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  1. N

    2010 Honda Fit

    Greetings. I’m new to the forum about a month into Uber doing mainly PAX and some local runs. I picked up a Fit and will be using it next week. I have studied this forum, searching for experience with this model, but most posts turned into a debate, or highjacked into another subject. Just...
  2. W


    Days or Nights better for driving in Windsor? Weekends seem very slow, during the day it's mostly workers that need a ride. They do not tip and are minimum wage workers for the most part. Looks like Minimum wage workers "employ" (Uber) drivers who are also minimum wage workers, too funny...
  3. Iziba

    It's busy in your area expect trips soon

    There he goes
  4. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Good tips to discourage pax from sitting in the front

    Hello Community, Would like to know if you have any good tips to discourage having pax ride shotgun? Unfortunately, this is necessary as I've discovered some pax don't shower, wear flip flops and have sweaty stinky feet and/or have bad body odour. (I guess hygiene must be a foreign concept to...
  5. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Passenger Cancellation and cancellation fees

    Would like to know under what conditions when a Customer requests an Uber and they decides to cancel, that the driver receives the $4.40 cancellation fee? Had 2 cancellations from pax, for both I accepted the request, one I received a cancellation fee, after the pax cancelled. For the 2nd I...
  6. Pax Collector

    Love is in the air....

    In this case, the back of a Lyft ride :D
  7. I

    Day light Robbery

    I picked up 3 pools and 5 riders And Uber took more than 73% commission.
  8. Lissetti

    NYE, Let the Horror or Happiness Begin.

    BrunchWell-Known Member Not even a dedicated post this year for New Year's. :p I'll be giving some rides today, but I'm not messing with the pukers later tonight and tomorrow morning. My first ride of this year I had a puker just a little after midnight. The dude had his window down and I...
  9. Lissetti

    Check Waaaaaaaaaaay Under your seats

    After 2 days of "What the hell is that smell??" and after checking all door pockets and looking under the seats, I decided to bite the bullet and do a sniff check on my seats and carpet. As I was sniffing the floor carpet behind the driver's seat, my eyes caught the sight of something unusual...
  10. E

    It's getting worse.

    Took 51% of the ride total. I tell Pax all the time that they need to leave earlier or Byrd or Lime like 4 blocks away. I do wish I had more of that fare ofc, but robbing these drunks blind should come from the guy listening to and smelling these people. Just crazy
  11. Willjohnsdrive

    Navigating the Lyft Driver App

    I have seen several posts that have screenshots showing how much the pax paid for the ride and what their cut was. I have also seen where someone posted a shot of their star ratings, you know it gives a breakdown on the stars received and show notes left by the pax. In one I know I saw someone...
  12. Kurt Halfyard

    DEAR LYFT: Please Educate Your RIDERS on ETIQUETTE

    (In this spirit of this thread: https://uberpeople.net/threads/sorry-need-to-vent-this-morons-im-surrounded-by-morons-they-are-everywhere.298832/ ) This costs nothing to do, and LYFT knows it has a reputation of sending out long pings to its drivers. LYFT should automatically send a message if...
  13. Lissetti

    Assisted Care Ants

    Lyft just hired a hotshot exec from McKesson to run its growing business transporting patients to medical appointments Lyft is looking to build out its health care business unit, which helps patients get rides to non-emergency medical appointments. It has hired Megan Callahan, chief strategy...
  14. Lissetti

    I'm Holding Up a Purple Light on My Phone.

    .....Means I want to slap it out of your hand! Uber's new pre-designed pickup message located on the rider app is really working my nerves! Now the riders can select a canned message already stored within the app, and with just a push of a button, they can send it to the driver...
  15. J

    Pax changed her clothes in my car.

    I've been using my personal car to drive UBERX here and there for about 3 weeks now. Did maybe about 10 trips so far. Just about an hour ago, a young girl in early 20s(my age group) got in. Before I knew it, she starts taking her clothes off, I freak out, tell her she can't do that, she...
  16. Lissetti

    Martha Stewart took her first Uber ride — and hated it

    Hell Hath No Fury Like Martha Stewart in the Back of a Dirty Uber Martha Stewart experienced her first Uber ride this morning and, honey, it was not "a good thing." Martha, a stalwart on Comedy Central Roasts, has never shied away from making her opinions known. After all, who could forget...
  17. Pax Collector

    Who's looking forward to....

    "Did you vote?" "Who did you vote for?" "Let me tell you why Measure XYZ is horrible!" "Why did I get charge for this ride? Ya'll said it was free!" "I can't wait till I see :cool::cool::cool::cool: as our governor!" "I think you should vote with me!"
  18. Lissetti

    Text messages you never want to see from a pax

    I'll go first. Got this one tonight:
  19. Lissetti

    Pax vs parked car. What would you do?

    You approach your pax's destination on a dark, quiet street. It's after 1:00 am on a weeknight. Before you come to a complete stop, your pax already has the door open and is exiting the car. Because your pax has had a bit too much to drink, she stumbles getting out and your door flies open and...
  20. Lissetti

    Pax Account Hacked. Ant Reaps the Benifits

    Everett woman says Uber account hacked, used across country An Everett woman said someone got into her Uber account and spent hundreds of dollars in just minutes from across the country. “I just got a thing that said your Uber is a minute away,” Angelia Herman said. When she received that...