1. Jack Malarkey

    Ola introduces in-app tipping

    Email received at 3.24 pm on Wednesday 1 July 2020: Hi Jack, We're excited to let you know that the tipping feature on our app is live! This gives you a great chance to be rewarded for going above and beyond for your riders. We also want you to know that we don't take any commission...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    MANDATORY TIPPING, in the time of COVID

    In the Toronto subform, there is a thread about InstaCart users that put a big juicy tip into the app, then retract that tip after delivery. You can imagine, this leaves drivers seething in rage. There is, very likely, a subset of drivers who will channel this rage into passive aggression, and...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    MANDATORY TIPPING in the Time of COVID-19

    Personally, I believe that UBER and LYFT should institute a mandatory 15% tip on all rides, and that money go directly to the drivers that are risking their health by being an 'essential service.' (AND I say this as someone who is NOT driving, because it is NOT worth it to me, but I'm not a...
  4. Canteev

    Do people who add stops tip less frequently?

    I’ve noticed that the people who add stops within the app barely tip. Before, when passengers had to ask, they almost got shamed into tipping. Passengers more than ever feel entitled to change destinations, add stops, etc., without even asking the driver anything other than, “did you see that...
  5. waldowainthrop

    How much do you value tipping culture? [poll]

    If you were guaranteed the same exact pay as you get now with tips, provided by a different pay structure with no tips of any kind, which pay structure would you prefer? Status quo pay with tips or hypothetical pay without tips? Same exact pay to the penny, tips or no tips? So hypothetically...
  6. Kurt Halfyard

    SUCCINT video about TIPPING on Ridehail

    Probably not much new here to your seasoned Ride-Hail driver, but this is a succinct video put together by VOX/FuturePerfect on the Tipping Issues and Culture in the Ride-Hail industry.
  7. Kurt Halfyard

    Politicians Do Not Tip.

    So yesterday at 1:30am I picked up the MPP Micheal Coteau (Don Valley East). He is currently running for the leadership of the provincial liberals in the wake of Kathleen Wynne. As you will recall, that disastrous finish to the provincial Libs (in large part based on political entitlement)...
  8. Initial D

    Do some Caviar customers sometimes stiff couriers on tips?

    After I have stopped doing UberEats trips for more than a year now, I recently signed up for Caviar for an extra income & give it a chance to test out how the experience may turn out. So far I have had positive experiences, but I have taken two screenshots where I accepted a trip with base...
  9. DanRBenson

    New tip option and quests/boosts eliminated.

    I received two tips today for $1.76 and $1.46. They must have put in a % option. This infuriates me because they have also eliminated quests and don't give a boost change for weekends anymore. X1.1 is an insult. Every week it seems like they find a way to pay the drivers less. I also can't stand...
  10. Ylinks

    How I Survived Driving Part-Time in the Suburbs

    All I wanted to do was make $200 a week driving 10 to 12 hours for Uber. I thought it would be easy but it led me on a 1,500 trip odyssey. A little less than 3 years ago my wife and I retired. We sold our house and moved into a condo near by. The leases on our cars ended and we leased a Honda...
  11. Mista T

    Earning more tips as a driver

    Earning more tips as a Lyft/Uber driver without spending a penny Drivers all want to earn more tips, without doing anything or spending much to achieve them. Everyone is looking for that “magic bullet” that is going to help them achieve greater tips. What is the secret formula? Is it giving...
  12. S

    I rode as a pax today... the experience is not good

    So I had to take 3 daytime rides as a pax for the first time in a few months. I'm pretty annoyed as a driver now. Terrible advertising-When I opened the app, there's a banner I get 50% of mon-fri. That's great for me as a pax, but as a driver what good is it if Lyft never advertised it ahead...
  13. U

    Do you tip less since you started driving for Uber?

    I definitely have. Did 9 rides yesterday, not a single one of them tipped. I've definitely stopped tipping as much in bars, at restaurants, in coffee shops, etc. If people won't tip someone driving them to SFO in rush hour traffic why should I tip because you poured me a drink?
  14. Bad uber pro

    Is Uber stealing our tips?

    I went 0-20 last couple of days in tips. What's concering is some of them are repeat customers and they tipped every single time in the past. I drive only black and every now and then I turn on select, so my customer pool in my area is small and 90% are repeat riders who I picked up in the past...
  15. tlon7

    Has anyone posted a notice regarding 'tipping' in their vehicle?

    I know this question can be responded to by any number of sardonic remarks (I can think of a few myself), but has anyone tried to post a small sign in their vehicle to the effect that 'Please Note: Uber drivers rely on tips to generate just a modest hourly rate. If you are satisfied with your...
  16. DrivingForYou

    What Passengers Aren't Told About Lyft and Uber

    A DRIVER TELLS ALL A Driver's Perspective of Getting the Most From Rideshare Services I drive Lyft and Uber. Professional service is my goal — I am a 4.95+ rated driver (Clean roomy Camry Hybrid with leather seats, equipped with multiple phone chargers for passengers, XMRadio, and mints). In...
  17. MikeNY

    NJ tipping gas station attendant

    NJ is one of the only states that require gas station attendants to fill up your gas. I've always wondered do we tip or not. Today I gave a $1 tip and wished the guy a Merry Christmas. Made his day
  18. DollarFree

    Tipping Point

    The only ones who don’t know Uber & Lyft just passed a tipping point are Uber & Lyft. Plus a hundred thousand ants. It’s open season on them now.
  19. Mista T

    A positive move by Uber

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but Uber did something good for the driver. See the (pax) email I got, and how it encourages tipping the driver.