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  • Thanks Reversoul for responding. I'm a new member n joined for this very reason. Unfortunately I have just noticed your response n now it's too.. Pharmacy closes @6p. Maybe tomorrow? I live in Kennesaw, close to Kennestone Hospital.
    Your posts have healed me from financial depression! I was scared to depend on uber as income and spent most of my energy searching for other jobs. Your kind words have me healing and comfort. I am no longer afraid! Thanks for sharing advice it's like finding a needle in a haystack when asking an uber driver for advice.
    Hey, just wanted to say I like your style. So many jokers, trolls, braggers, and know-it-alls on here. You seem upbeat, yet not naive. Nice to see some use this forum...not exactly for the greater good, but in that general direction. Keep on witcha keep on.
    Hello, Reversoul. It's nice to see someone with a positive attitude on here. I drive/live in San Francisco but Georgia Is my homeland.
    Although you reached "Well-Known" about 3 weeks ago, only Tonight did I notice that you've earned a Slot on the Approval Ratings List
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