1. New2This

    PSA: EIDL is back

    For those of you Deplorables that missed it, the SBA EIDL program is open again. Long story short, you get a $1000/employee grant just for applying (i.e. $1000 free money) and a 30 year loan at 3.75%. No prepayment penalties and your first payment isn't for a year from now. My payment is like...
  2. PioneerXi

    Promo: Lower Boost in Surge

    I was driving south on the 5 when on the app I saw a promo ahead. I hadn’t received an email so I clicked on it. I didn’t receive any offers in the zone but the offer screen showed the new fare with the reduced Uber fee.The Uber fee reduction is a misnomer as the reduction is on the entire...
  3. MHR

    Reassessing Your Driving Goals

    When I first started driving and subsequently became a member of the forum drivers talked a lot about their daily driving goals. For some their goal was to only drive a certain amount of hours, for others they drove until they hit a dollar amount. After learning the flow of my territory I fell...
  4. SilentKnight

    Check your E-Mail’s

    📨 TLC-licensed drivers who may have lost earnings as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency should apply to the NYS Department of Labor for unemployment benefits. Drivers who are classified as employees by the NYS Department of Labor are eligible for traditional Unemployment Insurance...
  5. J

    Whats the most $ Uber has taken on one ride from you?

    Mine was Saturday and it was straight robbery. Backstory: get a request for a pool ride Est 38$ 42 Minute ride. Ok Sweet good sunday morning ride. Drive 8 minutes to pick up and when im 2 lights away a second passenger is automatically added saying its +$10 onto the trip. Boom sweet good $50...
  6. Zebonkey

    WTF, Instant pay?

    If you don't trust Uber and it's "technology", you are right. Have any of you ever encountered this: Support, of course, was not much help. I could not find any amount limits in Instant Pay FAQ. They have 5 instapays per day limit, but nothing about the amount. Here: What can I cash out...
  7. J

    How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Help Make UBER Rides Safer For Passengers? [POLL]

    Hi Uber community! We are a research team hoping to gain important insights on our voice-enabled AI phone application that detects signs of sexual harassment and deploys safety, precautionary interventions (e.g. triggering fake phone calls, notifying friends/families). As this solution helps...
  8. DoYouEvenLyft?

    To those driving on NYE 👀

    GO MAKE THAT MONEY!!!!!!!!! In all seriousness, I wish for success and safety for everyone driving tonight. NYE is the busiest night of the year, with great risk comes even greater rewards. I've been seeing some pretty TEMPTING promotions on Uber. $75 extra for every 3 trips?????? That's...
  9. heresthedeal

    Cars can make extra money, outside Uber?

    Hey everyone, I am not an Uber driver as of this moment, but the lack of monetary compensation that Uber gives to its drivers still pisses me off. I take the service almost daily and I believe that the drivers deserve better than what they are getting. So, I was thinking of something that...
  10. T

    Second billionaire in my car this year.

    for second time this year got Billionaire in my car
  11. N

    Vomit on the rise.

    Someone vomited in my car last night, all on the side and a little inside, for me to clean. Week before, someone puked all over them sleeves leaving a nice trail for me to clean. 2 weeks before that, driving lyft, vomit. Vomit, vomit, vomit. It’s every other week now. I now hug the right lane...
  12. A

    Not quite sure how I pulled this off today

    when I got the bonus at LAX for that ride it only said $34. 1572843164
  13. dovisrideshare

    Where Can I go to Find Info RE the Next Uber Protest in Los Angeles??

    Hey guys, When Lyft stopped with Surge, I stopped with Lyft and, truth be told, I can't honestly figure out why ANYONE would stay with them after that. Uber's "new surge" isn't AS BAD as Lyft, but it's BAD. First off, that absolutely scripted Podcase with a "real" Uber driver who just kissed...
  14. Sparkz786

    Uninsured Accident Claim advice

    Hi Guys Wondering if anyone would be able to advise, if you have nothing good to say kindly refrain from spamming. A friend of mine was involved in an accident last year where he collided into another vehicle, he thought he was insured but turned out to be fake insurance bought from social...
  15. Kurt Halfyard

    Honda Civic vs. Nissan Leaf [Total Cost]

    A comparison of total cost of ownership done by Corporate Knights in April shows the money saved over life of vehicle.
  16. AugustTrypRides

    Tryp Rides

    I’m all signed up as a Tryp Rides driver in San Diego CA! They just launched in Miami and they’re going to launch everywhere as soon as they’ve got enough drivers in whatever city. My referred by code is [edited] Ride share by drivers for drivers. ✌? Up to 200$(Less if you drive less) a month to...
  17. J

    Why not get a regular job

    To everyone that complains about pay do you guys still driver for uber or have plans on quitting and getting a regular job? I'm just curious
  18. M

    Question For Los Angeles Drivers

    Hello Drivers! I'm a uber driver in Michigan and I plan on moving to Los Angeles in October and I was wondering is it worth ubering in LA or should I just find a regular 9-5? I see a bunch of complaints about pay and how it's not worth it. Do you find yourself driving too long/working to hard...
  19. clearport

    Making money using other gig-economy apps during slow times?? (e.g.

    Great advertisement... would rather have you support the website and avoid such uber/lyft tactics.
  20. ibabuvu

    Uber is killing off xl

    The past few weeks I've noticed that it's cheaper to take two x cars than one xl. I think it's probably due to uber wanting two booking fees instead of one. Whatever the case, averaging 1 xl ride every 2 hours is not enough.