not so i want to rent kne first so that i have an idea!
  7. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    How to avoid NYC rides -set your DF towards Midtown

    We had a little XMas gathering of men in our driver group last week. One of the guys in our group was whining about constantly getting rides into NYC from Bergen County where he lives. Another driver said that he discovered a flaw in the app. He says that he deliberately sets his DF for Midtown...
  8. StreetTrooper

    Quick Question: 45+ Long Rides

    Assuming you work ~60 hours, how many 45+ Long Rides do you receive in a week on average?
  9. VueBox

    Increase earnings and tips!

    Hey guys - this is Alex and Ifi and we're ex-Uber drivers and the co-founders of VueBox. Our company puts a free entertainment tablet in your vehicle and pays you $75 each month for driving with it! We partner with entertainment companies to show passengers content like music, games, and shows...
  10. VueBox

    A new way to earn cash while driving!

    Hey Guys, This is Alex and Ifi and we're ex-Uber drivers and the co-founders of VueBox. We're here to share a new way to earn money while driving! VueBox puts a free entertainment tablet in your vehicle and pays you $75 each month for driving with it, absolutely no cost to you! We partner with...
  11. LadyJ8A

    Uber Hubs in Manhattan?

    I was looking for Uber hubs and Google came up with an Uber office in Chelsea Manhattan on 636 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001, but anybody here been there? and know if they have the wav, defensive driving, medical exam and tlc process there? Reviews on Google are kinda misleading and annoying so...
  12. V

    Fake uber surge

    Have u guys seen this lately that uber showing surges without any surge whatsoever in the downtown and u wouldn't get any request as well for an unusual amount of time.
  13. bnelsonte

    TLC tickets at the airport, entrapment, and biased court

    I am about to pay the TLC fine in NYC. I went to the trial where the OATH judge was clearly in TLC corner. I was entrapped as in saying "no" to a strange looking man at LGA who wouldn't leave and kept acting vulnerable as if he needed a break and have someone bail him out. There was no intent...
  14. Stingmason

    Tlc inspection passing question

    Hello. I have an appointment with TLC inspection next week. The car is good just the front bumper and grill have cracks. Will i pass? Also the hood tip is slightly bent.
  15. V

    A good black car service recommendations needed

    Hi I am looking for a black car service, which has good jobs and pay. I searched about couple of them but i could not find anything good. Allstate, bigq or limosys or another whichever u guys work for and found beneficial. Please also provide if lexus es, they will accept as black car, and how...
  16. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    Just got falsely accussed of driving impaired

    I woke up this morning to dual Uber complaints of driving impaired and being involved in a car accident. I contact Uber and tell them that no accident occurred and that I was not impaired at all as I don't do drugs and rarely drink. I go back to Uber who send me an incident report to fill out on...
  17. S

    Comprehensive and Collision coverage

    I drive a 2016 sedan and in addition to liability coverage, I also have comprehensive and collision. I like to play it safe. My comprehensive and collision is with Kingstone insurance but they devalue the car at a high 4% every single month regardless of how many miles I put on the car. My...
  18. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    New revenge and control strategy from Uber - take away instant pay function

    So, I got an e mail from Uber saying that they had a report that I had refused to bring a passenger to their destination and that it was a serious violation of their community guidelines. Of course they provide no details citing passenger privacy. I write back and say that it never happened and...
  19. uber79nyc

    Uber settlement for overcharged fees

    is anyone from here in this settlement? I keep getting their sponsored ad but I’m a bit suspicious to provide my info.
  20. V

    New Uber is here and its sucks hard

    New uber app is here and its completely nonsense, 1) u cannot see the radius of surge, only the a small text telling u there is surge (see the pics) 2) very hard to go offline, u need to open another window to go offline. 3) when u r in destination mode, u r done for u cannot see anything...