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  1. J

    MAKE more money?

    Snacks free to the driver and some free to the pax. Let me know your email if you are interested in making more money! Thanks, John
  2. SCdave

    Love, Death & Robots....

    Love, Death & Robots.... Sounds like a the love child of Uber & Self Driving Cars... ... but actual a Netflix Series - " Dark comedy converge in this anthology of animated stories...". 6-17 minute shorts with good twists at the end, clever writing, and animation that makes you think. Well...
  3. tsmit44

    UberEats Pay Rates

    In Case You Didn't Already Know Pay before Uber fees Pickup: $1.25 Drop-off: $1.00 Per mile: $0.65 Per min.: $0.09 Uber gets 35% of the total fees. Pay After Uber Fees Pickup: $0.81 Drop-off: $0.65 Per mile: $0.42 Per min.: $0.06 Sample: A 1.28 mile delivery that takes 16 minutes and...
  4. F

    Sno’ Money?

    It’s snowing here in Chicago AGAIN. 3-5” expected throughout the day. With it being a Sunday (night) and many people having Monday off for Presidents’ Day, will I have a good (financially) night or not? I have AWD and am an exceptionally good driver, but the others on the road worry me...
  5. Cowwy

    What other side Hussle do you have?

    Need some ideas.
  6. Risab1981

    Snow Sunday/Monday?

    "Highs could drop as low as the upper 30s by the beginning of next week along with some lower snow levels. We’ll keep you posted on that." Bring it!
  7. JamieVegAs


    New streak bonus for UBER! BE AWARE OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING! What they are trying to do is kill the surge! Seasoned drivers know to not accept rides right before a drop because you may be missing a surge! What the streak bonus for $7 dollars for 3 trips will make more drivers available...
  8. Pax Collector

    Splurging after instant pay

    Who says rideshare drivers don't get paid enough?
  9. Gone_in_60_seconds

    20cm of Snow to Fall: Time to make some money.

    Please provide any update on whether it has started where you are. Who's going to make a killing at rush hour with all the surge??? :cool::cool::cool::cool: Or, who's going to get killed driving without snow tires??? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: - Started at 12 pm in Mississauga, Flurries...
  10. Initial D

    Did (f)uber miscalculate my promotions?

    My promotion was 30 rides for $40-----40 rides for 40 from Friday 1/18 4AM-Monday 1/21 4AM. I only received $20 after I've completed my 40th ride. I've contacted (f)uber staff with photos included, but they said that the $60 is received in 2 tiers: $40+$20 not $40+$60. I received a reply in my...
  11. R


    Sorry for the misspelling or any words but I just realized today that Uber is taking out 25% on every ride that you do this is in Baltimore Maryland and I hate to tell you this you're going to be losing money if they do that maybe Uber needs to stop experimenting with unmanned cars and unmanned...
  12. A

    What do you do in this situation?

    19 miles or 9? 25 min or 29. It’s double the price. On this kind I usually ask. Otherwise if it’s close I take what’s fastest.
  13. N

    Where to RENT a Chevy Suburban in NYC?

    I am 20 year old! Can rent for around 600-650! No accidents in the past... Where can i rent one? I wanna see if the Black works for me or not so i want to rent kne first so that i have an idea!
  14. Apollo69

    St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta

    What’s up y’all? In the next few months, I’ll be moving to Atlanta from Baltimore and I’m curious about how much money I can make on St. Patrick’s Day. In Baltimore, I’ve made almost $300 and it’s the best day of the year to work Uber, but I’m curious about Atlanta?
  15. Grubhub513

    Save Hundreds by Turning your Phone into a Dashcam

    Let's face it, there are people out there who shouldn't be driving. Those people are going to be the same ones who cause an accident, blame you, and end up making you pay half or more. There are many great video streaming platforms which have channels dedicated to automotive dash cam incidents...
  16. Uber_Yota_916

    Lost and found

    Waiting on the call back from the passenger who left this in my car.
  17. O

    Saturday business

    Good morning everyone. Newbie here. What times are best on Saturdays and Sundays to drive and where are the best locations to get business. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  18. O

    How 2 Increase $$$$⬆⬆⬆ the Rates in SD! (Our gas prices ARE the HIGHEST in the Nation afterall)

    After a long chat with someone at the hub today, I found some very interesting insight into the ways uber changes driver pay. I actually spoke with someone who was a driver previously and he was definitely on my side when I complained about the driver pay decrease. He said that he saw this...
  19. M

    A "For the Financially Challenged"

    Ya know, Lefty or Mikey
  20. tub67696

    Anyone have their car on Getaround?

    Not driving that much anymore and was thinking about putting my vehicle on Getaround? Heard Turo is terrible but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Getaround? Thanks!