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  1. clearport

    Making money using other gig-economy apps during slow times?? (e.g. www.solicitr.ca)

    For those who rely on gig-economy apps like Uber and Lyft for a substantial portion of their income (or even those who use these apps occasionally to earn a side-income), have you ever considered using other gig-economy apps to earn money during slow times?? While there are a number of apps out...
  2. ibabuvu

    Uber is killing off xl

    The past few weeks I've noticed that it's cheaper to take two x cars than one xl. I think it's probably due to uber wanting two booking fees instead of one. Whatever the case, averaging 1 xl ride every 2 hours is not enough.
  3. Lexx


    I’m doing a 24 hour lyft challenge next week. Let’s see how much I make in 24 hours . Should be fun long challenge lol How much you think I’ll make in the L.A area ?
  4. LondonDrivr

    Kapten - Not paying Many Drivers BEWARE

    Ive seen on a few Social media platforms. Its happened to me too. Kapten have not paid many people correctly or at all. I havent been paid the referrals dating 8 weeks back. I havent been paid since i started 2 weeks ago and counting. The email support (some guy named Ahmed), tells me the same...
  5. mobilads

    How do drivers in NYC make time for a side-hustle?

    mobilads is offering drivers $200 this month to get their car wrapped with an advertisement by MetroPCS in NYC. It’s quick and convenient. Learn more and schedule your wrap appointment here: mobilads.co/metro “As soon as I signed up with Mobilads my ratings skyrocketed, my tips increased and...
  6. L

    1% Cashback

    Wondering if people would be interested to earn 1% cashback on all their fuel purchases? There is a company that I know that is about to launch something like this - wanted to know how big the take up might be. They will even give you £5 for free to test out the product... Cheers L
  7. D

    surge problem

    here in Atlanta it gets pretty crazy in the morning, surge everywhere it usually makes a great time to make serious money, however today Monday morning the busiest morning of the week, There Was No surge anywhere for 4 hours of morning commute. what makes it even more odd is that there is a...
  8. LAboy

    Minimum wage job or Uber ?

    i really wanna know if an actual job pays better than Uber really, cuz i never worked a minimum real job. i work as photographer/editor.. and i do food delivery with Uber and grubhub. so will you make better money as a dishwasher or server ? working at macdonalds or cashier? cuz i encounter...
  9. Sparkz786

    Miwhip Kapten ViaVan

    Its about time Uber get under attack! After the bullying attitude towards drivers and a 25% cut from our hard earned driving, im hoping these new companies take on some of the market share and look after us! ViaVan: 15% MiWhip: 7.5%>15% Kapten: TBC Any other companies due to launch? Hope all...
  10. J

    MAKE more money?

    Snacks free to the driver and some free to the pax. Let me know your email if you are interested in making more money! Thanks, John
  11. SCdave

    Love, Death & Robots....

    Love, Death & Robots.... Sounds like a the love child of Uber & Self Driving Cars... ... but actual a Netflix Series - " Dark comedy converge in this anthology of animated stories...". 6-17 minute shorts with good twists at the end, clever writing, and animation that makes you think. Well...
  12. tsmit44

    UberEats Pay Rates

    In Case You Didn't Already Know Pay before Uber fees Pickup: $1.25 Drop-off: $1.00 Per mile: $0.65 Per min.: $0.09 Uber gets 35% of the total fees. Pay After Uber Fees Pickup: $0.81 Drop-off: $0.65 Per mile: $0.42 Per min.: $0.06 Sample: A 1.28 mile delivery that takes 16 minutes and...
  13. F

    Sno’ Money?

    It’s snowing here in Chicago AGAIN. 3-5” expected throughout the day. With it being a Sunday (night) and many people having Monday off for Presidents’ Day, will I have a good (financially) night or not? I have AWD and am an exceptionally good driver, but the others on the road worry me...
  14. Cowwy

    What other side Hussle do you have?

    Need some ideas.
  15. Risab1981

    Snow Sunday/Monday?

    "Highs could drop as low as the upper 30s by the beginning of next week along with some lower snow levels. We’ll keep you posted on that." Bring it!
  16. JamieVegAs


    New streak bonus for UBER! BE AWARE OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING! What they are trying to do is kill the surge! Seasoned drivers know to not accept rides right before a drop because you may be missing a surge! What the streak bonus for $7 dollars for 3 trips will make more drivers available...
  17. Pax Collector

    Splurging after instant pay

    Who says rideshare drivers don't get paid enough?
  18. Gone_in_60_seconds

    20cm of Snow to Fall: Time to make some money.

    Please provide any update on whether it has started where you are. Who's going to make a killing at rush hour with all the surge??? :cool::cool::cool::cool: Or, who's going to get killed driving without snow tires??? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: - Started at 12 pm in Mississauga, Flurries...
  19. Initial D

    Did (f)uber miscalculate my promotions?

    My promotion was 30 rides for $40-----40 rides for 40 from Friday 1/18 4AM-Monday 1/21 4AM. I only received $20 after I've completed my 40th ride. I've contacted (f)uber staff with photos included, but they said that the $60 is received in 2 tiers: $40+$20 not $40+$60. I received a reply in my...
  20. R


    Sorry for the misspelling or any words but I just realized today that Uber is taking out 25% on every ride that you do this is in Baltimore Maryland and I hate to tell you this you're going to be losing money if they do that maybe Uber needs to stop experimenting with unmanned cars and unmanned...