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  1. I

    Which company has more ghetto pax’s ?

    Ghetto pax’s
  2. ZenUber

    Saw a bunch of pax twerking.

    Got a request out of town. Pax’s name is “L”. I should have known better. I get a phone call on the way there - I decline it. I get there and it’s a Dark country road at an intersection. The Crossroads. I send the “I have arrived” text. I wait out the timer and try to hit cancel, but I’ve got...
  3. Lissetti

    Gotta love the state..

    I'm constantly getting reported by other drivers as being an HOV lane violator due to my window tint. (lighter in front, dark in back.) After numerous battles with the state, they finally put it in the system as me being an Ant. 🐜🐜
  4. ZenUber

    Today's winning Pax 7/4/19

    Get an X ping for a guy named Sean. I pull over for the pickup, and I see him coming across the street carrying what looks like an open ceramic bowl of food. I quickly lock the doors, and open the window. He came across the street almost jogging, and seemed to be in a hurry. [I have transcribed...
  5. DoYouEvenLyft?

    What is your biggest fear about Ride sharing?

    What makes me $hit my pants the most while driving, is when a pax opens the door while cars are NARROWLY passing by. I can just imagine the noise of my door being crushed back 😥😥 *knocks on wood*
  6. Lissetti

    Why The Unregulated Ant Life We Now Know, Will Soon Change Forever....

    Fake Uber driver charged with kidnapping Alabama students Man accused of impersonating Uber driver arrested wearing fake penis Tommy Wayne Beard 62 An Alabama man who pretended to be an Uber driver to pick up intoxicated women was arrested and charged with new crimes on Friday. He now...
  7. BigRedDriver

    Dash Cam. Do pax ever question them?

    Have it installed. Signs are on order. Won’t use the cam until I get the signs. Do customers ever question them? Get upset? Or are most supportive and understanding?
  8. Initial D

    How come my ratings for my Uber rider app is stuck?

    I'm an Uber driver as well and I've noticed that my rider rating is stuck at 4.78 the entire day. I've treated my relatives from Australia with plenty of trips and was exploring different places in San Francisco today and did tourist stuff.
  9. K

    Nobody wants their lost items??

    So about 2 months ago, I checked my trunk after a day of Ubering and it’s a black brief. Inside are 2 new Samsung tablets. I can’t pinpoint them to a rider so all I do is contact support about it and the tell me they will get in touch when something comes up. It’s now June and still no response...
  10. Lissetti

    Uber Driver Shot By Pax On 4th And Mercer

    Seattle Police investigating a shooting involving an apparent Uber driver POSTED 4:07 AM, MAY 14, 2019, BY ROBIN DICH, UPDATED AT 04:46AM, MAY 14, 2019 SEATTLE — Police are investigating after a man was found shot in Seattle early Tuesday morning. This happened around 3:30 a.m. at 4th...
  11. ZenUber

    Tonight I picked up doo doo. Wasn’t as bad as I thought.

    See for yourself.
  12. Antvirus

    Lost Item At Wells Fargo Center (76ers)

    I picked up this gentleman and his wife in Old City around 1pm today. He was one of those front runner Philadelphia fans that doesn't know jack shit about basketball and is clearly along for the ride. He had the Eastern Conference ALLLLL figured out. Here was his plan: Pax: "Well, we win today...
  13. Arvin skri

    LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!!until it is clear

    Felt bad for this guy early Morning today. Another fallen door.😶😶
  14. UberEastCoast

    Radio or Music in UberX Booming in Back Speakers

    I am a frequent UberX pax. When I get into an UberX and I am stressed about work, I do not want to tell the driver to turn the music down. I do not want to seem bossy. Sometimes the driver seems easy to ask. Sometimes they seem like stone idols who do not want to be bothered. What really...
  15. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Pool unavailable

    Had a pax complain pool wasn’t a selectable option this morning. I figured it was few drivers in the vicinity and everyone was declining anything under x. Keep up the declines!
  16. ZenUber

    Best way to get pax out of the car.

    I’m looking for entertaining (yet real) ways to get pax out of the car when they refuse to get out. So far I’ve got fart spray, and setting off the car alarm.
  17. Naplesnole

    2010 Honda Fit

    Greetings. I’m new to the forum about a month into Uber doing mainly PAX and some local runs. I picked up a Fit and will be using it next week. I have studied this forum, searching for experience with this model, but most posts turned into a debate, or highjacked into another subject. Just...
  18. W


    Days or Nights better for driving in Windsor? Weekends seem very slow, during the day it's mostly workers that need a ride. They do not tip and are minimum wage workers for the most part. Looks like Minimum wage workers "employ" (Uber) drivers who are also minimum wage workers, too funny...
  19. Iziba

    It's busy in your area expect trips soon

    There he goes
  20. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Good tips to discourage pax from sitting in the front

    Hello Community, Would like to know if you have any good tips to discourage having pax ride shotgun? Unfortunately, this is necessary as I've discovered some pax don't shower, wear flip flops and have sweaty stinky feet and/or have bad body odour. (I guess hygiene must be a foreign concept to...