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  1. J

    SFO police presence

    Has anyone noticed a heavier police presence at SFO the past several days? I began noticing it last week with CHP pulling cars over as they approached the airport and police near the queue lots. Last night I saw both CHP (as I was approaching the parking garage) and SFPD (actually in the parking...
  2. Djhuber63

    New Uniform for rideshare drivers

    It appears that CPV have mandated a uniform so we battling rideshare brothers can be more easily identified beyond the window sticker. They have established a “pop up”shop at the Melbourne Nest and have been taking fittings today. I’ll send you more details when I have my measurements done!
  3. UberXAnt

    Smoke visible at airport

    What’s with the smoke in the area? Is there a bush fire nearby?
  4. Djhuber63

    Airport Ramp Upgrade.

    Can’t come quick enough
  5. U

    Undetectable Non-Jailbroken/Rooted Location Spoofer SMH...

    Met him 2 days ago to purchase his device, and I gotta tell you guys, “It’s legit”. I have never seen anything like this before. I tried using jailbroken iPhone, and the Uber Driver app keeps detecting the jailbroken device. I tried using Samsung, and use the Fake GPS app, but it won’t hold the...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Airports allowing Uber and Lyft to operate with a fee has seen their revenues decimated

    Full: https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-airport-uber-parking-revenue-20190301-story.html%3foutputType=amp Airport officials were understandably nervous when Uber and Lyft drivers began pulling up at terminals across the country a few years ago. After all, more fliers using the relatively...
  7. Dback2004

    QC Airport introduces $2 fee

    My limo company just got notice from the QC Airport that they're now charging fees for airport access, which includes a $2/trip fee for TNC companies. They will be issuing fines starting 4/1/19. I've received ZERO communication from either Uber or Lyft about this, so heads up!!!
  8. A

    How long is the wait at the melbourne airport in the morning?

    How long is the wait at the melbourne airport in the morning?
  9. D

    Ola Domestic Airport Queue filled with Fake GPS

    I was at the airport waiting today, due to a screw up, Uber thought I had declined a ride request and made be go offline. But on ola IIhad moved from 20-25 to 10-15, so I thought I might remain there hoping to get Ola request. On Uber I got booted to the back I am 46-50. So after waiting...
  10. J

    Tips Anyone?

    How much is everyone making in tips these days? What about airport tips?
  11. Ziggy

    SURVIVAL TIPS for the Austin Airport TNC lots

    UPDATED SURVIVAL TIPS: (updated info in bold) SURVIVAL TIPS for the Austin Airport TNC lots (or how to prevent from getting a ticket): Only park in a marked, legal parking space If there are no parking spaces leave the lots and drive somewhere else in the city. When the lot is full, it's...
  12. Yomann

    Are DF's now working at airports ?

    South bay driver here, and when I drop off at SFO, I don't want a ride request into the City. So I turn on DF heading south bound right away, and it remains "inactive" till past the Broadway exit. Today, it took hold right away on airport grounds. Is this a change, or just a fluke ??? PS: Lyft...
  13. Jerrie C

    Monday morning Airport trips

    Usually Monday is the best day for Airport trips . I’ve been online since 3:15 am now 4:30 am and not one single trip ‍♀️ . Anyone else experience this too ??
  14. Lissetti

    What a Sneaky Ant

    Yesterday I picked up a Pax from the airport. To my delight he was not only in the right pick up spot but when he came over he checked my front plate. When he got in he told me this story of a suspicious Uber driver. He said he travels often for business so he knows the procedures at the...
  15. Jack Malarkey

    Uber: Keeping the airport experience fair for everyone

    Uber in-app message sent on 21 December 2018: Keeping the airport experience fair for everyone Jack BeNimble, we want to make sure airport pick ups are easy and fair for all driver-partners. To do this, we place driver-partners waiting for trip requests at the airport into a virtual queue...
  16. SarahSnow

    Jamming GPS at Pearson airport

    Since UberX has been allowed at Pearson, has anyone noticed their GPS signals have been out of whack? Does anyone else suspect GPS jamming from taxi drivers as retaliation?
  17. johnydynamic

    Screwed at Oakland Airport AGAIN!

    Been waiting well over an hour in the queue at OAK. Went from being in the 50’s to the top 5 and sat there for a long while. Got 3 non-terminal requests and declined them. That’s not why I’m f’ing waiting in the f’ing queue; to drive some a-hole 5 blocks to his job at the 7-11. Then I got the...
  18. LAOL

    Can Redondo reinstate airport privileges?

    Woke up this morning to a notice I have been blocked from driving at the airport for excessive cancels (even though I haven’t driven at the airport in two days). Spoke with someone at the green light spot in Redondo and he said all he could do was submit a request to reinstate airport privileges...
  19. BurgerTiime

    Nobody should be taking passengers via Hiawatha

    With Uber’s new “pay rates” they’ll be taking a heck of a lot more when you take Hiawatha. Anywhere from 5-20% and over the long run this will cost you dearly. So maximize you pay and take 35w EVERY TIME! When you’re solo of course take the less traffic way but even with traffic take passengers...
  20. WestSydGuy

    Sydney airport gridlock

    it seems the taxi entry of one lane, is backing up across Joyce Drive, when taxis enter from O’Riordan St, which is also blocking Ross Smith Drive from entering the airport. Any chance Sydney Airport would put in some traffic management for 9-10pm peak hours?