1. David Black

    Say Goodbye to the PUA Checks Next Month

    SERIOUS REPLIES ONLY: The extra $600 in weekly unemployment benefits runs out at the end of July! The idea of those checks was that people can stay home instead instead of catching and spreading COVID-19 everywhere, BUT as it turned out (Which we already know) people make more money sitting...
  2. Lissetti

    May Day 2020 in Seattle; In a Coronavirus World.

    Well? What do you guys think? Buildings are already boarded up. As usual most May Day protesters are already wearing masks. If people actually do show up for these marches will starving Ants still Ant? Would you drive people into town for these events if the surrounding neighborhoods...
  3. Canteev

    Fake complaints

    This is not surprising, but some people are scumbags. Imagine trying to ruin someone’s life in order to save five or ten dollars.
  4. J

    Whats the most $ Uber has taken on one ride from you?

    Mine was Saturday and it was straight robbery. Backstory: get a request for a pool ride Est 38$ 42 Minute ride. Ok Sweet good sunday morning ride. Drive 8 minutes to pick up and when im 2 lights away a second passenger is automatically added saying its +$10 onto the trip. Boom sweet good $50...
  5. S

    $ per mile

    Most drivers that have posted vids/hacks/reviews say they want to make $1 per mile. Just want to verify that this is while the passenger is in the car, not without.
  6. Lissetti

    Pax Can Now Discreetly Report Drivers

    Uber introduces new feature to let riders ‘discreetly’ snitch on their drivers Is your driver texting By Andrew J. [email protected] Feb 19, 2020, 11:12am EST Uber updated its app to let riders “discreetly” report instances that may not rise to the level of an emergency but still made...
  7. Lissetti

    Are Pax More Difficult With Female Rideshare Drivers?

    First, I'm not complaining. :smiles: Just trying to get more perspective on the issue. So where I drive, in Seattle, the dynamic of rideshare drivers is predominantly male. For the most part over the past 4 years, and having done over 5100 rides, I've had few major issues. However, the main...
  8. Lissetti

    Conversations with Pax.

    As Rideshare drivers, most times we just want to hurry up and get Pax from point A to B. However occasionally the conversation that transpires in my car becomes so fascinating that at the end of the ride, both the Pax and myself didn't want to finish discussing the topic, with both of us having...
  9. Canteev

    Do people who add stops tip less frequently?

    I’ve noticed that the people who add stops within the app barely tip. Before, when passengers had to ask, they almost got shamed into tipping. Passengers more than ever feel entitled to change destinations, add stops, etc., without even asking the driver anything other than, “did you see that...
  10. Canteev

    It finally happened

    Last night, I foolishly accepted a low rated pasenger(4.66) on a pool trip—it was a high surge. The trip was fairly normal. I remember the girl asking me, “no music?” to which I responded, “no, I am boring guy.” But it wasn’t a big deal. Besides that, she just talked to her friend—it was a...
  11. Lissetti

    The Ham Shuffle

    Uber driver refuses couple’s ride over Christmas ham Perth Australia. A war veteran and his wife were left stranded on the side of the road by their Uber driver after a bizarre debacle with a Christmas ham. Peter and Marion Archibald could not believe their luck when they scored a leg of ham...
  12. Lissetti

    Radio Station "Loser Line" Plays Audio of Pax Confession

    So when I'm driving to work most mornings, one thing I love to listen to is a segment on my local radio station Movin 92.5 called the Loser Line. The Loser Line is defined as: "When CREEPERS hit on you, at the club or even at your family reunion, don’t give them your REAL PHONE NUMBER… give...
  13. Lissetti

    Black Friday/Weekend Madness

    Who's doing it? Not me! Last year I worked Black Friday. I remember it was nothing but requests going to and from the malls and stores. You could get stuck in mall traffic and it could take 30 minutes to get out. Likewise folks are going to try and fill up your trunk and the back seat of your...
  14. Bossy Bee

    The customer is always right??

    Lyft driver here sometimes Uber. So the other day I was the pax for a change. Took a Uber, brought my own AUX cord, and mid way through the ride I asked the driver to play a Nicki Minaj song. The guy had been playing warm contemporary at the time, which was putting me to sleep. The guy tells me...
  15. Lissetti

    Rideshare Load Zones. Pilot Program in Seattle WA

    Rideshare load zones start in Seattle’s Capitol Hill to help ease curbside congestion WSDOT is introducing designated pick up spots for companies like Uber and Lyft in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood for peak nightlife hours. SEATTLE — Passenger loading zones are now available in...
  16. Lissetti

    Drivers last names given to Pax?

    There's a lot of talk about this on some of the other boards. "Uber has been revealing drivers full last names to riders since September" "Uber driver last names revealed to passengers!?" Has anyone here ever taken an Uber and received the driver's full name or at least their last name...
  17. Nina2

    Uber should drug and alcohol test pax

    I always get drunk pax late at night so uber should drug and alcohol test all pax after like 9 or 10 PM and before 4 or 5 AM and deny any drunk or drugged pax
  18. I


    Male passengers tip more often than women
  19. DoYouEvenLyft?

    Sorry, Me English No Good ?‍♂️

    Lately, I've been getting a lot of pax forcing a conversation. Like I would give one worded responses, and they would still try to tell me about how their cat died or how their teenage daughter is having twins.... Most of the time, I just dont feel like conversating. I definitely do not feel...
  20. ZenUber

    What’s up with pax sending descriptions of themselves?

    I’m responsible for driving to the pin. With traffic, bicycle riders, looking for a place to legally pull over, other cars beeping at me, and cops threatening to give me a ticket. I will not be responsible for picking you out of a crowd with all that going on. Uber gives you everything you need...